Sunday, February 19, 2006

Europe In Denial: Gaddafi - Islam Will Rule Europe

If Europe continues down the dhimmi path it has chosen, Gaddafi may well be right.

Muammar Gaddafi: One Day Islam May Rule Europe

13 February 2006 | 20:03 | FOCUS News Agency

Tripoli. In his first public statement after the braking out of the scandal with the cartoons with Prophet Muhammad the Libyan Leader Col. Muammar Gaddafi announced that one day the Islam will disseminate its power over the European countries, the web edition of Libya Today reports.

In his statement Gaddafi calls those who had published the cartoons “slanderers who disseminate religious hatred”. He went on criticizing European schools that teach the children that the Muslim Prophet was not a messenger of Allah but a liar.
According to Gaddafi the riots in the poor suburbs of Paris last year were “only the beginning of the armed struggle of the Muslims against discrimination in Europe”. “Probably one day Europe will be subordinated to the Islam”, Col. Gaddapi claimed, cited by the publication.


Mark said...

That's why I have called for Muslims to be expelled on my blogspot. Expel the Muslims. Expel them NOW!.

It is obvious that Islam will one day rule Europe if nothing is done about the Muslim presence there. For a start, the way they breed, they will surely outnumber the indigenous population is a relatively short time.

Whilst it may sound Draconian to request that they be expelled, it is not. The alternative - of Islam dominating - is too awful to contemplate! The very least that will happen is that there'll be civil war there if nothing is done about it. Whenever Muslims reach a critical mass, they start throwing their weight around, demanding that Shariah law be instated, etc.

The Holocaust should not be forgotten, either. It shows what Europeans are capable of. Now that's really scary!

American Crusader said...

Time for another bombing run over Tripoli. I thought he has learned his lesson but apparently he needs a little reminder.

Chris said...

Yeah, time to bomb again Tripolis and kill 100 innocent civilians, while Muamar will be safe on this bunker.
Will you change your minds or not you conservatives? Bush and his gang can overthrow dictators in one day, they just do not do it. Muamar has left the american and british oil company to exploit the Libyan company, so i dont think anyone in usa or the uk will bother to get rid of him.

Chris said...

oi, i just woke up and i did several mistakes, mea culpa.

It's 'Muamar has left the american and british oil companies to exploit the Libyan oil resources' and it's 'his bunker' insteaed of this bunkers