Thursday, February 16, 2006

Condi Gets a Thrashing - Let's Look At This Dhimmi's History

Today, at NRO, Andrew C. McCarthy wrote an excellent article 'Honey or Your Lying Eyes' about the mythical 'moderate Islam' that our leaders keep on insisting must be allowed to settle amongst us and we must accomodate and 'respect' them and even give them special privileges such as a ban on cartoons, or reserved prayer rooms, or the exclusion of pork from cafeterias where they are a 'substantial' minority.

In the article, he calls out in particular Condoleeza Rice or as we know her, Dhimmi Rice.

Qaradawi [an Egyptian TaqiyyaMaster us smart infidels know is our enemy, a wolf in sheeps clothing], it turns out, is not just a moderate. He is, in addition, "a respected scholar and religious leader worthy of the deepest respect." Says who? Says the State Department, that's who.

It was only last October, you see, when Alberto Fernandez, newly minted by Secretary Condoleezza Rice as director for public diplomacy at State's Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, made one of his obligatory "live dialogue" appearances on After cooing about the new Iraqi constitution, taking pains to stress that it expressly "recognizes the role of Islam" (thanks in no small part to State's labors), Fernandez proceeded straight to the required gushing over Qaradawi.

But wait a second. Hasn't Qaradawi has been banned from the U.S. for promoting terrorism? Surely the State Department can mount a full-throated defense of that, right? After all, isn't our moral compass supposed to be the Bush Doctrine — the one that says "you're either with us or with the terrorists"? Is it really that hard for State to say Qaradawi is a disgusting character promoting a noxious agenda, rather than a model of moderation?

Apparently. Such a choice, our chic-sensitive public-diplomacy pirector opined, was "for the Muslim Umma to decide." As for the rest of us, Fernandez would brook no denying that it is "important to listen to intelligent and thoughtful voices from the region like Sheikh Qaradawi, ... an important figure that deserves our attention."

Criticism of Condi Rice is no stranger to Pedestrian Infidel. The problem with Rice, as the problem with Rice 3months ago, a year ago, or 4 years ago is that she refuses to read books critical of Islam. It would be wrong. Such is the pathetic life of a dhimmi.

Dhimwit Rice - "I am an Idiot and Proud of It! I love Islam !" Sept 2005

Waiter, There's a HI in my Rice Sept 2005


friendlysaviour said...

Slightly off-track but along the lines of special treatment for believers,..At Newcastle University, uk, authorities are under pressure and caving in to mislim student groups demanding reorganisation of lecture schedules for EVERY student, so THEY can have their prayer times and not have to miss any lectures. (all 10% of them.)
Perhaps next, churches will be banned from ringing church bells on Sunday mornings because the Mislims are having a lie-in after their early prayers.
Is there nothing these political dummie-dhimmies won't roll over and give away. Perhaps when energy gets really expensive, then special rates will be applied to mislims cause we get a lot of oil from mislim countries and we should respect the historical integrity of the special conditions that allah decreed in placing oil under their land!

leelion said...

Condi Rice may well be the 44th President of the United States. I hope she is. Think about it - who else can beat Hillary Clinton? And if Hillary wins, all bets are off. I'm hoping Condi and Co have a secret agenda to nullify the Muslim's hoping. Lee

friendlysaviour said...

Lee, I never thought of it like that! You make good sense.
We live in hope.