Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Greenpeace are Terrorists, Who'd Thunk It?

A couple of days ago, there were battling releases from Greenpeace and Japan regarding the 'accident' between a Greenpeace ship and a whaling ship. I'm no fan of whaling and don't know enough about the subject to comment. But Greenpeace say they were deliberately rammed by the whaling ship. Puhleeze, just watch this video.

GP Ram Angle 1

GP Ram Angle 2

These newer video cameras have such detail. You can see clearly from the water around the ships that the whaling ship is hardly moving or standing still, and there's Greenpeace full speed ahead broadsiding the whaling ship.

What if the whaling ship had caught fire and people had died? I guess Greenpeace has the same philosophy of Mohammedans, serves them right, they wouldn't submit.


MissingLink said...

It was obvious the greenies rammed the whaling ship.
They do not worry much about people at all.
The fewer people the better for Gaia.
I agree, I hate whale killing - no need whatsoever but greenies are VILE.

Bujutsu Blogger said...

I put up my report on the interfaith dialogue I attended Tuesday...

Guy said...

If you review all the evidence you see that it is in fact the whalers to blame.

1st see the Greenpeace videos: tv

Also read the Greenpeace blogs:

For a more objective view see this NZ herald story in witch a marine law expert blames the whalers: search...1BC83027AF1023A

And see this bloggers view who has reviewed the evidence at length: 20...er_responds.php

Guy said...

I need to repost the links asthat clearly did not work:

1) Greenpeace video:

2) Greenpeace blogs:

3) New Zealand Herald story with marine law experts view:

4) The bloggers view:

Anonymous said...

I like how all of your links come from the greenpeace website. Of course their going to say its the whaling ships fault. Why would a peaceful group do such an act? Because their eco-terrorists!

Anonymous said...

greenpeace really aggravates me. their method should really be punished. if we do not call them terrolists, what are terrorists, then?

Anonymous said...

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