Saturday, January 14, 2006

Just when you thought you'd seen everything...

I think you have all seen by now Moslems screaming on the TV (numerous times) and in the mosques (maybe) about how western society is corrupt because they give gays their rights and some of them even allow the gays to get married. This may make the gays pleased but it pisses off the Mohammedans something fierce!

But what Moslems don’t tell you about is what goes on in their countries. To them, western society is ‘crumbling’ but if you look at it, Islamic society has already crumbled.

Today I came across this piece that well illustrates the incredible state of decay in Dar-al-Islam. It made the hair on the back of my neck stand and later made me laugh too because – let’s admit it – no matter how disgusting it is, it turns out to be funny if you have the taste for this sort of humor. It’s about a poor Afghan soldier who didn’t have enough money to get married:

‘… in many parts of Afghanistan men must pay at least $3000 to the parents of their prospective bride, making marriage difficult for many…’

So this person must have thought, ‘if I can’t get a woman, I’ll do something different.’ Well this ‘something different’ was showing the donkey his real nature. He somehow found a poor donkey and an abandoned house and started doing what he wanted to do. But just when he thought he had found a suitable wife for him, a boy saw him doing naughty stuff in the open.
The soldier… was detained for several days last week after a young boy spotted him with the animal in an abandoned house in the south-eastern town of Gardez (Afghanistan)’.

Too bad dude, that’s why many prefer being alone in the toilet to take care of business like choking the chicken, so they aren’t seen. What’s even worse about this little humorous tale (as if that were possible) is being caught by a boy in the act – kids tend to ask a lot of awkward questions at times like this! You can read the whole story here Afghan and the poor donkey – it sounds like a movie title. Well that’s because its no less than a movie, is it? OK, maybe a porn movie then.

This whole sordid episode might sound disgusting and very gross because, of course, it is all that. But what's stranger is that this practice, although not openly accepted, is pretty common in Peshawar, Pakistan and other areas in Pakistan. I know because I used to live in Pakistan myself (but of course I have never done anything as perverse as what the Afghan did). Not that you will see a donkey (or a goat) and a dude on every street corner, but I can assure you that many do practice you-know-what on the poor animals before they get married. Practicing for their big occasion, of course!

One more thing--bisexuality is very common in Peshawar and of course the areas around it. It is accepted as well as common to have a wife and a boy as your sexual partners there (separately of course, they don’t do threesomes).

Actually it is not this Afghan soldier’s fault for what he did – Islam discourages masturbation – but it’s not that big on condemning bestiality. Maybe it is this that encourages these poor Moslems in these parts of the world to put the burden off them and on the donkeys or other animals. So, like I wrote about the sacrifice of animals here on the blog recently, maybe Mohammed the typical Moslem in Pakistan has sex with the animal on Monday and then sacrifices it on Tuesday to cleanse his sins to Allah! Well, that makes it all ok then!

Remember, Islam is pure and only western culture is corrupt and dirty. So the Moslems keep repeating over and over. It doesn’t take much effort or time to show what a lie this is.

Hey, this stuff is sick, but you don’t get to read about it everyday now, do you?


Papa Ray said...

The liberal viewpoint of course is if it is a victimless crime (I'm sure the donkey would have something to say about that), what is the harm. Also, to liberals religion is a dirty word and only used when ranting about the ingorance of Americans. Of course if applied to is the religion of peace.

Papa Ray
West Texas

The Anti-Jihadist said...

What? Animal molestation slash animal cruelty is a victimless crime? Don't tell that to the Animal Rights Activists, who would probably be on the liberal side of the fence, if I had to guess. Of course, Dems and their ilk are totally blinded with that affliction called "multi-culturalism" or "political correctness", which celebrates all other cultures while damning our own.

John Sobieski said...

Sex with animals is the result of the dysfunctionality of the relation between sexes in islamic countries. Of course, you can say the same thing about clandestine homosexuality among Muslim men. When a society does not allow healthy relationships between the sexes to develop during childhood, how can you ever expect a 'normal' relationship between the sexes in adulthood.

Isn't $3000 like the equivalent of a million in the US? How can anyone but a few acquire that kind of money?

Always On Watch said...

Remember, Islam is pure and only western culture is corrupt and dirty.

As in what Ahmadinejad referred to as "Westoxification"?

Am I surprised at what you've writtne here? No, but only because I've spoken with three people (infidels) who have lived in the Middle East.

Mark said...

This is a very interesting article on the state of things in Islamic countries. But it doesn't shock me, since I've lived in the Middle East, and have heard all about it.

Maybe you'd like to read what I wrote a short while ago on this kind of thing (though I didn't cover bestiality): Click here!

Please forgive me for adding this link to your site. But I think you might all be interested.