Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Update on Thailand's Jihad

Jihad continues to simmer in Thailand, a fact not generally known or appreciated by the outside world. The usually peaceful, majority Buddhist, Kingdom of Thailand, just north of the IRM (Islamic Republic of Malaysia), has been dealing with jihad on its own soil for years. It is yet another reminder (as if we needed one) that Islam is always in a state of perpetual war with the non-Islamic world.

The Thai 'insurgency' (to borrow the Mainstream Media's term of choice for these sort of murderers, irony intended) is concentrated in the three southern provinces of the Kingdom. Unlike the rest of Thailand, this area is ethnically Malay and majority Muslim.

In a manuever taken straight out of the Islamic taqiyya playbook, official Malaysian government press releases (from BERNAMA--Malaysia's official National News Agency) clearly state, for the record, that Thailand's Muslims seek only peace, you got that?

"Muslims want Peaceful End to southern Thailand Unrest"

With violence continuing two years after a raid on an army camp escalated insurgency in the Muslim-dominated southern provinces, Thai Muslims are hoping that the government will use less force and continue with peaceful means in dealing with the restive region.

The headline says it all--Muslims just want peace! Umm, yeah right... I'm howling with scornful laughter and derision here. The insinuation in the BERNAMA story here couldn't be more clear--any violence that does occur is solely the (infidel) Thai government's fault. And do you wonder what "peaceful means" this Malaysian government press release might be referring to? It almost certainly means they think if the Thais cough up enough jizya tribute payments to the Muslims, the Muzzies will promise to think about calling a truce. Maybe the Thai Muslims can ask their brother Muslims in Hamas about how to conduct a truce with the infidels--i.e. keep fighting, issue statements to the media that blames everything on the other side, media laps it up.
"It is best that government agencies have frequent meetings with the people. This will reduce misunderstanding and they will understand more the local culture, our problem and what we really want," said newly-elected Narathiwat Islamic Committee Chairman Abdul Razak Ali.

What do those restive Muslims really want? Independence from the infidel government in Bangkok, so they can set up their own Sharia state.

Strategypage has a much more balanced view on the matter than Bernama ever could.
...(in 2005) the (Thai) government sent thousands of additional police and soldiers to the three southern, Moslem, provinces. ... the government is using economic persuasion to reduce support for the Islamic terrorists. Villages that are violence free get more aid, and those that tolerate Islamic terrorism get none, and a lot of attention from the cops.

Classic carrot-and-stick approach. Jihadists get the 'stick', and those that cooperate with the government get the 'carrot'. It's a time-tested strategy that works.


John Sobieski said...

Terrorize, 'sue for peace', acquire gains (financial, land, preferences), terrorize, 'sue for peace', acquire gains (financial, land, preferences), terrorize, sue for peace, acquire gains (fiancial, land, preferences), terrrorize......

Yep, looks like a pattern to me.

patung said...

I'm under the impression that outside jihadists are not yet involved in Thailand, unlike in Mindanao. I wonder if that will change anytime soon.

The Anti-Jihadist said...

I've heard rumors that the Saudis are funneling money thru Malaysia to support the Thai jihad. I think it's been going on for awhile now.