Thursday, December 29, 2005

Religious Police steal the dead, and it's legal

To understand Islam is to understand that Muslims see the world in a way very different from our own. Islam is so different from our own society, that it requires the mental equivilant of standing on one's head.

Take, for example, the death of a loved one. A death of a family member, especially a close relative, is a time for grief and mourning. Ask anyone that has gone through such an experience, and they can tell you that it can be a very difficult time, under any circumstance.

Now imagine, at what could very well be the nadir of your life, the time of greatest pain and suffering you can fathom, the authorities barge into your life, into an intensely personal tragedy, and with no preamble or notice, summarily takes away the body of your loved one. They get to decide how your family member's mortal remains are disposed of, not you. This is a nightmare beyond all imagining. Frankly, I can't think of any other scenario that could make an already dreadful situation worse.

Well, in the Islamic world, this happens all the time. In particular, if you have the situation of a non-Muslim (a dhimmi) that the religious police merely suspect has converted to Islam, then they can promptly seize the dead body in question. After all, the Muzzie enforcers know best, and no silly family blubbering is going to interfer with the will of Allah.

This horror, of the religious police confiscating a family's loved one, was recently visited upon a family here in Malaysia. The family of a recently deceased, minorly famous Malaysian, had no say in the matter because, hey, this is an Islamic state we're talking about. The family in question is a Hindu family, and they all claimed that their beloved was also a Hindu, but of course all was to no avail. The dead minor celebrity was doubtlessly a Muslim, sayeth the Religious Police, end of story. The family even had the wherewithal to 'appeal' the 'decision' to the 'Sharia High Court' (May we please have our loved one's body back?). Of course, the 'court's' decision was pre-determined from the beginning. Appeal denied, thank you, the door's over there.

This story has outraged me, more than the usual Islamic injustice stories I hear about. That's because I have experienced, first-hand, the death of a close loved one, and I can barely imagine this sort of travesty. But this is all quite normal in Dar-al-Islam, and the dhimmis in Malaysia are resigned to it.

Unless we infidels develop some backbone, quickly, this will be a glimpse into our own future.


Anonymous said...

This is a sad story and whats more sad is that its true - and it doesnt just happen in malaysia but all moslem countries. and since i am a saudi born, paki citizen living in the UAE . i know pretty well how this system works. once a person converts to islam - he is the property of islam. if - for example - somehow the non moslems do manage to 'bury' that person who has converted to islam according to their own rituals - islam has the authority to dig the body out and bury him again as a moslem. its all in the sharia law. its strange how many think islam is a religion of peace when it doesnt even let the dead stay in peace.

dag said...

I don't know much about Muslim burial rites over-all but what I did see of interest was that when women are buried there's a foot marker rather than a head and foot marker for men. I don't know if that's universal in Islam or if it's particular to the places I was.

Any chance they got, the local would fuss with the male corpse like it was made of gold. Females got wrapped up and dumped in a slit trench and had a board laid on them before they got shoveled over. A Hindu "convert" doesn't likely warrant any attention to detail. To me, it seems like spite more than anything else on the part of the Muslims who grabbed the body. I could well be wrong.

American Crusader said...

Why bother even appealing to the court system under Sharia law? Like you said....the verdict is predetermined. The only thing these 'people' understand is violence. I think the time to turn the other cheek is long since passed.

Bill said...

To follow up the 'american crusader' it is amazing how our MSM allow no mention of these things! My father passed away last October, and I would have died shooting any 'religious police' taking his body away--and he would certainly have done the same for any member of my family. Sort of speaks about the need for the right to bear arms! What I can't figure out is why any country like Afghanistan or Iraq, totally awash in AK47s, would let some foreign Islamists tell them what to do! If you don't mind dying for your religion, then how about killing a few that totally ignore the professed beliefs of 'true' Muslims?