Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Amnesty Intl and BBC Attack Gitmo - Bonus: Who funds the BBC?

It is just amazing to see what Amnesty International and the BBC will publish to sell their 'close Guatanomo' campaign. In the article, there is no proof offered of any kind whatsoever. Just some lawyer who claims to be representing a Mohammedan at Gitmo. I question whether the BBC allows any nonMuslims to work there. Can you file a lawsuit for discrimination because you are not a Muslim? That is, if you can stomach to work there. You can always assume that humped over dhimmi posture and they may shoo you right in. It makes you wonder how can the BBC publish this tripe?

It helps when you have your hand in every British citizen's pocket. Lawrence Auster recently had a posting about the BBC. Did you know in England, they have a TV license tax that everyone must pay based on the number and kind of TVs you have? One color TV is 10 pounds (18$ PER MONTH!). It's only $6/mo. for black and white! I kid you not. If all you could afford is a black and white TV (if they even make them anymore), could you afford 6$ a month to watch it. It gets even better, if you are blind, you get half off as well. Maybe they're the ones buying the B&W sets. But here's the kicker. The mile high drive. The TV license revenue funds the BBC! Isn't that hysterical. Look at the BBC site and what the Britains are funding. This is so 1984! Everyone must fund the mind control police. I think I will have to read that book again. Of course, you could point out our financing of PBS and NPR public radio; point taken, but the BBC is a huge monster in itself. Multiple TV channels and radio stations, reporters around the world and a huge website. The scale isn't comparable, but you do have a point.

Anyway, back to Gitmo. The whole article is written with so much bias, you have to ask. Whatever happened to neutral party reporting? Oh never mind, this is the BBC!

New claims of Guantanamo torture

Fresh claims of torture and abuse at Guantanamo Bay have been published by Amnesty International to mark the US detention centre's fourth anniversary.
The London-based human rights group said 500 detainees continued to be held without charge or trial and repeated its call for the centre to be shut.

Meanwhile, cases against a Canadian and a Yemeni detainee are getting under way at tribunals at the centre in Cuba.

Such tribunals are also criticised for failing to give suspects a fair trial.

Amnesty said there were mounting allegations of appalling conditions, torture and ill-treatment of detainees at Guantanamo Bay.

'No middle ground'

The group highlighted the case of Jumah al-Dossari - a 32-year-old Bahraini who was taken to Guantanamo Bay in January 2002.

His lawyer said Mr Dossari had been urinated on, threatened with rape and had his head repeatedly smashed against the floor. The claims have been denied by the US government.

He had reportedly attempted to commit suicide 10 times, the rights group said. [Why try and stop him? All that bad press. I say, Who cares?]

Another detainee, Sami al-Hajj - a Sudanese cameraman for Arab satellite TV network al-Jazeera - had been subjected to severe physical, sexual and religious abuse over the last four years, his British lawyer Clive Stafford-Smith said.

Amnesty's UK Campaigns Director, Stephen Bowen, called the situation at Guantanamo Bay "shocking". [3 meals a day, state of the are medical care with no waiting, no copay, games, books, sports. You're right, it is shocking!]

"There's no middle ground regarding Guantanamo. It must be closed and there must be an investigation into the dozens of torture reports that have emerged since 2002," he said.

Supreme Court ruling

On Wednesday, Ali Hamza al-Bahlul, a Yemeni accused of being Osama Bin Laden's bodyguard, was appearing before a military tribunal for a pre-trial hearing.

He has asked to defend himself against a charge of conspiracy to commit war crimes.

A pre-trial hearing is also being held for 19-year-old Canadian detainee Omar Khadr, who is accused of killing a US army medic in a firefight at a suspect al-Qaeda base in Afghanistan.

If convicted, the two men could face life in prison.

The cases have gone ahead even though the trials of other Guantanamo detainees have been halted while the US Supreme Court decides if US President George W Bush had the authority to establish such tribunals.

The Bush administration argues that it needs flexibility in dealing with the war on terror and terrorists cannot be treated as if they are just another criminal defendant.


britindespair said...

I have evaded payment of the TV license all my life.
They make it hard indeed. There is a special department with agents that knock on all doors of houses where there is NO TV license. The sytem is very computerised. Even possession of a computer or video with a TV tuner in it is breaking the law. They send out letters, sometimes twice a month threatening dire penalties, such as £1000 fines and possible imprisonment.
They have the power to use police officers to gain entry.
The ever growing influence of the muslim gestapo within Institutions such as the BBC and local Town Halls, (especially high moslem towns)is out of control.
What is not understood by the "ordinary folk" going about there daily lives is this,....
ALL PERSONAL INFORMATION ON COMPUTERS of these State Institutions, especially the BBC Licensing Unit, The Public Libraries, The Town Halls (concil-tax and Electoral Rolls) any number of Central Government Divisions but especially the National Health Service, ....
these are all available in detail to anyone working for these Organisations. Only some material is easily available to the general public but employees of these State Bodies have detailed access.
If you lived here you would notice that the cushy, non labouring jobs are occupied by a vastly increasing number of muslims, especially the veiled femail types. I know for a fact that Planning consents and such like are routinely flouted by the muslim community because they have got control of so many institutions.
How can that work you may ask,... well, we all know that muslim women do not cross their husbands wishes and should someone of there number require a new taxi license or want to build somewhere, perhaps innappropriate, then their loving little wivessss have ready access to all the information, and can warn them of problems and make certain difficult bits of paperwork "dissapear" from the system.
Other staff have to turn a blind eye, mainly because managers are afraid of upseting the "Racial Equality" police that enforce so-called "positive Discrimination" employment rules that ensure that nobody looks tooo deeply and less than able staff are given jobs they are barely qualified to do, simply to keep those "under-represented ethnic communities from accusing those Government and Local Government Bodies of racist or "unfair" policies.
The U.K. is riddled with this kind of canker. Like a dog neurotically biting it's tail, the ever-burgeoning avalanche of bullshite legislation causes a sense of uselessness and negativity and dismotivation in the populace.
The words " ..well theres nothing we can do about it"... or ..."well it won't happen in my lifetime" sum up the paralysis in the anglosaxon /
celtic (OK ... white!) majority (for the moment) population.
Do you know that it was until very recently, only possible for a citizen to be arrested for a misdemeanour that could involve imprisonment. The Law has now been changed to allow the arrest of any one for ANY crime, even the dropping of a piece of litter!
Is this designed to make British society safer?
NO, it is because the Law compels all those held or accused of even minor violations to be compulsorily DNA tested and their Data to be placed on the National DNA register.
WE are so close to Big Brother now, we can smell his Dhimmi asshole.
When the frantically breeding muslim poulation, (I kid you not) reaches maybe 25% of the population, (they have officially reached over 10% but with possibly millions more through "illegal immigration" and in some Towns over 40% of the total already,) they will be able to gain political power overnight at an election as many previous Governments have taken power with just 25% of the total vote.
I predict that at some salient point, the Immams will tell the Muslims to vote and they will field a candidate in most Cities, and overnight they could become a disproportionately represented Party
needed to get legislation through Parliament.
At some point they will have their people in every part of Goverment and they will be in a position to strongarm ever increasing capitulation to there jihadist goals.
OHH! not to mention that they will have total access to any information gathered on any Citizen, and this would include the DNA database, all the Licensing information, Taxation..... you name it they will control it's use.
Lets see if our bloggs will remain secure then!
..."Oh, we see you have been writing religiously offensive material on a blog, oh, you have defamed the prophet, you must be mentally ill, you obviously suffer from islamophobis defectitis, this is either a hate crime or you are sick. You will have to go for compulsory "readjustment", we have very good drugs for this problem, and we might have to give you some brain-surgery if it doesn't work. Or we could use some electro-convulsive therapy... or maybe some hard labour if you think you aren't ill"
Give it another 10 years, and what I have imagined could be more than just a paranoid rant.
The rise of the islamisist tendency has occurred in perhaps just 20 years when the muslim population was just a few hundred thousand mostly unskilled mainly pakistani immigrants. If you were to walk through parts of London now you would think the plane had landed in islamobad.
Worse still, it is the "global economy" that has sucked all this population expansion into the UK.
Our green countryside is disappearing under concret to accomodate this expansion. This country is fulcked, goog and proper.
The USA has a lot to answer for, global capital requires the free movement of money and labour and does not concern itself with the
the origins of that capital.
Boeing planes freely dump the population of the world on our little island.
And islam turned those creations of free enterprise against it's hosts.
You all stood with your mouths open as the terrorists destroyed your dreams and the symbols of global capital, the twin towers.
And do you think there was not a connection between US global business and the family of the chief perpetrator? I don't mean to insult our great friend, the American Nation, but you have got to get your heads out of the ground and see the string that connects the plots of your enemies. It is your Economic weakness.
You think it is your strength, but I say not.
USA relies so heavily on global companies such as c. cola, mc.d. etc. and they do not care where the money comes from as long as it keeps the shareholders happy.
With islamic money comes islamic influence. You take their oil, you have to let them in your country, you let them in the Country, they got rights. They gain influence and power.
Is there an answer? I would say no.
It is just a matter of time before the West is overwhelmed. There may come a time when you would welcome another hitler-type to clean up.
But times have changed.
Keep telling people like myself (who stumnbled across your blogs) about what is happpening re. dhimmitude.
I thank you immensly.
By the way I saw George Galloway on BIG Brother on my unlicensed tv.
You know what, I hope he gets to screw the botoxed transexual horror that is in their with him, or maybe pervo Michael Barrymore (Brit ex-tv personality) might teach him some uphill gardening!

John Sobieski said...

Britindespair, I can certainly sympathize with your plight. We are fighting the same battle, but Britain is much further along, and France, well, it is really falling apart.

I agree with you that global capitalism with the US at the forefront is much at fault. Instead of focusing on alternative energy (I am all for nuclear power) and what makes sense for the long term health of America, many business' goals like openborders immigration is going to kill us. As for all these global trade treaties and all those hidden clauses (see Eurabia, US/Mexico trade agreement, etc.), you see how the West has given up our identity. I did not feel that way until I began studying after 911 what is really going on. I was happy Bush came up empty in Brazil at the latest 'global trade' meeting. Enough.

Our governments overregulate and act against the indigenous population. That must change.