Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Will Victoria's Ban on Badmouthing Islam Be Confronted Again

Early this year, Victoria successfully prosecuted two Christian pastors for badmouthing Mohammed. Gerard Jackson at BrookesNews.Com is throwing down the gauntlet. I bet they ignore it.

Muslim bigots impose blasphemy laws on Victoria

Gerard Jackson
Monday 19 December 2005

At the behest of Muslim bigots and multiculturalist fanatics the Bracks Government suspended free speech in Victoria by imposing a blasphemy law dressed up as an anti-vilification law. This has given Islamo-fascists a freehand to attack critics of Islam. ...

It genuinely grieves me to have to do this because the Muslims I have known and worked with have always been decent to me and never raised the question of religious beliefs. But Bracks’ vile laws and the totalitarian behaviour of EOC and VCAT officials have left me with no alternative. So here goes: The Koran is crap and Mohammed was a child-molestering, thieving, lying, murderous sadistic misogynist who couldn’t even spell his own name. How anyone with half a brain could be taken in by this loathsome thug beats me.

Now the law is the law, Bracks: So prosecute me. If you haven’t got the guts get the conspiring Diane Sisely and May Helou to send in their religious police. But if you think for one moment that a man like me would politely stand by and allow your two-faced commissars or some Vishinski-like judge to lecture me on tolerance and freedom, then you really are stupid.



American Crusader said...

Well Mohammed was a child molesting perverted sob..but I get your point. I have known 2 Muslims for extended periods and a third while going to college. One of them has worked for me for three years now. Everyone of these three were good people of conscience and with high morals. I happen to believe that this is true of most Muslims. What bothers me is that even these three are silent when it comes to the actions of Islamist extremist. I believe many are secretly happy when a successful terrorist attack occurs.
I haven't noticed many Muslim returning to their countries of origin (particularly Iraq)to help with the rebuilding of their own country.
I guess they prefer to have the Americans do the difficult jobs and then they can come and finish the job while taking credit for all the work. And maybe again..I'm just ranting.
It's a crazy world..but I guess in reality it has always been that way.

dag said...

For all the good it will do: "Mohammed was a child-molester, a liar, a thief, a woman beater, a murderer, a fraud, a piece of shit who should have been killed had any of his companions been anything better than he. Moslems practice a tribal poligion that amounts to nothing better than ritualized savagery."

I doubt I can get arrested for anything in this country, here in Canada. Today's paper shows that a man who shot to death a young fellow in front of a nightclub last week is out of jail and confined to his home pending further investigation and court appearances. That's not a rare thing. Another man hit a 17 year old man in the head with a pool ball in a sock, killed the kid, and did one day for murder!

But, there is a chance I can go to jail for insulting Islam. Here's hoping.

The Anti-Jihadist said...

Canada is following France down the deep rabbit hole of dhimmitude. Seems like the land north of the border is preparing itself for its own "islamic revolution" in several years, once its Muslims reach critical mass.

dag said...

I hate this country.