Thursday, February 02, 2006

Cartoon Rage reaches Malaysia

Well, I knew this development was only a matter of time: influential Malaysian Muslim organization Wednesday urged the government to protest to Denmark over the caricatures.

The Muslim Consumers Association of Malaysia, which claims 100,000 members, also called on Copenhagen to apologize over the 12 cartoons.

"As a Muslim country we do find this kind of thing is insulting our feelings," said Noor Nirwandy Noordin [the fact that this guy has the same name as one of the most wanted terrorists in southeast Asia, another Malaysian, must be a complete coincidence, of course], project coordinator from the group which spearheaded a high-profile boycott of Thai goods over the treatment of its Muslim minority [Southern Thailand, of course, is yet another front in the Global Jihad, and the boycott is yet another weapon in the Jihadi arsenal].

"We want the Malaysian government, our prime minister, to send a protest to Denmark," he told AFP [The Malaysian PM is a Muslim, so I'm sure such a protest is already planned. I'm positive the Danish ambassador will be summoned over to Abdullah's office in Putrajaya first thing Monday morning for the Islamic tongue-lashing].

"Denmark has to send through their embassy a formal apology letter to the Muslim community in Malaysia ... it is necessary for them to apologize to every Muslim country in the world." [Necessary, he claims?!? Ah, the incredible chutzpah on display here! Denmark, that tiny country in northern Europe, has more anti-dhimmi backbone than the entire Council of Europe, or all those worthless Euro-crats in Brussels.]

An apology will "send a message or signal to other countries to respect other religions," added Noordin.
Yup, you dhimmis had better 'respect' Islam. If, for instance, Christians didn't display the proper decorum for Hinduism, or if the Buddhists didn't respect Judaism, do you honestly think that this Noordin character would care one iota about that? "Respecting all religions" is more Muslim taqiyya, nonsense and claptrap. It's such an obvious smoke screen for the dhimmitude Islam demands of all infidels.

Noordin, you can reference Gunny Sergeant Burghardt's gesture here for Pedestrian Infidel's message of respect for Islam. Have a nice day.

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murtad girl said...

WOW! cartoons can make millions of people piss off. What will happen if these cartoons make on TV or joining Cartoon Network. I have no idea what can happen. It was funny what Danish Cartoonist posted.

Anyway, can you make cartoon for Buddha, Jesus or Moses to make muslims feel better? HAHAHA

I am feeling better already.