Sunday, February 12, 2006

Islam: The enemy of democracy and freedom!

Until 9/11, the western world was largely ignorant of the religion of Islam, of its goals, of its aspirations. Indeed, even since 9/11, most people, and that includes our politicians, would not score very highly in a test of their knowledge on the subject. It should be obvious to all thinking people that our politicians are actually unaware, dare I say blind, to the dangers that Islam will increasingly cause us. It is truly a case of the blind leading the blind! That means to say, uninformed and unthinking politicians leading an ill-informed electorate. But folks, this is what we have right now. The same can hardly be said of Muslims in the Islamic world, though; for their knowledge of Christianity far surpasses - even though much of their knowledge is quite distorted - any knowledge of Islam by the man in the street in the West.

As the old saying goes, knowledge is power. But what we often don't hear uttered is its converse: Ignorance is weakness!

The West is far weaker than it need be because of this ignorance of Islam, since Islam is our greatest enemy. The greatest enemy since Nazism and communism. I'll give you some good reasons why this is so. And none of them - absolutely none of them - are based on hatred!

Islam is the enemy of the West for a plethora of good, solid reasons, and if we wish to survive as a civilization, we are going to have to bite the bullet and deal, head on, with the issues these reasons raise. Let us begin...

First and foremost, we are dealing with a religion which does not recognize any separation of politics and religion, any separation of the political from the spiritual. For Muslims, life is one coherent whole: the political and spiritual both meld into one. This has always been so, and always will be. No re-classification of the religion into two separate parts is possible because of Islam's very nature.

In Islam, all power rests with Allah, the god of Muslims. The Qur'an, their holy book, is always taken literally. Those words are considered to be the actual words of Allah. Therefore, none of these words can be changed, for to change any of them would be tantamount to tampering with Allah's words. This would be a grave sin in their eyes.

For the same reason that the words contained in the Qur'an cannot be changed, they cannot, therefore, be re-interpreted either. So do not hold your breath for any kind of reformation in this religion, because it ain't gonna happen!

In Islam, all power rests with Allah, and it filters down via his vice-gerents on earth to the people. Hence the great desire among Muslims to restore the caliphate. Contrast this with the Western model of government!

In the West, the ideal political system is democracy. In democracy, all power rests with the people, and they exercise that power at the polls. In a democracy, all power filters in the opposite direction from Islam. In democracy it filters up; in Islam, down! Herein lies the greatest barrier to the miscibility of the two worlds: the western world and the Islamic world!

Without digressing too much here, I should like to add that this is the main reason why George W Bush and Blair's venture into Iraq to bring democracy there was a grave error of judgment. How can one bring democracy to a region of the world where the people who inhabit that region believe that all power rests with Allah, and where they believe that Allah has prescribed their way of life for them for then, for now, and for all time?

I would suggest that where such a dichotomy exists, the most sensible and prudent thing to do would be for us to lead our lives as we see fit, and for those people to be allowed to live their lives as they see fit. That way, there would be hope of some peace in this world.

But this is not what we have done. We have done the very opposite of this: We have entered the Middle East in the hope - the vain hope in my opinion - of bringing our way of doing things, our way of life, to them; furthermore, we have allowed millions and millions of Muslims into the West - and at the very time when Christianity, the religion which underpins the West, is greatly weakened anyway - which will only give us headaches for the years ahead. Why? Because Muslims who immigrate bring their hopes and dreams and aspirations with them of establishing Islam everywhere on earth. To Islamize the world is the main aspiration of the Muslim; and we have seen these past weeks, the manifestation of aggression in its cause in France. For what happened in France was in no small part because of the Muslim's desire to establish Allah's caliphate here on earth. These were the first rumblings, the first roar of the lion! Expect more of this in the future, as Islam grows stronger and stronger.

Muslims, by and large, do not respect non-Muslims. How can they? Their religion does not allow them to do so. Their religion preaches that Muslims are superior to non-Muslims; indeed, they use the derogatory term infidel for us. This word to some Westerners might simply mean that they call us infidels because we are people who do not subscribe to their faith. This, after all, would be quite logical, since to us it simply means not fidele, or not true to the faith. But this does not completely describe what Muslims mean by this term. To Muslims, to be called an infidel is an insult indeed! It has connotations of inferiority, backwardness, and even uncleanness!

You see, Muslims believe that Islam is the perfection of religion for man for all time. They call it ad deen al kamal, the perfect religion. People, in their eyes, who have not yet submitted to the will of Allah, are in a state of pre-Islamic chaos, a state known to them as Jahiliyyah! To Muslims, all Muslims, the whole world is classified in two parts: that part of the world which has submitted, and is therefore in the Islamic state, known as Dar al Islam, and that part of the world which has yet to submit, and is therefore in a pre-Islamic, chaotic, jahiliyyic state, known as Dar al Harb, or the House of War!

The House of War is the part of the world which has yet to be taken over, and must at some point be taken over in the future. We, I am sorry to inform you, are in the House of War. So we can expect anything at anytime.

Some people would ask why we were able to go for quite a long time without problems with Muslims. The answer to that is a simple one indeed. First of all, there were relatively few Muslims living in the West, so the ones that did live here were not powerful. Secondly, Muslims living in the Islamic world were, for the most part and for many years, poor by anyone's standards. This all changed with the Oil Embargo of the 70s - a time when the price of oil on the world markets soared. As a result of this, the Islamic world became rich and empowered. Money is power; and it talks loudly! In recent years we have seen evidence aplenty of Islam being on the move. I tell you now: If we do not find a way of clipping its wings here in the West, we shall lose our democracy, and we shall be in deep, deep trouble.

So the trouble we will have with Muslims will not come only from without, but in the future we can expect trouble from the Muslims within. The millions of Muslims living here in the West will not integrate, because it is not in their worldview to do so. It is also forbidden them by their very own Prophet Himself, the Prophet Muhammad. He forbade Muslims even to befriend infidels. He also exhorted them to kill us. And he certainly told them that they should live separate lives, and dress and behave differently, so that they could easily tell themselves apart.

No Western politician is going to be able to change these facts. For facts they are indeed. Moreover, as Islam will grow here, their numbers will become greater and greater, and they will be able to use our democratic system to outvote us and introduce their form of government based as it is on their beloved Shariah, or quranic laws! How do you propose we shall be able to stop them? We shall be outnumbered, and as the outcome of democratic elections depends on the number of votes cast, we shall be able to do nothing about it! This time will come quicker than we might think, because so few babies are being born to infidel families.

The only thing left for people to do, will be to fight. Inevitably, at some point, civil war will ensue. If the political process fails people, then this will be all that will be left for them: civil war, guerre civile, Bürgerkrieg, call it what you will.

But one thing I can assure you, no politicians' sweet talk, posturing, or manœvring, will get us out of this one without conflict at some point in the future.

You see, one of the biggest problems for the West is its devotion to the concept of freedom of religion. This is a lofty concept and ideal indeed; but this devotion blinds people to one important reality: Islam is not just a religion, but a political system also. Indeed, it is more of a political system than anything else, and it is, in addition, a political system diametrically opposed to our own. It abhorrs freedom of choice, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of anything that we so cherish! The only thing one is free to do in Islam is become a Muslim, and submit to the will of Allah!

These two systems are totally immiscible, and unfortunately, we have imported this immiscibility right into the heart of the West! To our own great disadvantage, and to the disadvantage of our long term peace and security. What, I ask you, will the Americans do when the ever growing Muslim population in America starts wanting to tinker with the Americans' beloved Constitution? When Muslims will see their way clear to supplant the Constitution with Shariah law?

Questions like these are the ones we should be grappling with NOW. To wait until the time comes would be foolish indeed.

Wake up to the harsh realities of life in the twenty-first century! We've got some collective thinking to do if we wish to save ourselves from darkness! Perhaps we shall, indeed, be forced to think about having to re-classify Islam as a political system first and foremost, a political system immiscible with our own, and one whose advance needs to be forestalled. This may be one of our only sensible alternatives. Since to give complete, unhampered freedom to Islam to grow here in the West is tantamount to digging our own graves!

©Mark Alexander

Mark Alexander is the author of The Dawning of a New Dark Age


dag said...

Very nicely written.

I am left with only one question: "What is to be done?"

Mark said...


Thank you for your compliment.

"What is to be done?"

Naturally, that's a tough question to answer. There are no easy answers. All solutions are likely to be highly uncomfortable, and politically difficult.

It seems to me that the very first thing we need to do is recognize that the enemy is actually Islam and not some form of 'bastardized version of it'. That, I believe, is the start. Till now, our leaders and politicians have been unwilling to countenance the reality of the situation.

Then, we need to change our policies accordingly. We have allowed so much immigration of Muslims, believing that when they come here, they'll integrate. They won't. Muslims bring their culture with them, and expect the indigenous population to adjust their culture to the mores of the Muslim!

In my book, I have suggested that an 'iron veil' needs to be dropped between the West and the Islamic world. We can still trade with many of them, of course; but we need to stop all the inward investment used for building mosques, Islamic schools, etc., and put a stop to all the money flooding in from the Middle East to buy up our businesses and commercial ventures.

Further, we need to deport all those tens of thousands, nay hundreds of thousands, of illegal immigrants in the West, especially in countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany, etc.

Then, we urgently need to find an alternative source of energy. The longer we continue to depend on oil, the longer this problem will continue, and the greater will be the problem to solve.

These are just some of the measures which could be taken to check the growth of Islam in the West.

Remember this: Islam isn't in the West to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant! Do we really wish to turn our clocks back to a bygone age?

Manuel I Comnenus said...

Well said Mark.
We are so dependant on oil in the West, that it is crippling the way we conduct policy with these Muslim despots. Saudi Arabia is the worst and most oppressive regime in history, yet we turn a blind eye to those who run that country. We have turned these Arab dictators into very wealthy men.
We do need to bring down an "iron veil" between the West and Islam, as more and more illegal Muslims teem to European shores. I agree with your post 100%. In 20 years there is going to be a serious problem in Europe and the World as the Muslims become the majority in many areas. The Muslims are breeding like lab-rats while the Western countries are actually seeing a decline in their homogenous populations. The Netherlands is a fine example of a country in which the the Muslims already have a powerful voice. Then you have guys like Turkey's PM who says that Europe wants to remain a "Christian Club." Well, hello... Christianity is the bedrock of Europe. It is the source of European values and customs.
The war has to be taken to these Muslims before we are all overrun, and it's to late!

Papa Ray said...

The only way the "West" will do anything about Islam or Muslims is after thousands of "westerners" are killed.

Even then there will be a large amount of them, too scared to do anything but try and appease the "Cult of Islam" so as to try and save their measly lives.

Papa Ray
West Texas

dag said...

Mark, I hope you're going to be a regular contributor to this site. You're obviously a professional, and I have a good eye for these things as well as a deep appreciation. I do hope to read more of your work.

My question which you addressed nicely, comes from the title of of V.I. Lenin's short work on organizing the Communist Party prior to his rise as dictator of the Soviet Union. As much as I hate Lenin as a political thinker I do like his work as a political organizer.

All of our best intentions are for naught if we are not organized to resist the onslaught of Islam and what I term Left dhimmi fascism.

Again, Mark, you're writing is wonderful to read.

Regards, Dag.

Mark said...


Thank you for this very interesting and insightful post. It seems that you and I see the world through the same spectacles!

People like Erdogan use the phrase "Christian Club" pejoratively in order to put us on the defensive. What about their 'Islamic clubs'? Quite frankly, it still is largely a 'Christian club', and if I have anything to do with it, it will stay that way, too!

Say 'NO' to Turkey in Europe. Allowing Turkey into the EU will be our biggest nightmare! Can't people see how incompatible Islam is with the West? Are people blind? Don't Westerners cherish our civilization anymore? Why are they so hell-bent on destroying what is a far superior civilization and supplanting it with a backward, barbaric one?

We have seen recently the fuss that has been made about the caricatures of Muhammad. What do these pro-Turkey-in-the-EU people think life will be like when Turkey will become the dominant country in the EU (that would soon happen because of very high brithrates there and very low ones in the rest of the EU)? It will be dreadful! A true nightmare scenario!

Personally, I stand four-square behind the 'iron veil' idea I have suggested. To me, it's the only way forward if we wish to remain Western, and if we wish to roll back the frontiers, wish to drive the advancing Muslims back.

Do come over to my website sometime. You'll find a lot of my writing there. I think you might enjoy reading it. I'm sure you'd agree with much of it, too. You'll find it HERE.

Mark said...

Papa Ray:

The only way the "West" will do anything about Islam or Muslims is after thousands of "westerners" are killed.

Exactly! It's going to take a catastrophe of ginormous proportions, I fear.

Why have people become so cowardly?

Mark said...


Mark, I hope you're going to be a regular contributor to this site.

Yes, I shall be. As I mentioned to Manuel, you can find my writing on my website, too, at A New Dark Age Is Dawning. Why don't you drop by? You can read plenty more of my work there.

All of our best intentions are for naught if we are not organized to resist the onslaught of Islam and what I term Left dhimmi fascism.

Spot on! And what about all those millions of lives lost in earlier wars all in the name of liberty and a better life for us all today. Those poor soldiers and civilians will have lost their lives in vain, too! How sad would that be?

Dag, thank you so much for your compliments. I appreciate them very much indeed.

Always On Watch said...

I highly recommend Mark's book, A New Dark Age Is Dawning. He doesn't fool around with the truth in his essays.

Mark said...

Always On Watch:

Thank you for recommending my book, The Dawning of a New Dark Age. Thank you very much indeed! A appreciate that greatly; and I'm so glad you enjoyed reading it, AOW.