Thursday, December 29, 2005

Stupid Is As Stupid Does: Islam and Gaza

There is no rule of law except tribal law of Mohammed in Gaza. All these kidnappings and ransom, it's 628 AD and Mohammed is on a roll, killing, kidnapping, demanding ransom and more jizya from the dhimmis. Why is anyone surprised that Gaza has arrived. They got there with the help of the West. No economy, yet they aren't starving. You cannot make any comparison between the suffering in Gaza and the Sudan. But what they do have in common is ISLAM, that cult of death and hatred for the non-believers. The other cancer in Gaza is the jizya the West throws at it. It is a complete waste, stolen or worse, used to further deform these unsympathetic parasites; they don't starve, they don't have to work, the West will build their houses, supply their food, whatever. Yes, we helped make this journey back in time complete. Enjoy the view.

Increase in seizures prompted exodus of foreigners
From Ian MacKinnon in Gaza

SECURITY has deteriorated to such an extent over the past year that only a few dozen international staff dare to live and work in Gaza.
Those left working for the nine United Nations agencies live under curfew and must be back in their guarded apartments before nightfall. [Did you catch that? NINE UN agencies. It's a terrible joke on the West. We have to have 9 agencies to feed this parasite.]

After the seizure of two staff in July and August, all but twenty-five “critical and essential” UN workers have withdrawn to offices in Jerusalem and Amman. Security officials have become increasingly alarmed that foreigners are being kidnapped to win maximum attention for an array of demands. [So ALL the UN staff is watching TV and ordering room service on our tab? Really, what are all those people doing if they aren't 'at work'?]

Some gunmen have wanted the back payment of their Palestinian Authority security forces wages, the release from prison of a relative, or even the lifting of the death penalty against a family member.

In every case the authority has caved in to the kidnappers’ demands, fuelling the cycle of seizures by clans or groups of renegade gunmen who have seen the snatching of foreign staff as a quick way to resolve their difficulties.

Most kidnapping ordeals have ended within a few hours, with the hostages freed unharmed. But the seizure in September of Mohammad Ouathi, a sound engineer working for French television, set alarm bells ringing.

He was released after nine days held in chains in an underground cell where the light was left on day and night to disorientate him. His ordeal pointed to a degree of sophistication and planning hitherto unseen in Gaza kidnappings. [Hello, Amnesty International? Yes, I want to report inhumane conditions and torture of infidels in Gaza. CLICK!]

Staff left working in Gaza are now escorted from their homes to the office in two-car convoys by unarmed security officers known as the “Golf Team”. The team carries state-of-the-art communications equipment and has been ordered not to intervene in a kidnapping but immediately to contact the Palestinian security forces.

When UN staff travel outside Gaza City they do so in armoured vehicles to enable them to escape a hold-up. [hahahahahahaha. It is just too funny.]

Apartments used by the international staff lie in the city centre and are patrolled and checked regularly by members of the Golf Team.

But the security precautions provided to the UN staff are generally not available to people, such as Kate Burton, who work for smaller, independent non-governmental agencies, leaving them more at risk. [If you don't know, Kate Burton is the rich brat 'socialist activist' who was recently abducted. She LOVES the Palestinians and Islam. Oh, and her father was a top drawer bureaucrat for that viper government, the EU. Retired now and living off all that fat.]


MissingLink said...

"They got there with the help of the West."

Almost identical scenario to the dismantling of Christian Lebanon by the Muslims and the West.

Pastorius said...

You know, this morning I read an article from AP that the EU, the UN, Russia, and the United States have joined forces to say that a future Palestinian Cabinet "should include no member who has not committed to the principles of Israel's right to exist in peace and security and an unequivocal end to violence and terrorism."

This is, clearly, a statement against Hamas.

What has happened I wondered? Why is it that people who have been uttering the phrase, "One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter," have all of the sudden come to condemn terrorism?

I speculated that it was for the following reasons;

John Bolton

Democratic Elections in Iraq

The discrediting of Kofi Annan and the UN paradigm because of the Oil-For-Food Scandal

The Gaza pullout and the revelation that a Palestinian State, as is presently consituted is a recipe for disaster

The prospect of Hamas members sitting cloaked and with weapons displayed in the halls of the UN

but you know what, I think it has as much to do with the UN's fear of being kidnapped in Gaza as it does have to do with any of these other forces.

Heh, now that's funny.

We, of course, know that the UN always pulls out when the going gets rough, so, I guess they're just doing the same old thing once again.

How to account for Russia, and the EU? Maybe, the look of fear on the faces of the UN pussois moved them?

The Anti-Jihadist said...

As far asw I see it, it would be impossible to find anyone to place on this theoretical Palestinian cabinet, either in the "Palestinian areas" or anywhere else. Everyone, and I mean everyone, already has their hands soaked in blood. Everyone, any "Palestinian" leader or politician of any standing, has bought into or supports the idea of the ultimate destruction of the Jewish state.

The so-called "Palestinian Authority" (which has no genuine authority, and is merely another Arab-Muslim front for Jihad) only stands for personal enrichment of the few at the top of the PA hierarchy, and phased conquest of Israel. Its opponent, Hamas, stands for a more direct and immediate assault.

Those are the choices, folks, the only two choices. And there is no end in sight. How could anyone build any sort of 'state' with ingredients as rotten as this? You can't. How these countless, useless UN agencies, not to mention the EU, Russians, and our own silly State Department can pretend otherwise, is simply stupifying.

American Crusader said...

Seriously...what did they think was going to happen?

American Crusader said...

Thanks for the link