Monday, February 13, 2006

Al Gore Promises Dhimmitude Dhimmicrats Submission At Jeddah Conference

Am I dreaming? Al Gore, today, pledged complete submission of America to Muslim Demands. It's a dream come true. A dhimmi leader of the dhimmicrats pledged today that he would work to fix things for Muslims - more immigration, more 'respect' for Islam, less surveillance rights, greater difficulty in arresting Muslim suspected of terrorist activities in the US. This is great. You can't make this up.

... he said that he and his Democratic Party colleagues have always opposed illegal detentions of Arabs and other people in the United States.


"Unfortunately there have been terrible abuses and it’s wrong,”


He also criticized the thoughtless manner in which visas for Arabs are now handled.


eyesallaround said...

To think he was one heart beat away from the Presidency for 8 LONG years! That's scary. I don't know who's more insane, Gore or Dean.

Mark said...


A dhimmi leader of the dhimmicrats pledged today that he would work to fix things for Muslims - more immigration, more 'respect' for Islam, less surveillance rights, greater difficulty in arresting Muslim suspected of terrorist activities in the US.

It is quite unbelievable that a US politician could be such a dork! Does he undertsand nothing of the history of Islam, of its unrelenting conquest by the sword, of its extremely ambitious aspirations of dominating the whole world, of its determination to destroy the 'infidel' West?

Furthermore, does he understand zilch about geo-politics and what the West is all about? Does he not realize how Nazism and communism were vanquished? Or could he not care less about the West's survival?

It is worrying indeed that he is able to go around the world, especially in the Middle East, talking of the Nirvana he would bring about here in the US if he were in charge.

Fie on him! We can only hope that such idiots NEVER get into positions where such ludicrous ideas can be put into practice. This man is a danger to the US in particular, and a danger to the West in general. Somebody please gag him!

For him it seems as though 9/11 never happened What a sad, pathetic wretch he is!

Always On Watch said...

Al Gore is an asshole! (Pardon my language; Mark's comment was more eloquent. But I am so angry!)

Why doesn't he speak about THIS?

Cubed © said...


No apologies required! Gore IS an asshole! But then, we knew about that already. . .

BTW, go look up, where fellow blogger Glen Reinsford is offering his book, "Age of Tolerance." It's a novel that speaks to what would have happened had Gore won the election. Of course, we can't be sure that that won't happen even now, given the hideous, horrible, insane idea of handing over our PORT SECURITY TO THE MUSLIMS!

Guys, we MUST STRONGLY OBJECT ABOUT THIS! Write the President and every member of Congress!

Who the hell thought this up? Hang the SOB! Sperry was absolutely right in his book, "Infiltration." It goes to the highest levels of government!

There are a lot of folks who are quite active, beyond blogging, in the effort to DO SOMETHING. For those of you who would like to increase your sphere of influence, please go to'll find a lot of very simple things you can do with a bunch of business cards! Personally, I've already have a home-made International Nullification Symbol (originally from Co-jet) with "sharia, dhimmitude, jihad" in it, and tomorrow, I will go to a baby store and buy a "Baby on Board" sign and modify it to read "Kafir on Board."

I also plan to make up some business cards with some of Truth's quotes on them.

We have to do something; first it's the borders, now its the ports!


American Crusader said...

I'm starting to believe that divine intervention prevented Al Gore from becoming president in 2000. Could you imagine how much worse things would be under his 'leadership'?
How about a Gore/Dean ticket in 2008?
There was a time when I thought Al Gore would make a better president then Clinton..Bill Clinton, but no longer. I think losing in 2000 has sent him spiraling into extreme far left liberalism.

Conan The Librarian said...

Good God he could have been elected one time too..can you imagine???

Iran Watch said...

Al Gore in 1999 went to Saudi Arabia to cut off Saudi Arabian funding of Al Qaeda. The White House had knowledge of Islamic charities and Saudi Arabian businessmen were funding Al Qaeda. Al Gore even spoke to the Crown Prince. The meeting was a complete failure. If Al Gore and Clinton had forced Saudi Arabia to stop funding Al Qaeda, 911 might not have happened and now the son of a bitch is over in Saudi Arabia apologizing on the behalf of the American people for our mistreatment of them.
Al Gore can kiss my ass. While in Saudi Arabia, Al Gore is also with the VP of Chevron.
Chevron's VP said that President Bush had a misunderstanding of global energy supply and that "This notion of being energy independent is completely unreasonable,".
Doesn't it make you wonder why Al Gore and the VP of Chevron are there together in Saudi Arabia?

Jason Pappas said...

Mind boggling!

John, I like the neologism: Dhimmicrat. Your own or has this been around?

Didn’t Bill Clinton go to Saudi Arabia or one of the Gulf States and make another absurd statement a few months ago? Ah yes, it was “Iraq was a mistake.” And recently he gave aid and comfort to the jihadists by saying they were right to be offended by the truth (aka Danish cartoons) … which he likened to Nazi anti-Semitism.

Cubed © said...

My apologies; yesterday I was so PO'd about the idea that our port security contract was to be outsourced to the Muslims--Dubai--that I gave an incorrect address to go to for ideas on some easy-to-do activist things anyone can do to help the Cause.

The correct address is: http://thetruthproject.blogspot.comand it's FULL of good ideas, and you'll love the quotes!

Has anyone heard any more about letting the contract out to Dubai? Chuck Schumer (!) was on Fox yesterday, and except for a brief news item I heard on the radio while falling asleep last night saying that it was a done deal, I haven't heard ANYTHING!

I am still having a six--change that to an eight--dollar marryin' Sam about it!

A friend has suggested that the Infiltrator who has the President's ear could be Grover Norquist.

That would be consistent.

John Sobieski said...

I wish Dhimmicrat was my idea, but I picked it up on some other blog. It has been around a while. Certainly fits well.

DVD said...

I stumbled upon your blog because I did a google search for "Al Gore is an asshole"

Thank God

I was beginning to think the entire world was an uninformed dupe of Achmed Al's House of Hypocracy ..

Anonymous said...

The Algore Hologram was just as scary as the original.