Saturday, January 07, 2006

Dhimmitude at the Movies

Apparently Hollywood isn't the only place where moviemakers are completely incapable of accurately portraying the killing cult that is Islam. Remember the major Hollywood epic "Kingdom of Heaven", anyone? 'Kingdom' portrays the Christians as the bad guys, and the Muslims as peaceful. That's just one example--and now there's 'Munich'.

Well, Bollywood is planning to one-up Hollywood in the dhimmitude department. I didn't think that was possible, until I read this:

Bhatt says new film will show Islam as a religion of peace

MUMBAI: A Bollywood director plans to make a film inspired in part by July’s London bombings that will explore the story of a would-be suicide bomber struggling to reconcile the message of radical Islam with an appetite for life.

Mahesh Bhatt’s Suicide Bomber, to be set in Britain and India, will also seek to spread the message that Islam is a religion of peace, mercy and forgiveness, the leading director said yesterday.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry about this utter madness. How can anyone make a movie about the mass murder of innocents, and at the same time show how the ideology of their murderer is really peaceful and tolerant. Give me a break!

“Muslims are demonised by the Western nations especially after the so-called war on terror. The gulf between Muslims and the rest of the world is widening,” Bhatt said.

“The film will be an attempt to clarify Islam is not demonic and to delve into the mind of a young suicide bomber to try to find out what drives him to reject life for a violent death.”?

What an utter moron this Bhatt fellow is. We're just supposed to take this idiot's word that Islam's peaceful? Has he studied the Quran or Hadith at all? Has he listened to the Muslim media, or sermons broadcasted from Mecca, Tehran, Damascus, or Cairo or practically anywhere else in the Islamic world? There's a good reason the 'gulf between Muslims and the rest of the world' is widening, Mr. Bhatt. And I wonder where you're getting your financial backing for your planned movie...maybe from someone with a business address in Islamabad, or Riyadh perhaps?
“The suicide bomber wrote that he began to live the day he came to know he was to die. Where did he get this passion to kill?” Bhatt said.

It doesn't take a genius to read a translation of the Quran, and to figure these things out. You could even read Mr. Spencer's "P.I.G. to Islam" if you're pressed for time. It just takes someone with the courage to face the truth about Islam... and you're so wrapped up in your fantasy world, Mr. Bhatt, I think you're beyond help.

Bhatt is a fool, but with such a huge potential audience for his patent nonsense, he makes for a dangerous fool.


John Sobieski said...

Isn't it just amazing. India's Spielberg. Until a few years ago, I had no idea how far Europe had sunk, and to think India has the same problem. India was almost entirely under the caliphate and Hindus murdered in the millions. The creation of Pakistan was bloody as hell and was because the Muslims wanted....wait for it.. an islamic country and sharia law.

The complete lack of historical knowledge in the West and India is appalling.

Always On Watch said...

A few days ago, I rented Kingdom of Heaven. The propaganda in the film was apparent to me, but those who haven't done their own research (i.e., young people) very likely swallowed everything on the screen as historical fact; the same goes for Munich, which begins with "based on fact."

Oh, and the DVD version of Kingdom of Heaven had added features filled with more propaganda presented as historical fact.

Now comes this film directed by Bhatt.

Countless millions believe that Islam is a religion of peace; they get that load from movies, cable-TV shows, the Bush administration, etc. Try reasoning with those who believe the whitewash of Islam--pretty hopeless most of the time.