Friday, January 20, 2006

The Koran As Defense for Inciting Murder

We've seen this before in Australia, Pakistan and Indonesia at trial for terrorists. Now it's England's turn. The logic of course is that the Koran is the perfect word, God's words unaltered ever, and if he says kill the infidels, pillage and burn their lands, it can't be wrong, therefore Hamza cannot be wrong. 'I am just following Islam.' is the defense. Now all those TaqiyyaMasters, who have been busy spinning their web of lies that Islam is peaceful and only defensive in wars, will have to burn the midnight oil. Do the infidels even care in England?

'Offensive' remarks taken straight from Koran, defence says
By Sean O’Neill,BBC

COPIES of the Koran were handed to the jurors in the Abu Hamza trial yesterday as his defence argued that some of the cleric’s “offensive” statements were drawn directly from Islam’s holy book.

Edward Fitzgerald, QC, for the defence, said that Abu Hamza’s interpretation of the Koran was that it imposed an obligation on Muslims to do jihad and fight in the defence of their religion. He said that the Crown case against the former imam of Finsbury Park Mosque was “simplistic in the extreme”.

He added: “It is said he was preaching murder, but he was actually preaching from the Koran itself.” [You cannot make this stuff up!]

Mr Fitzgerald cited two verses of the book that Abu Hamza would rely on, among many others, as theological justification for the words that had led to him being charged. They were Chapter 2, verse 216 and Chapter 9, verse 111. He said that all the great monotheistic religions had scriptures that contained “the language of blood and retribution”.

Abu Hamza’s remarks, which the prosecution alleges amount to an attempt to stir up racial hatred against the Jewish people, were, Mr Fitzgerald said, a reference to the Hadith — sayings of the Prophet Muhammad — in which fighting between Jews and Muslims is predicted.

The Hadith says that the trees will call out to the Muslims “there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him”.

The defence counsel said this was “a highly unusual case” because unlike most prosecutions for incitement to murder it did not involve someone telling a specific person to kill an identifiable individual. [That's true, it's a call to kill ALL nonbelievers. More like Hiler.]


He added: “Mr Hamza has said things that most people will find deeply offensive and hateful. But he is not on trial for describing England as a toilet. There is no crime of simply being offensive.” [But Nick Griffin of the BNP is on trial for being offensive by saying Islam is a evil wicked religion.]


MissingLink said...

The logic of course is that the Koran is the perfect word, God's words unaltered ever, and if he says kill the infidels, pillage and burn their lands, it can't be wrong, therefore Hamza cannot be wrong. 'I am just following Islam.' is the defense.

Now this is something VERY interesting - God made me do it!!!
And just look how hypocrytical.
Our two ministers (From the Fire Ministry) were sentenced by the Victorian court to publicly apologize Muslim community in Victoria for nothing else but quoting Quran.
According to juidge-arsehole-Higgins it was HATE speach.

Pastorius said...

So, in England quoting the Koran, while Muslim, means you are innocent, and in Australia quoting the Koran, while non-Muslim, means you are guilty.

The Logic of Late-Multiculturalism.

Pim's Ghost said...

At least with all of the cracks showing so glaringly, more people are waking up to the reality and the threat, and perhaps feeling Orianna's rage and pride!

I welcome such news as wake up calls to those still burying their heads in the sand. It is certainly preferable to further 9/11 style attacks and loss of life, which is the only other thing I can see as waking people up to smell the jihad.

dag said...

I like the new template. That sort of thing makes a big difference. Oh no, I'm on the verge of going on! I'll resist.

Always On Watch said...

Another wake-up call. Is the world listening?

dag said...

Some people are listening,and some people are moving to make a difference. Some of them are actually French.

The French are rightly fed up with the Muslim scum people who are rampaging unchecked across the nation, and on Jan. 26 they will don blue scarves in silent protest against the government's complete neglect of the law and the peace in favor of appeasing the feral beasts of Islam who make the lives of all people, including law-abiding Muslims, a matter of major insecurity. Who do the French politicians think they're fooling? They're fooling themselves. The rest of the nation, and the world at large, is fed up, and they won't take it anymore. Good.

What can we do to show our support for the French? And for the Danes? For the Swedes and Norwegians and English and Dutch and everyone else dumped on by the p.c. sentimentalists who refuse to secure the peace in our lands?

We can go to the nearest McDonald's diner, and on Jan. 26 from 7-9:00 pm we can sit wearing a blue scarf, and there perhaps meet other like-minded people and there talk and admit that we don't like the religion of peace and all the violence it entails by virtue of being the eternal word of a criminal maniac and his murdering followers. Go for coffee at McDonald's on Jan. 26. Wear a blue scarf. If you feel that it's too dangerous to do so, then we have lost this struggle and we are doomed. I think not. I'll see you there.

Anonymous said...

You guys are so funny. This should be vited the best comedy website on the Blog.

Who is your sponsor?

leavingtheleft said...

The twit above thinks its funny. Well a few million here think otherwise:

Anonymous said...

I love freedom of speech
It gives me hope
That the mountain will be climbed
These blogs are my ice axe
And a good pair of boots