Monday, January 16, 2006

"Moderate" Muslim Malaysia

I live in Malaysia, a country that sells itself, loudly and repeatedly, to the outside world as a "Moderate Muslim" state.

Don't believe Malaysia's lies. Islamic-style apartheid is firmly entrenched here--Malaysia is actually two societies, one Muslim and one non-Muslim, separate and decidedly unequal. It is never talked about, officially, or in the state-sponsored and censored media--it is never acknowledged, but it does exist nonetheless. Islamic supremacy in Malaysia is enshrined in the Constitution of Malaysia, which formally establishes Islam as the official state-supported religion of the country, Sharia courts are legally beyond the reach of the civil courts, and on and on. Islamic fascism is slowly yet surely seeping into every aspect of Malaysia's society and national life. Think of it as the evil twin of America's melting pot.

This description of the situation in Malaysia rather sums up well the state of Islamic Supremacy in so-called 'Moderate' Malaysia:

Malaysia has received world-wide recognition as a modern and progressive Muslim state, including from the West. Former Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Muhammad in the World Economic Forum in New York (2004), declared, “Malaysia is a modern, secular and progressive Islamic state - not despite but because of Islam”. Yet, the minority non-Muslims citizens (mostly Chinese and Indians) in Malaysia have faced a situation of apartheid designed by the state over the decades.

Non-Muslims are barred from Government educational institutions, jobs and business ventures through discriminatory. Yet, thse minority Chinese and Indian non-Muslims (35%) are the life-line of Malaysian economy despite the severe discrimination by they face. It is the Muslims who get all Government-funded local and overseas education whilst the non-Muslims have to settle for local private schools, Universities or overseas education supported from their own pockets.

In the religious front, non-Muslims cannot preach and seek converts from amongst the Muslims whilst the Muslims have created elaborate programs for converting the non-Muslims to Islam. Even then, without the contribution of the hard-working non-Muslims (non-Bhumiputras) population, Malaysia will be like any other impoverished and anachronistic Third World country – not a modern and wealthy state which Malaysia and Muslims worldwide always keep boasting about.
Spot-on analysis, I'd say. Of course, you won't find anything like this in any slick Tourist Malaysia brochures, and you certainly won't find such insightful commentary in the press. And of course, whatever Doctor Moonbat says, you can bet your next paycheck that he's lying through his teeth--'progressive Islam' my ass!

Mohammed would be so proud of his Malaysian Mohammedans. The cult he left behind is a state-of-the-art system of oppression and thought control. Like water, it seeps through and around any restrictions supposedly proof against it, of which Malaysia is a perfect example. And remember, this massive Malaysian injustice is supposed to be 'moderate and progressive'. What sort of hell on earth do you think a more 'strident' form of Islam might be like?


MissingLink said...

"one Muslim and one non-Muslim"
The first thing Islam does is to create this distinction.
It is also so valid in our societies where MUslims immediately are separated from us by the "built-in" separators;
clothing, rites, ethics, dos&donts ETC., event the facy that they are not allowed to have infidels as friends according to the Quran.

American Crusader said...

I don't understand the attraction Malaysians have for Islam. They were told that Arabs come first and that they should take Arab names. I guess if they're willing to be subservient to Arabs than they deserve what they're getting. This "Arabs come first" is a dividing factor in the Middle East as Iranians believe their Persian heritage is superior than the Arab lineage.