Monday, January 30, 2006

The Hypocrisy of CAIR

CAIR, a terrorist front group for jihad in America, shows their true colors as they fight to let terrorist Nadeem Hassan (more here) of Jamaat al Tablighi back into the US. Everytime a suspected Muslim terrorist here on a greencard goes outside the US, block their reentry. Smart. We need to do a lot more of this.

CAIR: Hypocrite’s in Defense of Islamic Terrorism?

The East Valley Tribune ran a story about Dr. Nadeem Hassan, who was denied re-entry to the United States following his visit to Saudi Arabia for the Hajj. (Dr. Hassan is/was a green card holder.)

CAIR joined other Islamic groups in denouncing the exclusion of Hassan, joining in the claim that Hassan’s possible link to Jamaat al Tablighi, a group with suspected Islamic terrorist-supporting membership, was not grounds for exclusion. Apparently, CAIR views the Jamaat al Tablighi as a “Muslim missionary group”.

For a good look at just what the Jamaat al Tablighi is and what it stands for, we refer to the respected Middle East Forum/Quarterly for a review. From the Quarterly, we find this conclusion:

“The estimated 15,000 Tablighi missionaries reportedly active in the United States present a serious national security problem. At best, they and their proxy groups form a powerful proselytizing movement that preaches extremism and disdain for religious tolerance, democracy, and separation of church and state. At worst, they represent an Islamist fifth column that aids and abets terrorism. Contrary to their benign treatment by scholars and academics, Tablighi Jamaat has more to do with political sedition than with religion.”
ACAIR finds it interesting that CAIR, with its vast financial resources and access to numerous sources in both North America and the Middle East cannot simply lift up the phone, call the Saudi Embassy and ask for information on the Tablighi Jamaat. Of course, the Saudi Embassy would say it was simply a “missionary group”, but as any American knows, any endorsement by the Saudis is an immediate red flag.


American Crusader said...

anti-CAIR was able to name CAIR a terrorist organization. Even though CAIR tried suing them in civil court they lost.
CAIR's leadership has stated their true purpose, to make Islam the dominant religion in America, but unfortunately the message is lost to most Americans. Your comparison to a fifth column is right on target.

eyesallaround said...

CAIR is the biggest joke in the world.... BUT, if you like "getting a little pay-back", then go to

and order your Koran. I did. It must cost something to print and
mail these things. One less dollar in the hands of the terrorists!

I tried ordering another one, but it didn't fly...

The Anti-Jihadist said...

Darn it, they don't deliver to addresses outside the US.

Dag said...

The link below is to Derek's graphic of Mohammed. I'd like us all to send out chain letters with this attached so that the entire Islamic world is beaten over the head with this thing. They started a cmapaign that I'd like to use against them. I feel that Derek's graphic is just the thing to use. Let's see if the ummah can boycott the entire Western world.

I think we have to copy and paste this url but it's a simple matter. Please let me know how this goes if you choose to do so. We can learn from each other's failures and successes.

Eyesallaround does nice work that's moving too. Imagine destroying Islma with some cartoons. Really, we're dealing with paper thin people and a cartoon religion.

John Sobieski said...

Hi Dag,

You like that one, I can tell. :)


zombie has a large collection of images

Discontent said...

Apparently, CAIR and other terrorist support organizations like them have been doing much to whitewash their image lately in the western media in order to garner more support, both political and financial for their true aims.
I'm surprised that media orgs haven't seen through this transparancy yet.

Dag said...

eyesallaround also sent me a graphic that I love: mohammed's picture on a camel's arse.

I'm laughing hard over that one. If you've ever been near a camel, well, they are horrible from the front end and just keep getting worse.

This kind of non-violent resistence to Islam is my favored approach. Ridicule them and their posturing and let them expose themselves as the fools they are. I posted a couple of short paragraphs showing that Egyptians are boycotting loans from Denmark and Saudis are boycotting insulin. Can it get any more ridiculous? I don't know. I haven't checked the news this morning.

Thanks to all for supplying the graphics. I'll spread them out over the days and hope we can make the Muslims so upset they stay home and hide.

(Good luck to that.)

Anonymous said...

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