Sunday, January 15, 2006

Two years have passed by…and the struggle goes on

Two years ago today, on January 15th, 2004, my life changed forever. I walked into the church, an empty church, somewhere in Pakistan. There wasn’t anyone else there--for the sake of my safety and of the Christians who were helping me—because such activity in a Muslim state risks the life and limb of everyone involved. It is never to be taken lightly! I walked in along with the evangelist who had brought me to this place. A place I had never seen and had never experienced the aura of before.

I knew what was going to happen was going to stay with me forever – I knew that after this there was no turning back. I was going to leave behind everything that I had ever lived for and take on something better…far better than anything that I had experienced in my life. It felt great but I was afraid because it was a step that I knew could put me and these nice people with me in grave danger. But it had to happen – no matter what the price paid afterward - because it was the right thing to do.

I was going to get baptized…baptized in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Those were names I could never take at my home in front of my folks, or anyone else in my entire family. I was going to embrace something my parents had always told me was false and corrupted and hated by Allah. It was the right path I knew, but, sadly I knew full well my family wouldn’t understand (and they still don’t). I knew that from today onwards I was going to live a double life, because anything other than that meant death. When I got baptized, it felt great – it gave me courage beyond measure. The experience was so intense, I can’t even write it down in words, but I remember it like it was yesterday.

After my baptism was over, I thought I had to do something about Islam, no matter what – in my life and around the world. I blamed Islam (I still do) for so many of the evils that plague our world today. I knew someone had to fight Islam, and I decided I would start to do so, even if no one else was doing it, and even if I wasn’t quite sure how to.

But, thank God, there were people who knew the truth and who wanted to spread the truth, same as me. Today, thankfully, I have joined with them. Telling the truth about Islam is what I am doing here, because I don’t want anybody to experience what I went through and still go through (all the details are in my testimony which will be posted here very soon). I hope that wise people join with us and deal with this problem of Islam once and for all, in a way so decisive that no one in the future ever dares to even think about destroying the world the way Mohammed did and Moslems do to this day.


Epaminondas said...

You've some steel ones.

Carry on

dag said...

Not just you-- now your children are out of danger from Islam. You are an adult making your own decisions, and most of us will say we're impressed by your courage, but what interests me is that you save your kids. It enrages me that parents doom their children to hatred, slavery, and murder simply because of thier vanity and their deliberate ignorance. Regardless of what you've done for yourself I laud your decision that benefits those to come. If only others had such consideration for the lives of others we wouldn't have this problem.

Hope you have lots of kids, mate. They'll deserve you. The ones you leave behind don't deserve kids at all.

Always On Watch said...

Avenging Apostate,
I will pray for you every day, fellow believer!

I once had a Pakistani girl in my class convert to Christianity. She kept her conversion a secret from her family but, in her end-of-the-year essay, she shared her secret with me. I don't know where she is now; her family took her back to Pakistan. She couldn't take her Bible with her, but memorized so many verses before she left. I think of her often.

Stay safe! And rejoice in the Lord!

"Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

One day, I will see you on the Other Side, as promised in the 14th chapter of the Gospel of John.

Mark said...

This is very impressive indeed! You are a man of courage, insight and very deep thought. Welcome to our world! You have made a decision which will forever empower you. Bravo!

Would that there were more brave people like you in this world!

American Crusader said...

Brave man indeed. Imagine having to lie to your parents, for fear of death, about your religion. I can't fathom what some people will do in order to suppress free speech and free thought. Great post.

The Anti-Jihadist said...

I am very happy that everyone has extended a warm welcome to our newest member of the team here at PI. FOr most of us, blogging is a hobby we safely undertake from our secure homes. For me, it is a cause. And it's a risky one that could get me imprisoned and deported from this foreign country I currently reside in, if I am somehow detected by the government. For Mr Apostate, however, his blogging and religious choice are matters of life and death, who could be turned in or murdered by his own family (and he lives in his parent's home).

We need a lot more people like Mr Apostate; we need thousands and millions just like him.

MissingLink said...

My thoughts are with you mate!

Always On Watch said...

Avenging Apostate,
I sent out an email to some of my Christian friends. The title of my email was "Pray for this believer!"

Here's one response I got back, and I hope that this response brightens your life:
Yes, prayer every day for this person and others like him who risk their life for the truth.

I got other responses back, but I felt this one was particularly appropriate.

t-ham said...

the exhibition of a level of daily bravery that I, living safely here in the West, can only imagine, can only marvel at, and am compelled to respect profoundly. I am invigorated by your simple, yet monumental act of faith.