Thursday, December 22, 2005

Terrorists' Lawyer--"Jihad is their duty as Muslims"

Islam, in the Quran and elsewhere, commands all Muslims to engage in Jihad, or holy war, against non-Muslims. This is an existential threat that we ignore at our peril, which is something we at Pedestrian Infidel have been emphasizing all along. Well, our contention is now getting some powerful backing from a somewhat novel direction. Where from? Oddly enough, this very principle is being used as the defense of 72 al-Qaeda-linked Islamic terrorist suspects now on trial in Istanbul, Turkey for the multiple suicide bombings there in 2003.

Essentially, these defendants are arguing, "My religion makes me do it (Jihad), so we should not be guilty for doing it." To quote one of the terrorists' lawyers, a Mr. Karahan:

"If you punish them for this, tomorrow, will you punish them for fasting or for praying?...If non-Muslims go into Muslim lands, it is every Muslim's obligation to fight them," Karahan said.

[editor's note: Muslims, their prophet, and the Quran all ultimately claim the entire planet as 'Muslim lands'.]

If this defense sounds familiar, it's because the Nazis that were tried at Nuremburg over 50 years ago tried the same "we were just following orders" defense (and look how well it worked for them). It's not the first time the Jihadists borrowed ideas from the Nazis, but I digress.

So what's different this time around? The naked fact that violent, aggressive Jihad is a part of Islam's timeless core, and is an inherent duty for every Muslim, is being admitted in open court as part of the terrorists' defense. If this doesn't prove that we're right, then I don't know what does.

Jihad and terror is not 'extreme' Islam, nor is it 'radical' Islam. It is traditional, time-honored, and mainstream Muslim thinking, and this trial proves that yet again. But is anyone in the West paying attention?


pretty girl said...

That "lawyer" is so stupid. I dont know how he can be a lawyer. Muslim dont believe in trial, I bet if this world belong to them I am the first person will leave the Earth.

dag said...

Pretty Girl, as you likely know, if Islam takes over the world you won't be able to leave the Earth unless you're accompanied by a close male relative of you father's family or perhaps your husband if he's not busy with one of your fellow wives. In fact, forget about leaving the Earth, you can't leave the back of the house. Not, that is, unless you want to risk bein raped, beaten, burned, and murdered for being female.

I recall quite clearly any number of Muslims telling me how they "protect" their women,(like I protect my cat, a house pet) from harmful influences (each other) while we in the West do not. They point to the drug addicts and those dying of diseases brought on by drug abuse. Fair enough.

I saw a documentary show of a little girl of five or six years old who'd been adopted at brith from her drug-addicted mother, a crack addict. The baby had some birth defects thanks to her mother: the babies face didn't form rightly: he eys were in her checks and her forehead, her mouth by her ear, and so on. The show followed the child through multiple surguries to construct for her a face that wouldn't make people scream from horror. By the time I picked up on the story the girl had been through a few dozen operations over the years, and she was disgusting to look at. She faced many more years of surgery to reconstruct her face.

She looked at the camera, The interviewer asked what she wanted to be when she grew up. The girls smiled, she got excited and happy: "I want to be pretty!"

Life is cruel. I'd be honored to kill theat little girl's mother with my bare hands. I'd kill that woman with my teeth if I had to. She let her baby emerge into this life looking like a monster from a horror movie only because the mother was too evil and disgusting to kill hersef.

Should someone have intervened when the drug addicted mother was a child to protect her from drug dealers, to insure she never visited the horror of deformity on a baby? Should society or the woman's family have made sure the mother never left her room alone so she'd never fall into evil? Islam says yes.

I look at that monstrously ugly and deformed little girl and I hear her little voice, and I rejoice. That little girl is as Human as any child can be, regardless of what she looks like. She has the same desires that any girl has, to be a pretty girl, to love and be loved, and to find in life something of value to make all the suffering worth the while. If in time others shun her because she's ugly and will always be so, the loss is theirs not hers. That child is beautiful anyway, in spite of how she'll look even after the last operation.

There is more to the life of a man or a little girl than the appearance of reality. Part of a girl's life is being pretty, and not all are. But every girl can be beautiful.

I keep my kitten boy indoors because I want to protect him from getting heart worms and to keep him from being eazten by a racoon or being run over by a car. I keep him locked away in the house because he's not capable of living in the Human world on his own. If he were, if he wanted to hang out with his friends, even if he were in danger of contacting drug culture, I'd allow that he's capable of saying yes or no, that he's independent of me or he's is nothing more than a house pet. But my cat is merely a cat. As much as I love him, he will never be anything other than a cat. He will never be Human. Girls, regardless of their appearance, will always be Human. They are not house pets. Their beauty doesn't develop in the shade of the roof. Their beauty comes from living.

My kitten was run over as a baby, and his back legs are deformed. He's the most beautiful kitten on Earth. Others might not think he's cute but they don't know he's beautiful.

If everything were cloistered, everything would look pretty, perhaps, but nothing would be beautiful.

The little girl whos mother took drugs that deformed her baby's face is evil, but the child, though she is ugly, is beautiful beyond measure. Yes, better if the child hadn't suffered, but life is cruel. The child, though she'll never be pretty can live a life of the mind, become a physicist or a poet or a mother unlike her own. She can take her beauty into our world and give us something we wouldn't have had without her. Or she might be driven to despair and commit suicide rather than face the endless torment of her peers.

But even now as I write I am uplifted by the life and joy and beauty of a deformed little girl's happiness and hope.

The real ugliness and evil of the world isn't in the choices mothers make that deform their children, it's the choices they make to deform the minds of their babies, as we see in the creatures above on trial in Turkia. Those who would enslave and deform the minds of the world and its children, they are the evil ones.

Having written that, I have to confess that I'm dead keen on pretty girls.

I'm sort of like a six foot tall, blond Norwegian, lean and muscular, about 30 years old. Not quite like that but sort of close, in case you're interested. I'm sort of a lot older and a bit fat and sort of short, not really Norewegian either. But hey, check out my inner beauty and you'd love me!