Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Keeping an Eye on the Nick Griffin Hate Speech Trial

Nick Griffin is blogging from England as his hatespeech trial edges toward the summation. It is so ridiculous, but this is the new oppressive state of England where Political Correctness vows to snuff out those politically incorrect citizens. I used to respect England but when you realize that citizens in England are afraid to criticize the Mohammedans because they may be arrested, it is not the England I respected.

Check out Nick's blog before England tries to shut it down. Since it is on Google, that should be interesting.

Free Speech On Trial


friendlysaviour said...

Yes, it's really what has come to be expected of the weasley, doubledealing British Government/establishment.
Nick Griffin is not a universally liked person in uk, due to the past conections of bnp with things facistic? I do not know where they stand on a lot of other issues, but I wholeheartedly agree with Nick's stand against (radical?) islam.
He has called it a "religion of evil and hate".
As is mentioned on Nick's blogs (Thanx for the link)his "trial" is ongoing at the same time as that of the no-armed, one-eyed (allah is SOOO just!!!) "the hook" Abu Hamza, for stirring up relgious hatred. His defence is principally "the koran told me to do it, honest, Gov. I had no choice," while Mr. Griffin and friend are using swathes of evidence culled from media and other sources to show to the jury that what they said (in a Private meeting)is based NOT on fiction but on FACTS.
CAN I just point out to the USA readership, that I remember Abu Hamza, on mainstream TV in UK saying the most disgustingly evil stream of bile and filth from within his hateful fat carcass (bloated on handouts from the British government ie. (the taxpayer)(free disability bus for him and his wiveSS) (free housing, you name it.. )the following statement.....
Hamza said that (on the day!) the Spaceshuttle burned out in re-entry, that it was " the judgement of allah on America (for Iraq) because they had onboard a pagan (IndianHindu) a Jew and Americans etc. etc."
I was shocked and hurt by the vehemance of this racial hatred until shortly after when a massive earthquake killed thousands of moslims (turkey/iran, I think)and then I realised that this of course was the work of allah and wondered how long it would have taken for the thought police to have me arrested if I went out and shouted in public, that allah had judged the moslim dead by wrecking their land.
One law for them, one law for everyone else? Typical.
I think Nick Griffins assessment of islam is factually accurate an succinctly put, his only crime was to dare to speak his mind, now there's something!
It is an accurate view when reading the texts that the religion is based on, and considering that the general moslim population does little more than bleat about "you can't paint all moslims the same colour because of what a few "hotheads" did on 9/11, and in Madrid and the London. I think Nick Griffin et albombings"
This is a spurious denial of the vital and integral part that the "holy kran" plays in ALL the thinking and planning and final actions required to go out and MASS_MURDER in the name of their cause. (in the name of allah and mohomet) This is all part of the "great plan of the "clerics""which as we know is principally to destroy USA, Israel and subjugate the Free World to islamic rule.
They even have the bare-arsed cheek to equivalent themselves to "freedom fighters" and say they are no different to the IRA, and defend the moslim killers with.."you never blamed the Irish for the actions of a few IRA men"
That is of course a gross distortion of the history of Ireland and Britain's colonial rule and the division of Ireland nearly 100 years ago under British colonial rule and the Ira "war" to drive out Brit rule. The moslim bombers and death-merchants are driven NOT by a political zeal to remove an historical colonial rule (and don't tell me the palestnians are fighting such a war, they have squandered BILLIONS that could have rebuilt a peaceful homeland and prospered therein) from their Ireland as America once did from her shores (but we still friends ain't we?) and reunite it's two divides, BUT by a slavish obedience to a hateful and cowardly set of invented rules so distorted over 1500 years that their poor kids who are indoctrinated from the age of four have no real chance of forming a Worldview untainted by the record and legends of a murdering savage tribespeople, all those centuries ago.
Unfortunately the brainwashing is so complete, that few dare or are able to escape the immams clutches.
This breeds their sickening, cowardly, and twisted viewpoint that certain people can be considered as less than human, and we all know how moslims treat animals as sacrifice and mere possessions, refusing to recognise their free nature.
So too they would have us bow down to their IDOL, mohomet, for such he is , that they cannot even see how they have raised a human to the same level of worship that their desert- ancestors gave to all manner of Gods and Deities, long after Jesus had dismissed the old Gods and animal-sacrifice, and had set in motion the new wave of thought that would sweep the Roman Empire and change the whole of Europe and the known East.
As is so obvious from the moslims love of Western inventions like the car and the computer, I think they just want to take what our ancestors created with blood sweat and tears, so unable are they to catch up with our development and trying so desperately to cling on to their psychotic beliefs in a changing World, it must be so friggin sad to be infected with such a viral set of beliefs that crush individuality and free thought at every turn and every moment of the day, of course someone will reply that they do all this willingly and for the love of their god.
The gas-chambers were willingly manned by guards with the same love of their Furher.
ho hum!

Kevin, Bedfordshire said...

Let's be clear, here. I am not going to over-rant about rubbish, particularly of the quality that "bld" has managed to dredge up.

Extremism is evil. Nick Griffin is not to be underestimated which is what the mainstream parties, here in the UK, seem to be doing – at their peril. Currently, Nick and his followers are working hard to gain support in the General London Assembly election, a mere 18 months away; given that the economy cannot sustain the mounting debt and with the help of other additional factors, it could take sudden downturn, gaining considerable support is a realisation. This would be bad news for London and England.

Bad news for the simple reason that the BNP plays host to an evil that is evident in Islamic extremism, Nazism, Communism and others. I agree that clamping down on the rights (freedom of speech) of these individuals would force them underground, and thus making it somewhat difficult to politically challenge them. However, with freedom of speech comes great responsibility. Speech can be used to control people, and Nick is well aware of the power that he has over his followers, especially the more impressionable (and many are indeed impressionable) and malicious followers who would takes things too far.

Personally, I hate all forms of extremism. Therefore, Nick is no different from Abu Hamza. They are both twisted, evil, power mongers. Essentially, two sides of the same coin. We need to remember that Islam, Christianity, Hinduism and indeed most religions are not inherently evil, but Man’s interpretation and implementation of which can be.