Friday, February 03, 2006

Cartoon Jihad--Malaysian Branch

The Kuala Lumpur branch of the Global Jihad is eager to get into the fight against the evil cartoons of Denmark. From MSNBC:

Fundamentalist Muslims protested outside the Danish Embassy in Malaysia, chanting “Long live Islam, destroy our enemies” and accusing the Jyllands Posten newspaper of seeking to incite hatred.

“It’s an uncivilized act. It’s heinous,” said Hanifah Maidin, youth wing spokesman of the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party. “We want the Denmark government to tender an apology to the Muslim world.
Pedestrian Infidel has this to say in rebuttal to our enemies ... long live the infidels, the west, the US, Israel, and destroy our enemies--which is, first and foremost, Islam, and all the evil that is contained within this evil ideology. We demand that every Muslim government tender apologies to the infidels for 14 centuries of theft, rape and murder, and other "heinous, uncivilized acts."

The battle is joined.


Dag said...

We joined battle last evening in Vacnocuver, Canada, doubling our numbers, having a meeting at McDonald's that will in time set the Islamic world on fire.

Yes, Canadian residents met to organise against Islam. People in a small city on the West coast of Canada. In a city full of Muslims, Canadians met in public and discussed ways and means of defeating Islam. Did it in public.

We meet again there next Thursday to organise further. We are meeting the Islamic world head-on in Vancouver, Canada. We are standing up to the Muslims in Malaysia. They organise to scream about cartoons of Mohammed. We met and published even more cartoons of Mohammed.

We'll keep on doing it. Yes, in Canada. People in Canada are engaged in the practical matter of making an end to Islam.

Yeah, those hot-tempered, fightin' Canucks. You know the stereotype of the wild-eyed crazy Canadians? Well, it's true: they sat and sipped tea like a pack of maniacs. But it's understandable due to the history of horrors Islam has committed against Canada.

Nothing seems to stop these people. They're meeting again on Thursday next week.

Papa Ray said...

Yea, I can see it, dark room, evil grins, foam and spittle as rants and raves are exchanged.

Keep it up.

Something none of you mentioned, so I will. I have printed out a page of blog and website addresses that I carry copies of when I'm out and about at the coffee shops and such. If during conversations about the cult of Islam, I think they are open to it, I offer them a copy.

Just a thought.

Papa Ray
West Texas

Dag said...

That seems effect, Papa Ray. Others have left post-note with web stie addresses, leaflets at bus stops, pamphlets in churches. One gal from Atlanta left leaflets at every church within a 200 mile radius, with a few exceptions, after asking the ministers for permission. Another gal walked across norther England passing out fliers. Many leave notes in library books. There are many ways to make this struggle work. Everything counts.