Sunday, February 26, 2006

Bush & Condi's Fragile Art Work "Light Unto the Mohammedans" Shatters

I always thought it was a piece of junk. More like one of those stupid collages you did in school, clipping photos from magazines and plenty of Elmer's glue. A work of crap. Now their creation shatters to the floor, and yet, Condi and Bush keep on pretending that their democracy project means something, achieved something. That the 1/2 TRILLION dollars spent on Iraq is worth it, and made us safer. Can you imagine how advanced our alternative energy strategy could have been? We could have offered $20,000 rebates to eligible households that installed solar panels reducing their electricity bills by 50%. That's just one example. It's pointless to consider what could have been. But what must come to be is reality in the White House, the end of denial. Their glorious piece of 'work' has shattered, and the American public knows it.

From VIEW FROM THE RIGHT (Lawrence Auster):


By Lawrence Auster

I’ll start by quoting Barry Schweid’s article for the AP in which he summarizes Secretary Rice’s recent woes:

WASHINGTON (AP)—It was probably Condoleezza Rice’s unhappiest week as secretary of state, one so disappointing that it raises questions about the Bush administration’s ability to shape Middle East events in the near term. During her three days in the region, Egyptian and Saudi Arabian leaders—with Rice standing awkwardly at their side before the news media—refused to support the U.S. financial boycott of the militant group Hamas as it takes control of the Palestinian parliament.

In Iraq, sectarian violence threatened to turn into a civil war, setting back efforts by President Bush and Rice to construct a democratic government that would shine as an example for the entire area.

And a deal with the United Arab Emirates, one of America’s few close Arab friends, to operate some terminals at six major U.S. ports unexpectedly ignited bipartisan anger in Congress and forced at least a delay of the transaction.

Each instance not only illustrated the chasm between the United States and the Arab world but seemed to widen it.

As we look at Rice’ numerous problem areas,—the Hamas election; the refusal of Arab governments to join America’s financial boycott of Hamas; sectarian violence in Iraq; and the uproar in the U.S. over the UAE ports deal—is there a common element running through them? Yes, there is. It is the crashing into reality of the Bush/neoconservative/liberal dogma which says that all people are like us and that differences don’t matter.

Thus: For us, democracy is compatible with civilized norms of conduct, therefore it should also be so for the Palestinians. But it’s not.

Thus: We believe that an organization devoted to waging terror war to destroy a sovereign nation is a bad thing that should be shunned, therefore Arab potentates should believe it too. But they don’t.

Thus: In America we don’t need a dictator to keep different religious denominations from killing each other and blowing up each other’s churches, therefore the Iraqis shouldn’t need one either. But they do.

And thus: “We”—meaning Bush and Rice and their fellow globalist elites—take it as a matter of course that Arabs are just as safe a bet for handling U.S. ports as any other national group, and therefore all Americans should feel the same. But they don’t.

With that last example, the pattern I thought I had found changes in an interesting way. It’s not that non-Americans turn out to be different from Americans, it’s that most Americans, and most of the human race, are different from Bush and Rice and the elites that support them. When it comes to the false, extreme, and destructive idea that humanity consists of a mass of interchangeable units sharing the same desires for freedom and democracy, there is only one group in the world that truly believes it—our rulers. So rigid is their faith in this false vision of humanity that even when it comes crashing down around them, as recounted in the above article, they can’t see it. Like ideological zombies, they keep smugly repeating the same formulae.


Cubed © said...

"But what must come to be is reality in the White House, the end of denial."

Indeed, John; and no matter how invested emotionally and financially Bush and Condi are in their work, they will learn, one way or the other, that reality always wins in the end.

I am beginning to consider that the wishful thinking of Bush and Company, along with their abject refusal to acknowledge reality, will cost us not only billions and billions of dollars, but the peace as well. I will not be surprised if WWIII - the kinds with guns and all that - is not far off. We have allowed them to advance so far that force will be required to stop them.

eyesallaround said...

"differences don’t matter"

Personally, I think we had to do the "right" thing first. Offering the ME freedom was the right thing to do. I wasn't sure they could handle it though, because they are WILD. I thought they might need strong arm dictators because they have no "moral bridle."

Cortes tried doing the "right" thing first, offering the Mexicans peace, but they MUST give up the human sacrifices... They wouldn't. They would rather fight to the death than give it up....

And they fought to the death...not all, but very many.

We may be in a situation like that.

I am a little uncomfortable criticizing the President when the majority of the people who are actually doing the "heavy lifting" in Iraq do support him (the soldiers). I would trust what they report more than what we're seeing through the eyes of liberal reporters.

Always On Watch said...

I so wanted to believe in Bush's plan to bring democracy to the Middle East. I don't believe any more. Islam won't allow for democracy.

Eyes points out, we had to do the "right" thing first. Offering the ME freedom was the right thing to do.

Sure, that is the moral high-road. But the cost has been dear.

And I still think that Bush doesn't get it about Islam. In fact, I don't see a U.S. leader who does--or who is willing to admit so.

WWIII is upon us. And soon.

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