Monday, February 27, 2006

Bill O'Reilly Interviews Claire Berlinski, author of Menace in Europe

Bill O'Reilly interviewed Claire Berlinski tonight. Ms. Berlinski is the author of Menace In Europe. I checked Amazon and it has just been made available. She did a great job. Interestingly, she talked initially about the secularization of Europe, loss of Christianity, and isolated individualism but she then talked about 'radical Islam.' Dismayed by Spain's surrender after the Madrid train bombing, she talked about how the appeasement she is seeing is just like watching a replay of the 1930's. What is good from my point of view is that O'Reilly became interested in reading the book and promised he would. That gives me hope because O'Reilly has been incredibly ignorant about Islam. As you know, he would not interview Robert Spencer, and, by evidence, has certainly not read any of his books. Perhaps Ms. Berlinski's book, which I have not read except for the Amazon write up, will broaden Mr. O'Reilly's understanding of Islam. One can hope.

Another book about the soon to be born Eurabia is Bruce Bawer's While Europe Slept : How Radical Islam is Destroying the West from Within. This is new too. I am glad we are seeing these books and hope they get much exposure. I have read articles by Bruce Bawer and he understands Islam. And I believe Ms. Berlinski does also just from her 3 minute discussion with Bill. You could sense her urgency in discussing Islam. I'm going to ask my librarian to buy them both and I'll get at least one based on my past requests. You should too.


Κοινότητα Εκάλης said...

I read a very good article in a local newspaper in athens. it was saying that the problem is not that muslims in europe do not have been absorded from the system but actually there has not been any try to absord them at all. Most of the Muslims do not talk the language of the country that hosts them nor they try to understand eurpean values. In addition many of them are sending their sons to madrassas in asia and they also bring back with them wifes from the muslim world instead of getting marry with women from the host country.

Always On Watch said...

I didn't get to see O'Reilly last night. My 90-year-old aunt called, and I just couldn't put off the conversation. Besides, she used to work in intelligence, and I wanted to get her take on the ports deal. She doesn't like it!

Now, to the subject of this posting...

how the appeasement she is seeing is just like watching a replay of the 1930's

I conntect with that! My very thoughts, in fact.

What is good from my point of view is that O'Reilly became interested in reading the book and promised he would. That gives me hope because O'Reilly has been incredibly ignorant about Islam.

He definitely needs to educate himself!

he would not interview Robert Spencer

And considering how well Spencer's book did on the NYT bestseller list, I have to wonder WHY O'Reilly never interviewed Spencer about the book. Prince Alaweed's dollars in action at FNC?

friendlysaviour said...

Hi, apart from brit ministers taking 600million dollar bribes from berlusconi, there has been a spate of spin from Downing st. about the "devolution" of powers from central government to the local level. It seems the plan is to spend tax money directly at the local level, this includes education authorities being able to finance schools directly. I heard the minister mention that one of the Bodies that will be able to spend these funds will be "Charities"
This poses an immense danger in that "madrassas" type schools are already run by "Charitable" bodies, ie;
islamic educational charities who will be able to take advantage of this directly available money to expand their platform of brasinwashing their children at an early age, mainly by making it easier for them to finance these "Religious schools."
Has this been deliberately set-up in response to mainly islamic pressure by so called moderates. Or are the politicians so blind they don't seethat they are creating a raft for another surge in creating the seperate "state within a state" that the shariaists are inevitably going to call for . This is all going through as part of the Education Bill at the moment.
The takeover of the control of the education system is a prime target for the islamists wherever they are established.
Europe in the "land of nod"

Cubed © said...

This whole problem with people who refuse to accept any sort of evidence or even proof that their views could use a little sprucing up comes from a cognitive problem.

Many people, especially among those with a particular cognitive style, are loyal to concretes rather than to principles.

That's what's happening with O'Reilly, Limbaugh, Snow, etc. They are loyal not to the principles such as those embraced by the Constitution, but rather to the Office of the presidency, and in particular, to the man occupying it.

For such people, to be critical of anything important or significant that Bush says or does means to reject Bush and everything he has done, which is a ricidulous notion.

Learning right from wrong is not something that falls out of the sky and into one's head; identifying reality and its consequences takes HARD WORK, and if there's any "sin" involved, its the failure to do the work.

O'Reilly, we can always hope, is on the edge of doing some of that work; while it's unusual for someone like him to learn new tricks, it isn't unheard of.

Oh, and about the "replay of the 1930s" - right on! Our era is, as one author has proclaimed it, exhibits "Ominous Parallels" to the period preceding WWII.

When I express the fear that we will have a shooting war before long, it's largely because of those parallels.

Heloise said...

I read Bruce Bawer's book over the weekend and it's very good. He brings together all the strands that form the "mind" of the European, focusing on the Scandinavians and the Dutch but touching on the others. It's jammed packed with facts. Please, everyone read it and recommend it.

John Sobieski said...

Chris, Greece has a Muslim problem and, like all Eurabia, has its share of dhimmi politicians. I don't the Greek Orthodox Church is just going to lay down and allow Islam to run over it. I could be wrong. Muslims are most successful in America, yet here they do not assimilate well. Oh sure they have their frontmen and a few women, but the Muslim community itself is largely isolated and taking on all those ugly Mohammedan traits, very conservative women dress, constant demand for their 'rights' and whining about oppression and injustice. And all those radical imams we allow in. Truly insane.

Κοινότητα Εκάλης said...

John, yes greece has the 5% of the population that are greek muslims and many of them are influenced from turkey but they live under heavy protection. they cant buy land, if they live greece they are losing their property and etc. few years ago this changed under heavy pressure from EU, and of course from the council of Muslims. Nevertheless thos are not a problem yet since they are pretty secular and they are muslims only on their name.

friendlysaviour said...

The Beast rises from the crypt of it's fourteen hundred year history.
Emboldened with it's new toys and knowledge that it's enemies leaders are supine little fools.
Some of these little sheep are however really slavering greedy wolves.
They are more concerned to fill their own bellies they are proud in their belief that they can deceive their antagonists. (islam)
One thing is sure, clerics and the like can see through these naive dreamers schemes.
The shephards are drunk and the flock is scattered.
The wolves wait for their moment.
A few wise sheepdogs are on guard.
Watching. Waiting.

Anonymous said...

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