Friday, January 06, 2006

Top Ten Suggested Tourist Slogans for Pakistan

Time for some humor! Laughs might be good for a change right now. With tongue firmly planted in cheek, let us proceed bravely forward...

Everybody knows Pakistan suffers from something of an image problem. In light of this, I truly feel sorry for the unfortunate souls whose unenviable job it is to market Pakistan to tourists and the outside world. To this humble end, we at Pedestrian Infidel would like to suggest several marketing slogans for Pakistan that truly capitalize on this splendid country's many laudible attributes:

10. Jihad for the whole family!
9. A madrassa for everyone!
8. Welcome to Al-Qaeda's backyard!
7. There are no terrorists here...honest! (nudge & wink)
6. Building nukes for Allah since 1998
5. Proud Sponsors of the Taliban
4. We're allied with the Great Satan (USA)...honest! (wink & nudge)
3. Wanna see Honor Killings? We got 'em!
2. Free Burqas for all female visitors!
1. We love Jihad!


Dan Zaremba said...

- Thinking of suicide? We can help!

Anonymous said...

Enter the Land of Real Jihad... Rocks are for Palestinians!

Sharia ISO 6001 Compliant!

Pakistan is working for that 6th prayer.

Dar al-Islam since 712.

Anonymous said...

Visit Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Institute of Suicide & Terror

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, young Paki girls - on sale now.