Sunday, February 05, 2006

It's official--Malaysia favors Iran's development of nuclear weapons

You'll never guess who's in favor of Iran's Nuclear "Energy" program. Why, it's none other than the so-called "Non-Aligned Movement," and chairing the NAM right now is none other than the Islamic Republic of Malaysia.

NAM: Respect Iran’s right to peaceful use of N-energy

KUALA LUMPUR: The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) has come out in defence of Iran's nuclear energy programme.

It said that it was the right of each member state to develop research, produce and use atomic energy for “peaceful purposes, without any discrimination and in conformity with their respective legal obligations”.

In making a call for a “balanced and even-handed approach on the Iran nuclear issue to avoid perception of selectivity and bias,” NAM said a state's choice and decision in the peaceful use of nuclear technology and its fuel cycle policies should be respected.

Nothing should be interpreted, it said, in a way that inhibited or restricted the right of members to develop atomic energy for peaceful purposes.

The NAM position was delivered to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) board of governors meeting in Vienna by Datin Paduka Dr Rajmah Hussain, who is the ambassador and resident representative of Malaysia to the IAEA.

NAM, of which Malaysia and Iran are members, is a movement comprising 115 members representing the interests and priorities of the developing world. Malaysia is currently the chair.

Iran recently decided to resume research on uranium enrichment for energy. But this move was met with a great deal of concern in the Western world, including threats to refer Teheran to the UN Security Council.

Rajmah said it was essential to make a clear distinction between legal obligations of member states and voluntary commitments, adding that the latter should not be turned into legal safeguards obligations.

“NAM is of the view that member states should not be penalised for not adhering to their voluntary commitments,” she said in her speech.
Of course, there is no explanation forthcoming from the NAM as to why such an allegedly 'peaceful' program was kept secret from the IAEA by Iran for some 18 years (which by itself constitutes numerous violations of the the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty, of which Iran is conveniently not a signatory), or why Iran feels so strongly about developing a complete nuclear fuel cycle on its own soil (this would only be necessary for a nuclear weapons program). And of course, there is absolutely no mention of Iran's repeated threats to, and I quote, "wipe Israel off the map". Israel is a member state of the UN, but not one of the NAM, as luck would have it. And NAM's ludicrous statement fails to mention why the evil west would be so concerned with Iran's barely-disguised nuclear armament program in the first place.

NAM--which might as well stand for "No to America Movement"--is nothing a but a club for Islamists, tyrants, dictators, thugocracies, and various sundry terrorist-supporting states. The list of the NAM is here--you'll find there are very few democracies on this rather dubious list of member nations. You will find countries like Syria, North Korea, Iran, and so on and so on. Turns out they vote against the US in the UN some 82% of the time, almost as much as the members of the Arab League. Founded during the cold war era, the NAM has evolved into another Islamist-owned and operated international club that despises the US and Israel, and another tool to advance the Global Jihad.

So it's no surprise that the NAM nations are rather chummy with each other, and they back each other up, especially when confrontation with the US (or frustration of the US agenda) is involved.

This story confirms what I have long suspected--as long as Iran can plausibly (or implausibly) claim to be developing nuclear 'energy', Iran will continue to enjoy the support (if not the envy) of the Muslim world. This is including 'moderate' Malaysia.

The battle lines are ever more sharply drawn.

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amali1999 said...

Do you think only the US, Israel and other few, especially European, countries should be free to make nuclear bombs?

If you disarm, disarm every country. If not, allow any country to develop it's own nuclear bombs if it wants to.

Be fair.