Thursday, February 23, 2006

Either we heal now, as a team, or else...

It seldom rains here…all I see and feel is the blazing sun whenever I head outside. Sometimes I fear I might find the sun out there at night too but luckily that hasn’t happened yet. This land is dead, and so is the rest of the Middle East. Wherever I look, there is depression, there’s silence, lifelessness…it’s like death. There is no hope; people who dare to walk on the streets in the blazing sun look like zombies. Between the unending desert heat and the Islam that percolates into every nook and cranny of life, I feel my soul is being sliced to pieces, slowly and painfully. And it hurts…it feels like death in slow motion. It is Hell realized.

But sometimes, even here in Hell, in the scorching hot desert, the weather does change. Occasionally, one can find cool soothing breezes. And, like the welcome and seldom-seen breaks in the weather, sometimes there are cracks in the overwhelming, stifling Islamism that is life in the Middle East. And in those brief moments, one can find something very different…hope, humanity, and life.

One of those sorts of days happened recently in my family’s home. I was sitting in my room that day, doing something on the computer, a typical day for me. Suddenly, my oldest brother came running into my room …he was out of breath, very out of the ordinary. My brother is close to my age and he doesn’t make it a habit to run around the house. I didn’t know what was going on, but I immediately smelled trouble, or at least something unusual.

He breathlessly told me that he just had a discussion with mom and dad about the Mo cartoon issue (this was earlier this year, when the cartoon story was still fresh). And he was upset, at my parents or maybe at all those Moslems who went crazy in the wake of the cartoons. Or perhaps he was angry at all of them.

So, after he caught his breath, he asked me a question. “Is it true that Mohammed got married to Aisha when she was 6?”

I looked at him for two seconds, amazed, thinking why he asked that now; I didn’t know at first how to respond. So I decided to gamble on telling him the truth, hoping he would respond in an intelligent way.

Carefully, I replied, “Yes, he got married to her when she was 6 and he was 54. He consummated his marriage with her when she was 9 and he was 57. There are a lot of Hadiths about that; I will email them to you tomorrow if you want.”

My brother’s answer to my revelation was suprising: “It’s wrong to be married to someone so young. That’s wrong!” and then he walked out.

To a westerner that reply might not mean much, but for a Moslem to say this, is big. Really big. I couldn’t believe my ears--my brother had just committed blasphemy. He had just questioned an act of Mohammed and judged it as wrong. So, according to the Koran, my brother is no longer a Moslem because the Koran says that the words of Mohammed are equal to those of Allah’s. So whatever Mohammed said and did in his life is as if Allah was doing it, and questioning any of that means you are an apostate.

I was happy, but I was thinking hard, wondering if this was somehow an opportunity. Was this the time to start the war in my home?…the war against Islam, the religion my folks revered, a ‘faith’ they are willing to die for.

I quickly decided I had to. I have to resist evil and strike back however I can, and I decided there was no better place to do it than among my own people. I thought I could use the same tactic the Moslems were using all over the world…attack from within.

That very moment, right after my brother left my room, and I had made my decision, I emailed him the Hadiths. Emailing my brother who lives in the same house with me may sound strange to you, but it’s actually the safest way to send him a message in private. It was still a risk because my brother and I didn’t get the chance to discuss it at length, so I wasn’t completely sure if he was ready for this sort of information. But I took that chance…because I am willing to take that much risk for what I believe in and when the time comes, maybe even more. And I believe in western civilization…I will do anything to protect it, because there’s hope in it, there’s light.

Just as I did that day, other infidels can do that too. Know about Islam, and the lives of Moslems, and when you get the chance, attack them with reason. Moslems are doing that to us all the time—we can use that tactic against them. And the facts, the truth is on our side! We can work individually but we need to be united in this purpose, today, right now. Just as Al Pacino says in “Any Given Sunday”, ‘Either we heal, NOW, as a team or we will die as individuals.’

I took a step forward by leaving the religion of barbarians but I knew that that was just the start. Now I am taking the next step by taking the fight to the Moslems themselves; I’m fighting among my own. Even among my own family. You can too…it is in your hands.

I see it like this. You can sleep in peace and comfort today, and pay the price later when you wake up in hell—and I am not talking about that hell that Satan lives in, but the hell that Islam intends to bring to the whole world soon. Or you can sacrifice your peace now and make sure that future generations will never have to fight. The choice is yours.

The weather in the world right now seems so hot and blazing. I wish we all see a day, a different day soon, when there’s hope, humanity, life and peace.


Papa Ray said...

For many, many years we have "attacked" Muslims with reason and tried to compromise with them.

All that does is give them strength and make them believe we are weak and subservient.

You and others that believe that Islam and "the West" can co-exist need to understand that it is past that now.

We will never be able to co-exist with Islam. Islam is a cult, an evil destructive cult which can not be revised or dealt with.

So it must be destroyed or subverted, just as it wants to subvert all other religions.

If I were you, I would escape, cover my tracks and hide myself somewhere in a western country, like the USA. Not [e]urope, as it is going to become Islamic or be burned to the ground or both.

Islam is the greatest danger to Muslims.

Get out while you can.

Papa Ray
West Texas

Avenging Apostate said...

"You and others that believe that Islam and "the West" can co-exist need to understand that it is past that now."

Papa, I dont believe Islam and the West can co-exist. Let me rephrase--I dont believe Islam can co-exist with any civilization whatsoever.

What I said in the post is that whatever tactics Moslems are using against the West to get to power can be used against Moslems to throw them out and 'destroy' them forever. Leftist crap has to go.

"So it must be destroyed or subverted, just as it wants to subvert all other religions."

I couldn't agree more.

"If I were you, I would escape, cover my tracks and hide myself somewhere in a western country, like the USA. Not [e]urope, as it is going to become Islamic or be burned to the ground or both.

Islam is the greatest danger to Muslims.

Get out while you can."

I would if I could, but at the moment it's just not possible. That's why I am fighting the way it is possible for me to fight. The day I can do it with force, I won't feel shy to take that path either.

eyesallaround said...

aa, You're very brave for deciding to do something. I hope that there are others who realize how wrong Islam is, how it's just a cult of an evil warrior. I believe muslims have a desire to know the true God, but they are so enslaved, they have a hard time breaking free. My prayers are with you.

Cubed © said...


I wish you well. Your advocacy of reason is beyond admirable. If we in the U.S. and elsewhere had not fallen victim to Postmodernism, if we had remained true to reason, we would not be in the situation we're in today.

This country has been a "shining moment in history," the first nation in the world designed from scratch and based on reason.

Unlike the unfortunate situation you find yourself in, we initially had an entirely different view of the freedom to think, as illustrated by Thomas Jefferson, one of the Founders, a Framer of the Constitution, and our third president. He said, "It injures me not whether my neighbor believes in twenty gods or none; it neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg." That, along with the thinking of Robert Molesworth (I'll not go into detail here) was where the First, and arguably the most important, Amendment to the Constitution came from.

In fact, the only mention of religion in any form in our Constitution is in the form of prohibitions against the use of force either in compelling or forbidding belief of any kind.

The freedom to think is the greatest freedom of all; the capacity for (although not the guarantee of) reason is the very characteristic that distinguishes human beings from all other living creatures.

Islam's punitive attitude towards that freedom is in such marked contrast to a reason-based attitude that it doesn't require a great intellectual leap to see why it is that people who have the misfortune to be born into Islam are frustrated, hostile, and unhappy. They are being forbidden to think, and it's driving them crazy.

It puts their intellects - and whatever other criticisms anybody may have of Muslims, no one has ever accused them of being unintelligent - into a veritable pressure cooker, and the only means it ever has to express itself is through the valve, when the pressure becomes overwhelming.

That's where we see the riots, the killing, the attacks against those whom they wish they could freely resemble.

Does the moral prohibition against thinking imposed by Islam upon otherwise normal human beings affect daily life? Well, Spain, in one year, published more books than have been published in Islamic nations in their entire history. South Korea alone had 17,000 patents registered in the U.S. in the same period that the Arab world had fewer than 400. At Google, there is a wallmap where, at any given moment, there is a light representing someone using the service. Lights are bright except in the Arab world, where there are very few. In a meeting in Davos, Switzerland, there was a discussion by tech companies about outsourcing; Mexico, China, and India were mentioned, but the Arab world was not; it did not have the intellectual infrastructure to carry out the tasks required.

That they have the intelligence to do so is not in question, and is amply illustrated by terrorists who have "borrowed" Western technology to use against its inventors.

AA, it is the rare intelligence that survives the birth-to-death efforts of Islam to imprison and disable reason.

Congratulations and best wishes. I do wish you could, as papa ray suggests, get out while you can. I agree with him that trying to change it from within is an impossible dream, one that is not worth your effort.

Good luck!

Always On Watch said...

In education, we speak of events such as your brother's epiphany as "the teachable moment."

God bless you!

John Sobieski said...

Ali Sina has had a multipart interview with himself - I believe he is on section 4 now. One thing he emphasizes is that Muslims must be mocked and humiliated. It's a very interesting idea. He says Islam is narcissistic - Mo with his absolutely loyal sycophant slaves worshiping his every word, no matter how stupid. I agree with him.