Friday, January 20, 2006

Islam Hadhari--Malaysia's fraud to the world

By Johan Zawawi

Centerpiece of Malaysia's 'moderate Muslim' image is the concept of 'Islam Hadhari', which means 'Civilizational Islam'. Malaysia's Prime Minister always trots out this idea in speeches to appreciative and uncritical foreign audiences. The sheer contradiction in terms of this name notwithstanding--there is nothing civilised about Sharia or Islam, but never mind about that for now--just how 'moderate' is Islam in Malaysia nowadays?

First, here are Islam Hadhari's main points, as spelled out by the concept's inventor, Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia's first Prime Minister, in 1957:

  • Faith and piety in Allah
  • Just and trustworthy government
  • Freedom and independence to the people
  • Mastery of knowledge
  • Balanced and comprehensive economic development
  • Good quality of life for all
  • Protection of the rights of minority groups and women
  • Cultural and moral integrity
  • Protection of the environment
  • A strong defence policy

OK, let's go down the list, point by point.

Point One--Faith and piety in Allah. Well, we all know what Islam's idea of 'piety' is ... keep the kuffar down! Islamic piety means never having to say you're sorry, especially to the infidels.

Point two--Just and trustworthy government. Now who could disagree with this? Of course, Malaysia's Official State Religion (as specified in its Constitution) is Islam, meaning that the entire national government has an official tilt towards Islam, in budgetary priorities, policy, etc. This bias, under Malaysian law, is perfectly legal. Is this 'just'? And just how trustworthy can a government be, when it has massive, systemic problems like corruption, a near-total lack of transparency, and rampant cronyism at its highest levels?

Point three--Freedom and Independence of the people. As this Malaysian High Court case clearly demonstrates, 'freedom' in Malaysia doesn't include the freedom to choose your own religion. Put another way, freedom only works if you want to become a Muslim, and then freedom ends at that point. What if you're 'born' as Muslim? No religious freedom for you either, of course. Other kinds of freedom, such as the freedom to criticize one's own government, freedom of assembly, and freedom of expression, are sharply curtailed under Malaysia's repressive Internal Security Act.

Point four--Mastery of Knowledge. As this lengthy list of censored books in Malaysia shows, there's plenty of knowledge out there in the world that your Muslim and UMNO overlords would rather you not know about nor master. In Malaysia, bad old-fashioned ignorance is preferred.

Point five--Balanced and comprehensive economic development. Sounds great! However, in Malaysia, Malays and other so-called 'Bumiputra' (meaning "sons of the soil") are legally first among equals, and are favoured over non-Malays in all sorts of official ways (lower interest rates on housing loans, easier access to student loans, preferential hiring for government jobs, and more government assistance in general). This is all legal and sanctioned under longstanding Malaysian government policy, as well as the infamous Article 153 in the Malaysian Constitution. Is this balanced?

Point six--Good quality of life for all. Absolutely wonderful...but see point five for the important catch.

Point seven--Protection of....women's rights. The Quran, Mohammed's own teachings, and 14 centuries of Islam make it very clear, that women are not the equals of men. No amount of posturing, or spin, and certainly nothing some Malaysian PM says, is going to change that. And then there's Malaysia's own misogynist 'Islamic Family Law Bill', which makes divorce easier for Muslim men and life in general a lot tougher on Muslim women, which would have certainly pleased Mohammed.

Point eight--Cultural and moral integrity. This point sounds, to me, suspiciously like codewords for keeping Sharia and the Muslim religious police around forever, with the non-Muslim taxpayers stuck footing a healthy chunk of the bill. Malaysia's Religious Police periodically proclaim their intent to continue their mission of moral policing, and 'saving' the nation from evils like handholding, kissing in public, khalwat, etc. Monumental injustices like lifestyle police will never, ever go away, as long as Islam exists in this country.

Point nine--Protection of the environment. Looking around Malaysia, I see clearcutting of its jungle at a breakneck pace, crappy water and air quality, and ineffectual and spotty enforcement of its own environmental laws. When there's money to be made and kickbacks to be received, who cares a wit about the 'environment'? Certainly not some bureaucrats in Putrajaya.

Point ten--A strong defense policy. The Malaysian military and its budget will always be looked after...after all, who makes up the vast majority of military personnel? Malays, and hence Muslims, of course.

Fourteen centuries of trying to 'moderate' Islam have been an abject failure, and so Islam Hadhari has failed just like all the rest. Islam is so ingrained with violence, aggression and intolerance, that any attempt to 'moderate' or purge these elements from the ideology will render Islam unislamic--an unimaginable crime in the eyes of Mohammedans everywhere.

Islam Hadhari is not only an empty promise in the land of its birth, it is also a cheap fraud perpetrated upon the unsuspecting 'infidel' world.


prettygirl said...

Well, all those points make Malaysia looks so bad. Maybe its shown indirectly. Right now Malaysia still wanna stand as Moderate muslim like Malaysian for Peace. This might be what they want instead following those points or may be not. "Malaysia Boleh" .

The Anti-Jihadist said...

The case for 'Moderate Islam' is decisively undercut by the very Quran itself, as well as other indisputablely Islamic sources. Here's just a small sample some of Malaysia's present-day actions:

-Snatching bodies from their families and then burying them (and the Sharia courts approve)
-Maintaining special government 'benefits', preferences, and advantages only Muslims may obtain
-Sharia courts that are legally beyond the reach of civil courts (which amounts to its own parallel, sovereign, untouchable legal system)
-the total inability of Muslims to leave Islam
-The continued presence and activities of publically-funded Islamic religious and morality police
-The total lack of freedom of thought, conscience, and expression in Malaysia's national life
-And so on and so on

These things are all going on in Malaysia right now. And this is supposed to be the behavior of a 'Moderate' state? Excuse me while my jaw hits the floor.

Truth be told, Moderate Islam is a mirage. Just like a mirage, it may look tangible from a distance, but when viewed up close, it literally vanishes into thin air.

And how about that Malaysian notion of peace that prettygirl mentions? Well, as long as the Muslims get to be in charge and the dhimmis can accept their subdued, second-class status, then there can be peace in Malaysia.

And how about Malaysia's take on 'peace' outside of Malaysia?

-Malaysia's steadfast refusal to diplomatically recognize the state of Israel
-Malaysia's refusal to support the mission of the US and its numerous allies in Afghanistan
-Malaysia's silence on Iran's ongoing efforts to arm itself with nuclear weapons, as well as its repeated threats of nuclear war and outright genocide
-And Malaysia's diplomatic support for dictators in Zimbabwe, Venezuala, Cuba, and Syria.

As you can see from the above list, this illustrates the rather strange notion of peace that Malaysia has in mind. Seems to me as long as Muslims or their dhimmi friends (or other useful fools) are in charge, that's the sort of peace Malaysia seems to favor.

So, does all this malfeasance make Malaysia look bad, prettygirl? Well, if the shoe fits...

American Crusader said...

The 9% Christian minority (and dropping) will tell you a much different story than Tunku Abdul Rahman does. Religious freedom is not going to happen in any country that is officially Islam. There has been a recent lull in the anti-Christian campaigns...but that is mostly due to the tsunami. And as 'the anti-jihadist points out, things seem to be returning to their usual status.

dag said...

Around the world we face Islam as a direct violent threat, and if we don't try to stop it we are not only doomed but deservedly so.

At the bottom of this comment I've left notices where two of us will be to express our intentions to combat Islam. Below is what I think is at stake and why I think it's worth it to all of us to act in our own defence.

Free speech and the right to assemble to express it, those are rights we must actively pursue to make them meaningful, for otherwise we do not actually have them. An unused right is nothing. An abstraction, if one loses it, is no loss. The rights we have to assemble and express ourselves freely are rights we don't have if we refuse to use them. If we neglect our rights we have no rights and no right to complain if we actually lose the legal protection to use them. If from laziness or lack of concern we find ourselves not able to speak freely in public among our peers, then we desrve our loss. Others will take our rights and replace them with their obligations, and we, if we don't compete in the marketplace of ideas, will find ourselves poor and dispossesed. Such is the practicallity of life. Use it or lose it.

Our rights to speak freely and assemble freely in public are under attack by Muslims and their dhimmi supporters. They push constantly for more Islam and more appeasement of the Islamic cause. We have a right, even an obligation, to push back. If we refuse to do so, if we find ourselves pushed into the sea of Islam against our wishes, it will only be due to our lack of concern for our own lives and the lives of our communities. There is no legitimate complaint from those who lose their rights due to neglect.

If Western Modernity dies and Islam triumphs it will not be due to Islamic superiority but due to Western apathy, due to Western stupidity and cowardice and suicidal narcissism. If, as gloating Muslims chant all across Europe, our grandchildren will be Muslims, there is no one to blame but us. If Modernity collapses and the world reverts to ignorance, violence, slavery of the mind, and Islam, then it will be our fault for allowing it to have happened. It need not be but it most certainly will be that the West crumbles and dies because we did nothing to save it from the savages of Islam. What if they gave a war and we rolled over and waited to die?

Muslims are a police matter. There is nothing the private citizen in legitimate nations can do about them as a whole. But Islam is a matter of legitimate concern for each and every citizen of the world. Islam is a matter of personal interest and also a personal threat. Islam is a matter of individual concern, and if individuals do nothing to confront it and stop it from spreading and push it back and push it out from the Modernist world, then the West will die. Individuals will suffer, and so what? Those who refuse to defend themselves deserve what their masters do to them. The police will attend to police matters in service of those who rule, and if those who rule are Muslims, then the end of the West will be legitimate and legal. It will be final. It will be deserved.

What is to be done? There are some in the West who demand resistance, even victory over the threat of Islam. Not all Westerners are passive and timid. Some of us refuse to accept the seemingly inevitable triumph of barbarism in the West. Some of us still exercise our rights, and still speak freely in public-- the consequences be damned. Few though we are, two though we are, we demand action. We act alone.

Our actions are small and pale. Nothing in the West compares to the strength of the world-wide Muslim campaign to destroy our Western Modernity and to replace it with 7th century shari'a. Two of us, only two, demand the end of Islamic in the West. Our course of action is to meet our fellows in public venues to coordinate our programmes. We have picked the secular equivlent of the Islamic mosque: We will meet at McDonald's diners, sit in public, stand against Islam as free men and women and let the world know who and what we are. We will exercise our rights to free speech and free assembly. Two of us. No, not two Americans, not two British, not two Danes or two Spaniards or two Dutch or two Russian or two Indians. Two of us will stand up and publicly face down Islam by sitting in McDonald's diners, one in Australia and another in Canada. You will know us. We will wear blue scarves. Two of us. We will exercise our rights in the hope of saving your rights. Both of us will do that. Two of us.

Voltaire writes:I'll be at McDonalds in Sydney, Australia, on the 26th January as well. That will be Australia Day, and I assume that they will be open then.

I'll be at the McDonalds which is opposite the George St Cinemas, and right next to Planet Hollywood, and which is called Plaza Court. It's at 600 George St, just down from Town Hall. I'll be there between 7.00 and 9.00 pm.

I'll be wearing a light blue scarf.

And I will be at the Mc Donalds at Main and Terminal Sts near 2nd ave. in Vancouver, Canada on Jan. 26 from 7-9:00 pm.

Where will you be?

Iran Watch said...

it's hard to believe that a backward technologically impaired oppressive society could actually challenge Western democracy and way of life, but it has. By using a simple formula, Islam is spreading its tentacles throughout the globe. Infiltration, then gradually expanding(through immigration and high birthrates)then using our freedoms against us until we start giving concessions and finally once they are a majority, implementing Sharia law. Of course it's not quite that simple but by these means or slight variations, we are aiding their expansion.
The founder of CAIR stated very clearly that Islam wasn't in America to be equal to other religions, but to dominate other religions. If you listen, they are telling everybody their intentions. They don't hide their goals...just the opposite. It's too bad not enough people are listening.
Excellent Post

Always On Watch said...

Just the other day, I heard some talking head cite Malaysia as an example of how a Muslim nation can be compatible with Western ideals. This excellent post debunks everything I heard. Of course, the talking head did not cite any facts, but spoke in vague generalities.

The case for 'Moderate Islam' is decisively undercut by the very Quran itself...

Exactly! And as long as Muslims won't accept any rational discussion of the word of Allah, we're living in a dangerous world.

John Sobieski said...

'Point eight--Cultural and moral integrity' Yep, that's code alright. Only one culture and one set of morals permitted and that is Islam.

From my observation, Islam evolves to barbarism unless restricted. What a wretched existence it forces upon its followers, and no sense to escape dare enter their mind. Those who do escape are thankful and often bitter. Who wouldn't be.

Adam said...

I think it good that Malaysia brands herself as Islam Haddari. Instead, of branded to be capitalist, socialist even sometime some chap branded Malaysia to be communist. It's a good move in a way. Branding is important to maintain her integrity to the world. At least, some third world muslim nation would see Malaysia as a good role.

Just as you would be branding yourself to be a pedestrian infidel.

And on the rights of choosing your path of beliefs. Take a good look at Moorthy and Nyonya Tahir.

It happens that both cases are classic examples of the misunderstanding in Islam. So you know, its your attitude toward Islam is disorientated.

I dont know much. But it's you who is critising instead of building this nation. You choose.

The Anti-Jihadist said...

No sir, we understand Islam very well. We're not, um, 'disorientated' here at Pedestrian Infidel.

Thanks for stopping by. We'll be writing a lot more about that poor 'misunderstood religion', Islam. Count on it.

Avenging Apostate said...

"I dont know much..."

You are right in saying that, repeating the claim of the leftists and the lies of moslems wont change the truth and reality about islam. if saying that islam incites hatred, violence and murder is misunderstanding then maybe you should tell mohammed about it first, because he is the one founded the religion and he preached it in the same way moslems follow it today, to kill people - to take their rights away.

For Islam to be the religion of peace it has to die first, forget about its past and be founded again on new principles - and i dont see that happening until we take some action.

Anonymous said...

Hey Adam,

We did have a good look at the Moorthy and Nyonya Tahir case and it looks pretty ugly here in Malaysia.

In the first case, quoting an article in Aliran "These cherished values were missing in the recent Moorthy Maniam @ Mohammad Abdullah case, which saw a legal tussle over whether he had actually converted to Islam before his death. Instead, what we saw were negative vibes and machinations that brought to the surface all that is ugly in the human race. There was no dignity or empathy for the grieving family in the whole affair. Nor did the religious department distinguish itself and Islam’s deep commitment to justice in this sorry affair". A quote from even a very Islamic-apologist press.

In a nutshell, a very prominent mountaineer in Malysia supposedly convert to Islam from Hinduism, seen a year ago practising hindu religious rites, died after an accident. His grieving widow claims his body from the hospital, only to be manhandled by the Islamic authorities claiming that the deceased has converted, and subsequently buried him in a Muslim cemetery. All appeals to Malaysian civil corts were to no avail as judges claim they have no authority to hear matters pertaining to matters of Islamic conversions.

Hey Adam, why don't you tell the readers, another moment of Islamic tolerance in Lina Joy's case as a great example of Islamic tolerance in "moderate Muslim" country that this shameful Malaysia is?? Why don't the sleepy head Prime Minister go back to sleep??

no to mafia and islam said...

"""And on the rights of choosing your path of beliefs. Take a good look at Moorthy and Nyonya Tahir""".

We did take a good look and it sure terrifies us. Islam is like the Mafia, out only in a box, especially in Malaysia