Sunday, January 08, 2006

Malaysia's moderate Islam project off the rails?

It's nice to see that others are finally beginning to notice how fraudulent the whole 'Moderate Islam' project that Malaysia is trying to schlep on the rest of the world.

... a closer inspection of the realities on the ground would indicate that Malaysia is no closer to realising the goals of a universal, humanist, tolerant, progressive and democratic Islam than it ever was..

As to why this noble goal isn't being realized, this author (a so-called Muslim Intellectual, an oxymoron if I ever heard one) himself begins to 'go off the rails'.

Islam can, and needs to, grow in the fertile environment of a free and tolerant society where Muslims can develop their personal capacity and exercise their individual agency to the fullest, realising the goal of the insan ul kamil — the perfect being in all of us. Police states, authoritarian regimes and maximalist governments bent on extending their spheres of power and control to all areas of human life invariably destroy the climate that normative Islam needs to flourish.

Never mind that Islam itself is a totalitarian social-economic-political-religious system, an authoritarian fascist order. The author's turn of phrase "... maximalist governments bent on extending their spheres of power and control to all areas of human life ..." sounds like a perfect description of Islam to me. But I'm sure pointing out this logic makes me an Islamophobe.

The unavoidable truth of Islam is not hard to understand--it is an inherently radical, extremist, violent, aggressive and intolerant ideology. Trying to revamp such a hate-filled ideology into something that is "humanist, tolerant, progressive and democratic" has never been successfully accomplished by anyone. Are current or future efforts to create a 'moderate Islam' going to generate any better or meaningful results to this end?

The whole idea that such efforts to moderate Islam are forever doomed to fail due to Islam's core principles (Jihad, dhimmitude, etc.) seems to be something that either no one is aware of, or is allowed to acknowledge openly. Moderate Muslims only exist when they ignore (not renounce or disavow) the more murderous parts of Islamic teachings, teachings that they may suddenly discover, learn, and act on at any time.

In fact, trying to construct something called 'Moderate Islam' is like trying to invent a perpetual motion machine. It's all well and good in theory, but in the real world it's impossible.


MaoBi said...


Actually Islam Hadhari literally translated means "civilizational islam" and not moderate islam no matter what we or any author may hope it means. So this is what their vision of an islamic civilization is I guess...

Mustang said...

. . . all of which goes a long way to explain why the Muslim-American community cannot be trusted. Muslims do a good job of demonstrating what they mean by "civilization" when they behead people to illustrate the point about how serously deranged they all are.

pretty girl said...

Malaysia is middle income country. Malaysia was poor back to 20 years ago and now they are one of the top 20 countries producing cars, eventho the cars was not really good but hey, they made it. There is no muslim countries have reach that before and many of muslim countries only depending on their oil. Malaysia has growth vividly and amazingly for the past 10 years. Knowing Malaysia about how dirty political issues there are but for me Malaysia one of the peaceful muslim nation and I really do respect and I can say foreigners from the west are safe when they are here. Malaysia receiving foreign investors warmly and it has been that way for many years.

The Anti-Jihadist said...

Malaysia's accomplishments are not because of Islam, they are in spite of it.

As for 'Civilizational Islam', what as Islam as a civilization accomplished in the past, oh, 500 years? What achievements has Islam made in art, science, education, politics, or economics. Islam has precious little to show for the past five centuries, and the five centuries before that are not much better.

Today, the entire Muslim world's GDP does not equal the GDP of France (excluding oil). Even the oil output of Dar-al-Islam, an accident of geology, was first discovered by infidels. Today that oil is exclusively pumped and shipped largely by infidel labor and expertise.

The Islamic world is largely incapable of producing anything that requires more than a modicum of skill. How many cell phones or aircraft does the Islamic world manufacture? Even Malaysia's vaunted Proton car is nothing but a copy of decades-old infidel technology. Protons survive in the marketplace only because of the Malaysian government's enormous tariffs on foreign cars. No Protons are sold in the world's biggest auto markets (western Europe and North America), which should pretty much tell you what a Proton is worth nowadays.