Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Malaysian dhimmis not happy

Malaysia sells itself to the outside world as a multiracial, multicultural paradise. "Malaysia--Truly Asia", the hoary and oft-repeated tourist slogan, attempts to capitalize on this image.

Well, all is not well in paradise, and the chief suspect that's formenting all this trouble shouldn't be too terribly surprising--it starts with a capital 'I', and ends with a little 'm'. Malaysia's increasing Islamization is making the dhimmis and infidels here (usually estimate to be 40% of the country's population) rather unhappy. Emboldened by the growing ground swell of resentment, the kuffirs are increasingly expressing their unhappiness publicly, and not even the government-owned media here can ignore the discord anymore.

Islam tops Malaysia's long list of "sensitive subjects" that are forbidden from being raised in public but, over the last two weeks, it is as if nothing else can be discussed. Two dissimilar events coming one after another, late December, has put religion on notice. One is the passage of an Islamic family law, opposed by feminists and moderate Muslims. The other is the forced burial, according to Muslim rites, of a Hindu soldier by Islamic authorities who insist he had converted to Islam.

Both issues have questioned the role of an increasingly puritanical Islam in a multi-ethnic society that prides itself on tolerance and an easygoing, modern way of life. Under Prime Minister (PM) Abdullah Badawi's more liberal and less authoritarian administration, long suppressed frustrations are rising to the surface and there are growing calls for fairness and justice.

This cannot be too terribly surprising to those who know the truth about Islam. Islamic supremacy is Islam's natural state--it does not tolerate rivals, period. Once Islam is established in a society, it will continue to grow, like a malignant tumor would grow in a human, until all normal life is squeezed and suffocated out of existence. Malaysia is well down that path already. It would behoove the infidel states of the world to look closely at this cautionary tale before throwing their doors open to ever-increasing Muslim immigration and Muslim influence.

Lots of blame for this increasingly untenable situation can be placed squarely on the shoulders of Doctor Moonbat Mahathir, who ruled this country pretty much as his personal fiefdom for 22 years, ending only in 2003. During his lengthy regime, he tried mightily to make the country more 'Islamic' in character. This was done mainly so as to pre-empt his chief domestic political rivals, the ultra-Islamic PAS party, and strengthen his own party's stranglehold on power. Hence, more time in government schools was given over to 'Islamic studies' (and less time was devoted to infidel ideas like science, math, or English), bigger sums of government money was spent on mosques and madrassahs every year, and America, Israel and especially Jews were demonized in schools and foreign policy. This is only a small sample.

Doctor Moonbat succeeded handsomely in his quest to remake Malaysia as an Islamic state, but at what price? Present day Islamic supremacy in Malaysia is so obvious, and so entrenched, that to pretend otherwise is the epitome of naivety. More Malaysians have decided to become committed Jihadists, for this is what Islam demands of its followers. So it shouldn't shock anyone that the best known Malaysians outside of Malaysia tend to be Jemaah Islamiyah bomb builders and jihadi terrorists (like the late Doctor Azahari, for example). Bumiputra jizya taxes continue to be taxed on virtually all non-Muslims in the country, and ending such gross unfairness is politicly impossible. The trend is set, and only an exceptional leader could break out of this self-defeating pattern, which the current PM probably isn't.

The fact that Islam's essential defining features are its fascist nature, and its blind fanaticism, should now be appallingly obvious to even the most dimwitted observers. I suppose that's the good news, as the Malaysian Muslim tide continues its inexorable rise. Whether anything can or will be done to stop it is an altogether different question.
"We cannot allow a small group (of Muslim administrators) who are extreme in their views to dominate the nation's social and religious life," said Wong Kim Kong, a spokesman for the Malaysian Consultative Council for Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism and Sikhism (MCCBCHS). "If no action is taken by the government then it might sow disharmony."
Too late--there's already plenty of 'disharmony' to go around.

UPDATE: Links added on Azahari and Bumiputra taxation.


John Sobieski said...

It is what I cannot understand. Why would so many people want Islam and defend Islam? And those who do not must suffer. Even if I was raised in Islam, I would leave under threat of death.

dag said...

Our friend Shiva is in your part of the world. There is some resistance to Islam, he not being unique. It's a matter of linking the dots. A real movement will occur eventually, I'm sure, that will combat Islam effectively. Sooner the better.

MissingLink said...

I could observe migrants from some Muslim countries to Australia in the 80's and early 90's.
It would be very easy to show them the way and re-educate them gently on arrival.
A lot of these people were so backwards they simply had no idea whatsoever about anything at all apart from some habits and rituals from their old villages.
Feeling totally inadequate they cling to what they "know".
After a few weeks of basic English training they were released to the general population.
Later they’d get into their mini-communities, where females are isolated from the outside word and most of the males support themselves inside these small communities (working unofficially and collecting social security at the same time).
It's almost like not changing one's country.
In their wisdom our governments allow imported mullahs to get a hold of these communities a (90% of all our mosques and mullahs are funded by the Muslim "charities" from outside).
Vast majority of the Islamic population is beyond our comprehension of "uneducated".
The "privileged few" love this situation because they receive servile (read respectful) treatment from the surrounding majority of “subjects” and they can use and abuse them at will.
They start hating the West when the visit or stay here because they lose their status of imaginary or real power.
And so in I my opinion dismantling the “intellectual” ruling elites in Muslim countries is the key to success in reversing the spread of Islam as they maintain spiritual and material control of over a billion souls.
This of course cannot be done when our governments elevate Islam to the status of legitimate religion under our systems.

John Sobieski said...

felis said...This of course cannot be done when our governments elevate Islam to the status of legitimate religion under our systems...

And that is a mountain we have barely begun to conquer.

MaoBi said...

Let's not be too harsh and say it's all Mahathirs fault. After all, he was the first prime minister to not enjoy an overseas education. Small kampung boy selling goreng pisang to Japanese soldiers, went to local uni and then eventually become PM. Unlike the Tunku who enjoyed an occasional horse race and a nice warm tot after dinner.

One kampung boy does not a revolution make. It takes millions of other Muslims to make the society what it is today. I know its hard to look at your neighbours, your mamak and your colleagues as the source of this cancer but tough as it is, there they are.

Leaders without followers and just that. It's the followers that are the problem and it becomes an even bigger problem when we say things like "most muslims are...." (insert good, not terrorist etc).

Not so, most Muslims are sympathisers at the very least and the solution needs to start there.

The Anti-Jihadist said...

I'm not about to let Doctor M off the hook for his reprehensible conduct and his inciteful track record.

He made his 'Jews control the world' speech in 2003 to the OIC, and no one forced him to say those hateful words. How does demonizing an entire religion further the cause of peace? And it's not like that was Doctor M's only incindiary speech. Also in 2003, he told an international conference of young Muslim leaders, "(that) ... Muslims must acquire skills and technology so they can create modern weapons and strike fear into the hearts of our enemies". Fecklessness like this is a very dangerous attribute to have in a leader, especially a (now former) head of state.

I am going to keep holding leaders like Mahathir responsible for continuing to make true harmony and peace less likely.

Leaders lead, and leaders matter.

American Crusader said...

Isn't this following the usual pattern of Islamic domination? Gain control of the government and the court system. As soon as possible, Islamic leaders will start implementing Sharia law which will marginalize all non-Muslims. I'm glad to see a coalition of non-Muslims religion/leaders, but in all likelihood it's probably too late. Unless they are willing to partake in civil war, they might as well start paying the jizya.