Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year, you're under arrest

Warm New Year's greetings from Malaysia's Religious Police:

Officers from the Johor Religious Department “gate-crashed” the New Year celebrations of 10 couples suspected of committing khalwat.

And what, pray tell, could the dreadful crime of 'Khalwat' (an Arabic word) be? According to Wikipedia, it's defined as the following:
... close proximity, called Khalwat, is forbidden (by Sharia) between a man and a woman who are not married ... Even just being together in a house, a room, or a secluded place may be forbidden.

It's glorious to know that Malaysia's Religious Police have again struck a mighty blow for Allah and for Islam. Their intrepid officers courageously broke up not just one, but ten presumably lovestruck couples that were caught redhanded committing the 'crime' of, ahem, "close proximity."

How vastly reassuring it is to know that Allah's Cops are on constant patrol here in the Islamic Republic of Malaysia, on the lookout for unauthorized 'close proximity', and keeping the streets, back alleyways, and hotel rooms safe for Islam. This is all business as usual here, so it's highly unlikely that anyone here in this country is capable of seeing how ridiculous and absurd this all is. In an even more twisted view of the universe, the local media defines these raids as "crime prevention" tactics.

Ultimately, this is what Sharia is all about--the elimination of personal freedom in a very personal and profound way.

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American Crusader said...

Sometimes when I read this stuff I have to think that it must be some type of practical joke. Unfortunately though it's not and it is often deadly. What is the punishment for close proximity? Could you imagine the punishment if one of the members of the couple wasn't Muslim? Instead of worrying about children being forced to marry their 60-year-old uncle's, they waste time breaking up consenting adults at a New Year's Eve party.