Saturday, December 31, 2005

A New Year's resolution worth keeping

A refreshing breeze of anti-dhimmitude from the heartland, just in time for New Year's Eve.

Key grafs:

Muslim fanatics are cultists—a part of a killing cult. Civilized countries put down killing cults. They don’t permit them to exist alongside legitimate religions.

The other world religions do not advocate murdering persons who do not agree with their religious tenets. Islam decrees, according to the Koran’s Allah, that non-Muslims be murdered or become slaves of Muslims. There are scores of sentences in the Koran stating just that—repeatedly.

Therefore, Muslim zealots who claim to be totally loyal to the Koran and the Koran’s deity live out that tenet. They live it out, even if it means they die for it. Therefore, they are self-pronounced members of a killing cult.

And die for it they frequently do, if not nearly quickly and often enough. US Marines, constantly engaged with the jihadists in Iraq's al-Anbar province, call themselves 'travel agents for Allah'. US Marines, gotta love them for their razor-sharp battlefield brand of humor.

Judaism, Christianity, Shintoism, Buddhism, Hinduism and other world religions espouse their teachings but none of their doctrines propose that non-devotees be slain. Islam decrees that as a top priority if one is going to be a practicing Muslim, loyal to the faith.

"The problem [is] ... [the monitoring of Muslim sites] further gives the Muslim community a sense they are suspect, they are under the gun," said Ahmed Younis, national director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council.
You alledgedly moderate Muslims ought to be thanking the Federal government for trying so hard to find the 'small extremist minority' that is so defaming Mr. Younis' supposed 'Religion of Peace'. But, so far, it seems these Muslim front-groups are far more interested in stopping the US Government's intelligence gathering operations. Which, in my view, pretty much makes them party to their co-religionists, the jihadi terrorists.
That is why non-Muslims must realize that this war global is not politic against politic. It is democracy versus a killing cult. Some would say it is politic versus "religion." But more precisely, it is politic versus killing cult. That is the plain truth and the Muslims themselves would acknowledge that. It is the non-Muslims who sadly have not come to that stark awareness yet.
Are you non-Muslims out there getting the picture yet? Make it a New Year's resolution to help get the word out. Let's all resolve to taunt a liberal today with the Truth about the Killing Cult that is Islam.

Courage, my fellow anti-jihadists. We must prevail, and we shall.


dag said...

Best wishes to you all from us at the fortress.

Happy New Year.

Pastorius said...

Hey Anti-Jihadist, would you consider writing for Infidel Bloggers Alliance?

What is your connection to Indonesia? Are you Indonesian? Have you lived there? Do you have any inside scoop there?

John Sobieski said...

Best wishes to everyone in the new year. Let me just say what is most important to me in 2006 is to educate our Representatives and Senators. Send them a book, email them, express your opinion about the border and Muslim immigration. Get involved with the Republican party at the local level. Just volunteer a little of your time for the coming elections. That is one resolution for the new year we should all keep.

The Anti-Jihadist said...


Sure, I'd love to write for the Infidel Bloggers Alliance--I'd be honored. Email me at adjure (underscore) any (at) hotmail (dot) com, and we'll talk more about it.

I currently live and work in Malaysia, not in Indonesia. I'm American by birth, but I have some fairly extensive contacts here among all three of the local major ethnicities (Malay, Chinese, & Indian). Many of the same problems and issues that affect Indonesia also affect this country. For example, the two governments have essentially the same official views on terrorism, same taboos, and so on.

The truth about events here in Southeast Asia is not the same as the version that's usually presented in the (censored) local media.