Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Edging towards another Final Solution…

One of today’s headline on my internet provider’s website was the following:

France shocked after brutal killing of a Jew.

The particulars of this undoubted hate crime goes something like this: On January 21st, a 23-year old innocent Jewish man, minding his own business somewhere in Paris, got lured into a trap by a woman. The unfortunate man was captured by a criminal gang, held for ransom, and tortured. He was being held in an apartment and cellar by several young African ‘youths’ (any guesses as to their religious background?) for several weeks. On February 13th, the Jewish man was found nearly dead (he died later enroute to hospital) near a Parisian train station - his body covered with burn injuries and wounds from obvious, repeated torture. I cannot imagine the agony that this poor man suffered in the last few weeks of his life, alone, totally cut off from the world, at the hands of brutal murderers.

These criminals (six men, and the previously mentioned woman) who had called themselves “the Barbarians” had also apparently demanded ransom from the victim’s family and also from the rabbi of a certain synagogue. They had been taking pictures – similar to the ones taken by Iraqi kidnappers – while torturing their victim with carpet knives and burning liquids. The photos will no doubt be very useful for the prosecution’s case.

The police investigation revealed that the gang had been trying to demand ransom from Jewish people on several other occasions.

The previously mentioned seven suspects have been taken into custody, while the gangleader – Youssouf Fofana (refering to himself as “Mohammed” and also “The brain of barbarians”) - seems to have escaped Europe to the Ivory Coast.

Now, a bunch of Moslem criminals held and tortured a Jewish man, and this criminal conspiracy included ransom attempts on the victim’s family and a Rabbi! Nor was this the first attempt. Can anyone tell me that religious motives had nothing to do with this? Can anyone tell me that these aptly-named Barbarians had actually misunderstood their so-called “religion of peace”? Or rather, were they acting precisely on and because of their religious beliefs?

Now, there is not much left to say other than: wake up Europe – it`s High Noon!


friendlysaviour said...

Terrorism, now kidnap and toture.
It is here. In Europe. Hopefully not in uk yet.
Don't wait around to be a victim.
I suggest that all that can should take up a system of self defence and avoid wherever possible, exposing oneself to potentially dangerous situations.
Do not be a victim.
I recommend "systema" a method that can teach defense against most personal attacks and one which gives immediate results without having to spend years learning an oriental system like karate.
As used by Russian Speznach!
It is our personal responsibility to be prepared.

Conan said...

Self defense AND a good hand gun. Yeah yeah I know it is tough in Europe to get a handgun. Note that we don't have riots and that kind of violence here..we Americans are armed to the teeth heh heh.

eyesallaround said...

Both great suggestions. "Mila 18" by Leon Uris is a great book about the Warsaw ghetto, who held the German army off for (as I recall) about a month.

#1. Don't be fooled by anything they say, since lying is something to be proud of in their religion.

#2. Be prepared to fight to the death if need be. I think it's that serious. One thing they tell us here is if someone is trying to abduct you, it's best to fight like a devil to get away at the moment of abduction. Do NOT ever get in a car thinking there will be a happy ending.

If you can't get a gun, get mace.

Of course I go nowhere without my friends, Smith and Wesson:>)

friendlysaviour said...

You lucky bastads!
WE are going to have to revert to the sling-shot and a good broad-sword, conan.
Many of these euro-mos nobheads ARE armed to the teeth.
When they finally (took 8 years) raided the Finsbury Park mosqe they found an arsenal of kit.
Those that know, over here, are well aware that a good proportion of our religious brothers (not) are armed-up and ready for the big shout to go out and murder in the name of RoPeace.
Many of them are "reformed" smack-dealers, (it all comes from Afghan through pacistine,) only trouble is,.. they do not consider it a crime to attack non-believers. We are all scumbag kafirs to them.
All you have to do is grow a beard, give some cash to the cause, take on a name like "jihad" start wearing the skirt and pants gear and show youreself at the local mosqe,
All of a sudden you are a reformed relgious-type, respected in the community and almost untouchable by the authorities.
Meanwhile you can get one of your cousins to handle the importation and another to hook in young white addicts to run your drugs around, and Hey-Presto, you get a double-whammy. You carry on making loads of money legally in the property business, you poison young
English kids brains with the drugs, and you maintain your name clean with the authorities while getting a pat on the back from your local immam.
You think I'm jokimg??
That's exactly what goes on, you have it from the "horses mouth" all these facts I have confirmed from those poor fools that have been dragged into this world of evil.
P>S> can i emigrate to US B4 it's too late? Oh I forgot, Brits don't find it easy, we are after all only white christian types.

eyesallaround said...

bld, What a mess... you have my sympathy. I was in London in 2003 and it has definitely turned into a multi-cult society. No offense, but I was pretty uncomfortable.. and have no desire to go back. I felt much safer in Moscow a year later (right after Beslan), armed soldiers on every corner. We drank a bit too much vodka one evening, and when I woke up my wallet was gone! I was freaked out, but thought "Well that's the price you pay fool!" We called the restaurant, they had the wallet, we retrieved it, and not a penny was missing! I was very impressed with the Russian people.

Yes, you can come here:>) Just tell 'em Eyesallaround says it OK. LOL! Serously, it probably depends on what you do. We need teachers, medical, and engineers.

friendlysaviour said...

eyesallaround:... Thanks for the recommedation. I will include it with my application, then!
What!? No places left for a raving anti-jihadist sympathsiser like myself.
Looks like I'll have to wait around and fight the good fight then!
Seriously though, we may yet see the Times come when the ships will be full of Euro-refugees plying the Atlantic, bringing us to safety, we hope, back in the USA! Treat us kindly, folks.

The Anti-Jihadist said...

The official line is the Muzzies are warmly welcome in the EU and the Europeans are one big happy multicultural socialist paradise. Is all not well in dhimmiland?

Of course, the official EU line is all lies and fantasy, that's obvious. The Muzzies clearly aren't just seeking equality or a seat at the table--they want the whole shootin' match.

Any guesses as to what the rough percentage is of the indigeanous European population (don't you love the sound of that) that actually wants dhimmtiude? Ten percent of the EU is already Muslim, so its obvious what they want--sharia, jihad, and islamic supremacy.

So how about the other 90%? I figure this 90% can be subdivided into three groups--those who will stay and meekly submit, those who will run, and those who will fight. I wonder what the percentage breakdown is? Do our European readers want to venture any guesses?

Cubed © said...


It is indeed our personal responsibility to be prepared. I think your suggestion of learning some sort of martial artform is a good one.

For those of us who are old and frail, though, I think Conan's recommendation of a handgun is good; we go regularly to our nearby ARA range for practice, and we are 1) upgrading our weapons to a blow-your-damned-head-off kind and 2) getting concealed weapons permits.

We are really very sorry that this sort of deterrent is so difficult to have in Europe. In this country, in every community where guns are restricted, the crime rate is high--New York, Washington D.C., etc.--while in communities where guns are allowed/encouraged, crime rates are very low.

Geez, bld,

I just read the rest of the comments. You poor guys. Nevertheless, I am confident that when "it" happens, you will find a way. . . You will probably turn out to be Islam's worst nightmare!


I just have to comment on some stuff I heard on the news this morning; first, it's all over the news that Bush "didn't know that DPI was owned by Muslims until after the deal was made" and second, from the Neal Boortz' show via my daughter, who has access to it, "part of the deal was that there was to be no investigation into it after it was made."

The thought "impeach" never entered my mind until now.

Tancredo for President! Ralph Peters for President! Paul Sperry for President! Michelle Malkin for President!

Well, you catch my drift!

Cubed © said...


Just heard that Senator Robert Menendez has said that "additional security concessions have been granted to DPW as part of the deal."

What now, folks?

eyesallaround said...

Cubed, General Honore for President! "Reporters, don't get stuck on stupid!" LOL! He's funny... Tancredo "gets it". After his nuking Mecca statement I sent him an email saying "Thanks" and got back a realy nice letter. See here:


Pres Bush is really screwing up here. He threatens to "veto" the one thing the WHOLE country is united on? He hasn't vetoed anything so far to my knowledge.

Conan said...

Hey BLG youhave my sympathy. I also appreciate the insight into what is happening in England..I never ever hear this stuff!! Hey you are always welcome in sunny Florida! Y'all come down.

Cubed © said...

European Kafir,

Please keep us informed of any followup to this hideious case.


Re: "Be prepared to fight to the death, it's that serious."

Yup. It's absolutely that serious.

And we really enjoyed Honore's "stuck on stupid" remark too; it seemed that it was immediately absorbed into common use!

Re: Tancredo - we also sent him an email of encouragement only a couple of days after his comment recommending that nothing be taken off the table if we should be nuked. He really sounded depressed; it seems that he's recovered a lot now, and I do believe it has a lot to do with the support he's received.

He says he's too bald and fat to run for president, but we'll see. . .


Is there anything like a "neighborhood watch" where you are? We use them here - residents of neighborhoods who go on patrol and report any suspicious goings-on to the police. The police were a little leery of such groups at first, but they have partnered with these civic-minded folks very nicely now, and even help organize them.

Would something like that help?

BTW, do accept Conan's invitation -make the trip in February or March (otherwise you'll be blown away by the heat and humidity).

Chris said...

Guys, i dont think that gun culture is the solution. We have the lowest crime rates in EU by far without having gun culture. It is just that Muslims in Greece do not have mosques (except the ones living in north greece who are greek muslims and they are under strict control and limitations). Do not let them build mosques and cultural centres. Just let them pray on their houses. Muslims are a mob. If they stay home they wont get organised. If they go to the mosque they will be with another 2000 muslims and they will get fanatised from the mouft. I also lived in the uk and i remember been in a kebap house in west londong with another 30 jehadis. You get scared. I guess greex and arabs are in very good relations through we have killed many of them during the past ages. My point is that you do not need guns but a good policy. Nor you have to trust charlatans like pat robertson, le pen or the BNP. All you need is to shut down their mosques and cultural centres, make sure that they will adopt your values and democratic cultuer and i think that you are going to be ok. When a muslim thinks that he or she lives on the outskirts of society and all he or she has to rely on is the preaching of the mouft, then you are in trouble. Those pakis from Bradford (were they from b/ford or from birmie?) who bombed the tube listen to the preaching of the mouft in the mosque.

friendlysaviour said...

thanks conan,.. i've yet to travel to USA, but I loved the airshows you guys used to put on in uk.
Now they have mostly been put off for security.
I went to Mildenhall show just before 9/11 happened. It was a fantastic day out. Yeah, some of the guys were abit gung ho when I chatted with them, but hey these guys weren't librarians (no offense to librarians though) they were guys and girls with a tough job on a day off, having a beer. Men and women who look after and control amazing high tech equipment and sometimes have to take things to physical limits. But once I got past the initial differences, I felt very pleased and proud to remember what their forefathers did for us during world warII. Of course what the forces do is set by the agendas of governments, and that means that they can get it wrong and we are all aware of the counter arguments to some of US actions in past.
I had a great little chat to a stealth-pilot, about UFO's of all things.
When I got there, through the country lanes, a squadron of heavy helicopters flew in over the car, to land. I had the roof open and the Stones "Gimme Shelter" was blasting on the radio.
I remember thinking I was glad whose side I was on.
If the military machine ever had to be let off the leash for real, not just theatrical stuff like "shock and awe" then even Beamish would look like a sensitive missionary!
There was a fantastic display by the US "Thunderbirds" along with the "Patrouie de France" and finally the UK "Red Arrows".
I think that even some of the US lads had to admit that maybe the Red Arrows just had the edge!
First time I saw the B1.B, and a B52 flying!
Sadly, 9/11 followed shortly afterwards, and Mildenhall became off-limits for shows due to security. Now I think we're down to one big show a year at RIAT at Fairford.
I really miss seeing the Nato air forces shows. There weren't many mossies there!
A word or to from Winston Churchill for no particular reason...

..."A nation that forgets it's past has no future"

"Virtuous motives, trammelled by inertia and timidity, are no match for armed and resolute wickedness"

"Trying to maintain good relations with a Communist is like wooing a crocodile. You do not know whether to tickle it under the chin or beat it over the head. When it opens it's mouth, you cannot tell whether it is trying to smile or preparing to eat you up."
Try replacing the word communist
with moslem.

cubed... we have neighbouhood watch but it is more or less useless.
If you phone the police here you may have to wait ages for an officer to come out. More than likely you will be told that your problem is "low priority" and you get no response at all. The police here are more or less like the firebrigades. If someone has broken into your house, and is still in the premises, they may come out quickly.
If the offender has gone, you won't get a call till next day, and that's if you insist!
A recent case of a shooting victim in a normal town street, the victim lay on the floor for 25 minutes while the only armed police squad available, had to drive 20 miles to get there and the ambulance waited up the street until they arrived. Armed police stood near the scene and the local pac. kids taunted and irritated them. The drugdealer yardie was never found and a watered down story appeared in the press with the result that the kid who was shot turned out to be an illegal immigrant and the yardies were "trespassing" on asian "territory."
There was no follow up by the authrities.
Is it any wonder that the jihadis think they can get away with anything they want?
I tell you no lie, though, if I was to say a wrong word to a person from " a significant minority" and they phoned the police, the response would be immediate and I would be taken in for questioning on race hate cahrges.
The police are now refusing to interview young white people for jobs and only selecting from racial groups as a matter of policy in many areas.
Many officers are now short young girls of about 19 or 20 years.(no offense ladies) There has been two shootings of young girl officers recently, one fatal and one serious.
The US idea of a cop is so different to the politically correct officer here.
I guess the nearest equivalent might be your "community cops"
Alright if you have problems with a noisy neighbour, but not the right solution for jihadi terrorists, or even gun carrying dealers.
Chris... I agree that a gunless society is a good idea, WAS a good idea, but only if NObody has a gun.
Now so many anti-social criminals and politically motivated nutters have weapons, that an honest Government would at least allow good citizens to own a small weapon to protect themselves.
The police can no longer be every where they are needed, they do not come out to armed situations until one of the few aremed squads can get to the scene. Meanwhile you are bleeding to death after some punk has sprayed you with an ouzi.
This is not far fetched it is becoming a regular event.
What is uk response?
Curtail freedom of speech, give people biometric ID cards, persecute small politcal parties that oppose them...
Surely the answer would be to make all nonresidents carry ID. Issue all illegals with ID so you know where they are and can remove them, and any one who fits the profile of potential terrorist should have to have biometric ID., to prevent unauthorised activities. We have got the boxing gloves on the wrong way round. Why are we punching ourselves out all the time? Who are these dickheads running the government and why aren't they on OUR side?
Yes, Chris some of the Greek methods seem highly justified, but is that what really happens? By the way it is too late to implement such measures against them, we have already rolled over backwards and are getting shafted by them daily.
The task of rolling back the socialist/p.c./liberal bullshitters in uk has gone beyond anything that can be achieved easily. We are increasingly up against the wall, and it is our own people that are doing the job of our real enemies for them.
I am convinced, though, that when the time comes, there will be enough support for a "change of tune"
"He who would valiant be, 'gainst all disaster..."
Sorry for rambling on. It's getting to the point when I will have to start my own blog and stop taking up so much of the Infidel's space!

Iran Watch said...

Is it the French press or the government who continues using the euphemism "youths" when describing these Muslim gang members? Is France afraid of more riots?
They've already lost control of the areas that these youths live, they better not lose control of their streets.
bid..I agree for your call for self-defense but you left out owning a 12 gauge shotgun.

Chris said...

do not forget to come here for holidays..

Just think, why canada has such a low crime rate?

There are more guns than people in crete but this has to do with culture. Locals like using their guns on weddings and on birthdays, and surely this has nothing to do with gangabangings in LA or elsewhere and crime rates are almost close to zero%. The problem is rather social and has to do with the idols that tv and mass media produce. If my idol is a black (no intention of racism) gangbanger who uses his gun more often that going to the toilet then you are in trouble and this is what is happening in usa. How many americans have idols such as a normal person or a good artist instead of NWA, Snoopy dog and etc?

Education is the answer on gun culture.

To the point. Firstly not all muslims are terrorists. Secondly limit the bloody mosques, i hate seeing a mosque on every corner in london. Even in rome there is a huge one. How many churches are in mecca? the answer is NONE

friendlysaviour said...

iranwatch,... Dang!
I new I'd forgotten something.
"Bring me my bow of burning gold,
Bring me my arrows..."

friendlysaviour said...

Chris ,...
For a liberal, you make a bloody fine conservative!
Yes, Greece is another place I must visit before I go to Valhalla.
The birthplace of civilisation!
Do you know the legend of Brutus the Trojan who came to "islelands beyond the Northwind" in the Bronze Age following the Trojan war with Greece.
Did you know there was a tribe of ancient Britains called "Trinovantes" by Ceasar? That means "New Troy!"

Chris said...

talking about british, the central area asia minor was also called 'galatia' coz it was habited from celts that came from britain in 400 a.d., they lost couple of battles and theodosios B' placed them near where is now ankara.

trino+vante= probably it means we are going to troy, is it? it is not nova but vante from the verb andare in ancient latins. yeah for the time greece is quite, but i dont know till when, in a case of the so called clash of civlization we will be on the front line.on the other hand there are cities like constantinople, pontos and alexandria that are occupied from muslims,it would be a good chance to give us back what they stole us but i dont think that anyone will want to go to fight including me. i am against violence.