Tuesday, January 24, 2006

PI's Muhammed Cartoon of the Day

With the Mohammadens still in such a tizzy fit with the artwork of the Danes--five months after the cartoons were first published--we thought it was high time that Pedestrian Infidel jumped on the bandwagon. I think the one above is my personal favorite.

Check out all of 'Mohammed the Cartoon Hero' pieces here (hat tip: Felis).


friendlysaviour said...

HI Mr Infidel. Brit not quiteso depairing here.
This above link will take you to a BBC (they are not entirely beyond redemtion!)
Radio 4 programme broadcast today.(tuesday uk)
It is an interview with Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the Dutch M.P. whose friend Theo VanGoth was butchered in an Amsterdam street for making the film "Submission".
She is now under armed 24/7 guard as she is on the fanatics death list.
I reckon she is perhaps the best example of what it takes to resist the madness of oppression that the protagonists of literal interpretation of the Koran represent.
Theo paid with his life for daring to show an image of a womans back with the arabic koranic verse about chastising women, written thereon. (you probably know it well, perhaps you might quote it,)
The note that was pinned to VanGoths chest after he had been shot and ritually stabbed, (perhaps you have the details somewhere,) promised to kill Ayaan Ali, and destroy first Europe then the USA and subjugate the world to islam.
Something like "I am willing to die for my beliefs are you? etc. etc."
THe BBC link above will also lead to a "play it again" function where you can listen to the whole show with RealPlayer.
I think you may find it interesting and very informative, and it certainly shows the dangers of the islamic threat. I recommend it to your readers.
thankyou most informative infidel.

American Crusader said...

That's a great cartoon and it probably contains an element of truth as young girls are often sent to marry much older man even before they have had their first period. The only virgins left are toddlers and infants. Of course they can always get a young boy to fulfill their sexual desires. I like the new template.

hutchrun said...

Veiled Venus
By Sher Khan
MohammadJamal al Din takes a deep breath before he finishes the last stitch. He is a tailor by profession and faced no problem making a burqa for this marble statue.The 61/2 ft tall sculptor was the most recognizable works of art from theancient world. The statue, with its elegantly twisted pose and missing armssymbolized the goddess of beauty and love. Former citizens of this country proudly named this beautiful lady,Venusde Milo. Current Islamic Government has decided to bring all statues of thiscountry in one place and blow them into pieces. Problem arose when Mullah officials noticed the graceful body of Venus is half-naked. They ordered Mohammad Jamal al Din to make a burqa and cover up the whole body ofVenusto ensure Muslims are not offended by seeing her unsheathed body while she is being moved.

DanWalter said...

Great site. Good for you. I'm going to post the link on JoeTrippi.com

Khaled said...

It can be clearly shown that you find Islam (which means peace in arabic) a threat to the public for a reason that is pathetic. Firstly, if you do some research for the first times in your lives, and read the holy quran, you will see that it is the most powerful,and most peaceful religion of all that there is out there. Secondly,by putting aside your hate towards prophet muhammed(PBUH), and read the true explanation to what islamic jehad really is, you will notice how peaceful our religion is. And by marrying young, that person comes out clean, educated, peaceful,and very very smart, and does not turn out a slut or a hooker that gets paid for sex,they do it the right way (no offence), and sorry, we have sheikhs, not priests, and thank god, there has not been not even 1 case of a sheikh molesting a little child, i wonder how many priests and other so called powerful religious leaders from a non muslims, that have?

The Anti-Jihadist said...

Khaled, you're quite wrong on so many points, it's tough to count them all.

'Islam' doesn't mean 'peace' in Arabic at all, it means 'submission', a rather different concept. Peace in Arabic is actually the word 'salam'.

We've done plenty of research of authentically Islamic materials, the Koran in several different translations, ahadith, and more. One of us on this blog is an apostate with more than 10 years of Islamic teaching in Islamic schools. I'm married to an apostate and have 1000s of hours of study of Islam under my belt. So no, we don't need to research Islam any more than we already have--we understand it fine.

Islam is violent, and encourages aggression and violence on anything or anyone non Islamic. The complete lack of any churches, temples or synagogues in Saudi Arabia, the Taliban's destruction of Afghanistan's ancient buddhas, violence against Coptic Christians by Muslim mobs in Egypt, beheadings of Buddhists by Muslims in southern Thailand, and on and on, all illustrate this inherent aggression within Islam.

The recent Mohammed cartoons and the huge violent response to it throughout the Muslim world tells us all we need to know about the 'Religion of Peace." Osama bin Laden's mass murder in the name of Islam illicits no such similiar outrage and protest from Muslims, but a few cartoons in a Danish newspaper do. It's a very telling difference.

marespassion said...

It's quite obvious how much hate you have to show with so little you know, all you can say is just mocking and joking, while you lack reason and right judgement, it's obvious how ignorant you are, you cannot judge what's more than a thousand years old when you were born just yesterday, and please don't take my word literally claiming you're born back at the 60s or whatever, it's hard to think you can even figure that out yourself. So maybe there were bad muslims well aren't there any bad christians?, can you actually estimate the real number of incest crimes in your country, countless i guess, well it might as well had happened in our countries no doubts, so let's just leave the mocking and joking and make a serious talk, how would you feel if one day you saw a comic with your god f**king virgin marry, and if you tell me it's ok, then don't call yourself a christian please. I wouldn't like it either, but islam believes in christianity as well, so we respect it, and please don't judge those minority that would deface the real islam, some don't understand it well, but still some do, i respect freedom, but calling you fat ass if you're fat is not acting free, don't you agree?

The Anti-Jihadist said...

You Mohammedens, so quick to resort to profanity, and so quick to judge and make assumptions. Who says I'm a Christian? Have you seen me in church or wearing a cross around my neck? Maybe I'm a follower of Zoroaster, the great religion of Persia that Islam murdered in the land of its birth. Or maybe I'm Jewish, the people that Islam nurses a special hatred for. The important thing is, I'm not Muslim, I have freedom.

You have any references for your supposed insights on incest in the west? Didn't think so. Whereas, I have references from Human Rights Watch and other impeccable sources that document the fact that 70 to 90% of all adult women in Pakistan (and elsewhere in Dar al Islam) suffer from spousal abuse (and worse). Not suprising, considering that the Quran renders women the property of men in numerous verses.

Islam believes in Christianity? Oh please, what an absurd notion. Christians say and believe that Jesus is the son of God--that's the core belief of Christianity. Son of God, not a mere 'prophet'. How many Muslims believe in that? The Quran holds all non Muslims, like Christians, in contempt--just like you so obviously do yourself.

I hold all tyrannies in contempt, whether they be communism, fascism, or Islam. Islam may be 14 centuries old and counting (1427 yrs to be exact), but its longevity doesn't make it right. Far from it. All are flavors or variants of totalitarianism, and I hate them all. Does that make me full of hatred? Far from it--I embrace freedom, love and all the good things that God and this life have to offer. You want to meet the true hatemongers? Try visiting a mosque.

I'm going back to searching for some more Mo (MHRIH) cartoons to post. Have a nice day.

TURKISH said...

Islam means peace! You are attacking to Islam, You hate Islam, Why don't we hate you? Why do we accept you and your prophet?
Because Islam teaches, be in peace with all world, Islam teaches, to respect, As Mevlana said;'Come!Who you are..Come!!' But you always see the hungry and poor islamic countries.. They could not understand islam well, so their lifestyles, rules are so wild and hard. So You think Islam brings people to fight, to be poor, etc. But if you look to TURKEY, the most modern Islamic Country, You can see all the beauties of Islam. Be sure you will change all your ideas, and maybe you will be MUSLIM! Because THE REAL HAPPINESS is IN ISLAM!

The Anti-Jihadist said...

Golly, Mr Turkish, where do I start with members of the moonbat brigade like you?

'Islam' means 'submission', not peace. Peace in Arabic is "salam".

Can you explain the huge violent response in this whole ridiculous Cartoon Jihad you Muslims have concocted? Embassies attacked, sacked and torched, flags burned, boycotts, and calls by Muslims to 'behead' anyone who insults Mohammed (MHRIH). But of course, they merely misunderstand 'true Islam', because, like you claim, Islam is really peaceful and respectful. Uh huh. I'm sure you will be out there straightening out these misguided Muslims.

Islam teaches violence, intolerance, and aggression to all things non Muslim. Islam is ALL ABOUT hatred of the infidels. I know what Muzzies preach in their mosques every Friday. We have our sources. We know because we have studied Islam, we are apostates, and one of us here at PI is a recovering jihadist Muzzie himself.

Islam is happiness? Utter rubbish. No one emigrates to Islamic countries--rather, all the Muslims are going the other way, to Europe, and the west. By golly, if life is so wonderful and happy in Islamic lands, why would they ever want to leave Dar al Islam? Hmmm....

"The solution to every problem is more Islam"...what a classic piece of Islamist BS. "More Islam" always results in places like Iran, Taliban Afghanistan or the KSA. In other words, hells on earth that every that can escape does. It's because Islam is precisely the problem, a hate-driven regressive fascist ideology.

So, Mr Turkish, either you are lying, or you're a fool beyond all measure. Whatever you are, take your Islamic taqiyya, kitman, propaganda and lies elsewhere. We're not buying what you're selling.

AZZUBAYR said...

A ignorant site for ignorant people!!! You have no future in this world or any other (for that matter!) You will be in a hell which uses stones and people as its fuel. What a fitting end for the enemys of The Lord Allmighty. In it you will cry for eternity! I wish I could punish you myself but the Lord Allmighty is sufficient to punish you in this world and what is to come.

AZZUBAYR said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Khaled,
If you do not see shiekhs that molest young girls, certainly your prophet does, marrying a girl aged eight. Maybe come to Kelantan in Malaysia, a state ruled by Imans and see reports of goats and cattles sexually violated daily. Or go to Afganistan ruled by Taliban where sodomy is permitted but women are veiled.