Friday, January 13, 2006

Taqiyya Quote of the Week

Today's quote from the Religion of Peace:

Dubai, Jan. 12, 2006 (WAM)--A Muslim scholar conveyed a strong message to "enemies" of Islam that it is a "religion of peace and safety" durin Eid Al Adha prayer and speech here."Islam is the religion of reverence, respect, love and tranquillity where everybody lives in harmony and prosperity," Shaikh Gazi Fouad, imam of the Jumeirah Grand Mosque, told hundreds of worshippers.

And if you don't agree with all this claptrap? We'll kill you! Nothing like the sword to bring universal, love, brotherhood and harmony.


Avenging Apostate said...

I live in Dubai, UAE and I know which mosque they are talking about here. Islam is such a religion of peace that right after they r done talking about peace in the mosque they come out cursing america, israel, jews and christians - wishing that they were all dead and that 'their wives and children were the property of moslems. The peace is there but its for moslems. rest of us can be happy for moslems and dance around with nothing if we want to. somebody needs to stop lying in the circle of islam i thnk.

American Crusader said...

What exactly qualifies one to be a Muslim scholar? It obviously doesn't include a high level of education nor does it include having an open mind. I guess if you can successfully communicate hate to your followers/listeners your a Muslim scholar. Check out this site if you get a chance: Islamic Thinkers Society
I did a post today about one of their Islamic topics claiming that Jesus would be imprisoned if he were alive today for being a Palestinian terrorist.

The Anti-Jihadist said...

Avenging apostate might be in a better position to answer Mr Crusader's question. My impression is, you go to an 'islamic school' long enough, memorize enough of the Quran, take the hatred to heart, and whammo, you're an 'islamic scholar'. About the same level of effort it takes to gets thru a typical 'beauty college'. One you're such a scholar, you're qualified to join the jihad or schlep for Allah.

Always On Watch said...

Avenging Apostate is right: The peace is there but its for moslems. And according to Islam, only Muslims can be innocents; thus is the secret meaning of the "Fatwah Against Terror" revealed to be a hoax.

Epaminondas said...

This site just got bookmarked here.
Great stuff.

I love these peace and tranquility quotes, when all of history demonstrates beyond any question what the reality of Islam's borders, and resistance to dawa (or is that FATAH, or is there a difference?)in ANY form means.