Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Non Moslems getting ready for the slaughterhouse

Today we at Pedestrian Infidel are proud to introduce our first 'guest blogger', "the Avenging Apostate". Mr. Avenging Apostate is a recovering Muslim, lives in the Middle East with his Muslim family and has converted in secret to Christianity (a compelling story in itself that will be presented here in the near future). Raised as a devout, fanatical Muslim, our guest blogger is uniquely qualified to write about the horrors and inhumanity of the Arabian Death Cult. Today, Avenging Apostate writes about yesterday's High Holy Islamic Holiday, called, 'Eid-ul-Adha', and what its 'traditions' mean for the infidel world as a whole.

Non Moslems getting ready for the slaughterhouse

By Avenging Apostate

My folks brought a sacrificial lamb home for Eid-ul-Adha this year so they could “redeem themselves of their sins and me of mine”. That’s the actual way devout Moslems like my family think. Everyone in my family has had a lamb sacrificed in their name for this most holy of Moslem holidays, in past years, all to “redeem them of and wash away their sins with”. Furthermore, it is a custom in Islam that the person on whose behalf the goat or the lamb or any animal is being slaughtered has to pat the poor animal on the head and watch it being put to death. They must watch an innocent life being snuffed out for something it didn’t do, didn’t volunteer for, and certainly doesn't comprehend. The ideology of murder in Islam doesn’t even spare animals.

Today, I have to do the same. It is my turn to murder something (someone) else so that I can go to heaven. And I am supposed to happily pat this poor lamb on its way to the slaughterhouse. The lamb is in my yard now, and of course knows nothing about what’s going to happen to it in a few hours. This lamb, whom I feed, who looks at me hoping and believing that I’d take care of it, some hours from now, will be no more because this god called Allah is thirsty for its blood. And I will let that happen without any objections because I am supposed to bow down to His will and because it is my ticket to heaven. I have tried to stop it, of course, in past years. I asked my parents to spare the animal and instead give some money to the poor, but this only made them very upset with me. I got the only possible answer a Moslem can give, namely that "it is Allah’s will and we have to obey him no matter what".

Having secretly left Islam myself (years ago, another story), I ponder over this little, seemingly insignificant incident. It points to something – something which is very clear to me already but many non Muslims don’t understand. It points out that the ideology of Islam only offers the bloodiest way to heaven, and on top of that offers no alternatives. It is do or die in Islam and there is only one way of doing it.

Thinking about this incident, and this 'holiday tradition', everything becomes even clearer to me. Mohammed's words come to mind, ‘Jihad is the shortest and best way to heaven.’ (The quote in Arabic has ‘QITAL’ for the word ‘Jihad’ here, which literally means ‘fighting or killing’). Just as Moslems can murder a little, poor animal so that they can go to heaven, the same mental process is at work when Moslems kill and murder apostates, Jews, Christians, infidels, or even other Moslems that aren't Moslem enough --to make sure that their way to heaven is clear. They will do it because it is a duty instilled in them – because Allah has ordered it, ‘it’s Allah's will.’

But even sadder than this is the attitude of the non Moslems. They are, today, acting just like this lamb. They are looking up to Moslems hoping that they will make everything alright – just as this lamb looks up to me – while all that the Moslems are looking for is getting to heaven no matter what the price others pay. I can see the same hope in the eyes of non Moslems as I see in this lamb’s but this hope is false. Hope for non Moslems is never safe in the hands of Moslems.

Until something is done about this trap prepared by Islam for the non Moslems – lambs like this one and others will be slaughtered continuously until the whole world is under the rule of Islam. If Moslems die or are killed in this mission from Allah – they will be counted as martyrs. But if the non Moslems sit on their hands, hoping Moslems will untie their leash and let them go, then they are no better than this lamb which doesn’t have the capacity to think. They are fools.

Whoever said this, said it right -- the truth bites but it needs to be dealt with. Or soon all non Moslems will be patted on their way to Allah’s slaughterhouse … and then it will be too late.


pretty girl said...

Mr Avenging, very interesting story that you put it up there. By the way from my understanding "AdilAdha" is the day of between Abraham and Isaac which in islam is Ibrahim and Ismail. Abraham is the father and Isaac is the son. There were story behind this where "Adiladha" exists in islamic ideology. I am not saying you are wrong about your story it just its does not make any sense. AdilAdha is the day where muslims sacrifice animals such Lambs, Cow, water Buffolo or Chicken and the meat will be distribute to especially to people like the poor and to everyone includiing non-muslim where people can enjoy the meat as other people enjoy hamburger or something. This practice implemented in Malaysia when AdilAdha comes. As your story puts that the lamb as infidels to slaughterhouse is really scary. I dont think every muslims family wanted to slaughter their neighbors because of the religion. I know Islam has made the bad review recently but for your information I have eat this "Sacrifice Meat" many times in mylife.

ps: Now i feel so hungry for some meat.

Massel Tov!!!

American Crusader said...

I'm curious to who the non-Muslims he was referring to are. I suppose some non-Muslims might be like lambs but I can guarantee the West will not go down without a fight. Personally, when most people finally wake up, I like our chances. As for the lamb..I'm glad I don't have to cut its throat but animal sacrifice is a common theme in many religions plus animals such as lambs were raised to be food. I just wish they were killed humanely.

John Sobieski said...

Interesting. Some parts of the West (parts of Europe) seem quite happy to walk to the slaughterhouse with little prodding.

The biggest barrier to understanding the problem is political correctness. Islam is a political movement shrouded in a monotheistic cult, intolerant and cruel. No wonder so many quacks convert.

Anonymous said...

I am a non-muslim... but regarding Islam I feel rather like a wolfe than a lamb.
Even though muslims insist on Islam being a peaceful religion... all I can see is... them turning the world into a big slaughterhouse. If I am going to end up in there... then certainly not as a lamb, but fighting them.
Greetings from Switzerland

The Anti-Jihadist said...

Europe is going down the tubes. Europeans dont have kids anymore, and only hordes of Muslim laborers (both legal and illegal) can keep Europe's lavish social welfare state going. Does anyone in the EU truly think that the EU with a majority Muslim population won't press for Sharia, dhimmitude for non Muslims, and Islam as the EU state religion?

Muslims dont even have to be the majority to alter the fabric of the nation state they happen to reside in. We are already seeing that happen. Look at what's happening in France....the muzzies have the French government, grovelling and offering Jizya. That's only the beginning.

In just the next few decades, Germany wont be German, France wont be French, and Italy wont be Italian. They'll be Muslim. Europe will become an extention of Arabia, and western culture will wither and eventually die in the continent of its own birth.

At least America stands a chance to survive, a bit longer if nothing else.

Anonymous said...

I hope your vision won`t come true.. ever. anti-jihadist.


MissingLink said...
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MissingLink said...

"The ideology of murder in Islam doesn’t even spare animals."

It is the ritualistic part, which is so chilling - blood sacrifice which links us with the ancient times - to kill for God.