Friday, February 10, 2006

James Pinkerton Broaches the Subject of Banning Muslim Immigration

I'm a believer. The less Muslims the West has, the less trouble and insecurity. It's fact, not politically incorrect or correct. The end of 'we are all the same' mentality cannot come too soon. As Jim Pinkerton points out, the cartoon jihad only confirms what we have denied for too long.

Let's be honest: Multiculturalism can kill a nation Newsday Feb. 7th 2006

....Differences between the West and the Muslim world can be chalked up to just that - differences. That's the truth about world ethnicity, and no amount of politically correct wishful thinking will change that truth. Countries that ignore that basic lesson of history and political science put themselves at grave risk of internal discord, subversion and civil war. Either a country is united in its common culture or it becomes disunited in its multiculturalism.

For proof, we need only look to Europe, where millions of Muslims have been allowed to immigrate without much thought given to their political and cultural integration into their host societies. In London, Muslims responding to the Danish cartoons chanted pro-jihad slogans and carried signs reading "7/7 is on its way" - a reference to the terror bombings last July 7 that killed 52 innocent Britons. That's not free speech; that's incitement to violence. A nation allowing such hostile populations to flourish in its midst is not defending liberty. It is enabling its own national suicide.

Short of worldwide war, followed by occupation, there's not much the West can do about Muslim culture in Muslim lands. That's international multiculturalism, alas. But on the issue of intra-national multiculturalism, there's plenty we can do. We can monitor, we can insist upon political and cultural assimilation and we can impose strict controls on immigration and travel visas - down to zero if need be.

We might not be able to change them, but we can keep them from changing us.


t-ham said...

"We might not be able to change them, but we can keep them from changing us."

The essence of the dilemma that confronts us.

Unfortunately, few people will trumpet the fact that they bought a lemon. Most, due to pride or at least in an attempt to not be revealed for a fool, will defend their purchase beyond reason, up to the point where the adverse effects finally outweigh the protection of their wounded pride.

The problem is that when someone has bought into the MC/PC/ME pyramid scheme, the results are more complex than just admitting you got suckered by a smooth-talking salesman in a tasteless sportjacket.

Beyond admitting that the philosphy you embrace is a moral and practical wasteland, the MC'er must admit also that he/she isn't the superior and advanced example of humanity that they have been programmed to believe that taking such a position allows them to claim. The very arrogance that naturally grows out of their belief that they know what's best for the vast unwashed masses, that they are among the rare few who can be entrusted with the mental formulations required for humanity's welfare, the special and highly developed ones who "see" how things are and should be, it is this, and the belief in their superiority that the arrogance springs from that are threatened by the realization that their philosophy is a sham. This is a devastating possibility to consider for the elitist, not unlike the effects experienced by a battlefront refugee. All you know is gone, destroyed, or turned on it's head. Your identity, the traditions that support you, the things and ideas that you took comfort in, all gone. You are adrift in a strange and hostile world, begging for food, aid, a place to lay your head.

No wonder there is such resistance to declaring the concept failed. Many people have invested their lives in it. But history is full of examples of occupations and ideas that progress has rendered extinct. When was the last time the iceman's cart came down your street? When was the last time you sat with friends trying to imagine what it would be like to fall off the edge of the earth?

The difference with this, regarding the "Lemon Theory", and what will make this a slow and painful change, is that rather than finding the honesty to admit one was fooled, one must find the honesty to admit they WERE a fool.

On a more positive note, anyone who can look at themselves and find the courage to come to that conclusion will deserve our respect, for it isn't an easy conclusion to make.

eyesallaround said...

I saw this on another blog:

"The lesson of the Muhammad cartoon controversy is: Multiculturalism between nations is inevitable, but multiculturalism within nations is disastrous."

Doesn't that just hit the nail on the head?

Conan said...

Beautiful guys. And finally we are talking about NO Islam in the West..wer ARE incompatible.

Always On Watch said...

Slamming the immigration doors shut is the only alternative. If Muslims feel that "Freedom of expression is Western terrorism," as one placard read, then they need to stop coming into our society.

Close the mosques? I've heard that Muslims don't wish to stay in a country without mosques.

Cubed © said...

Love the idea of stopping further immigration. If you are a believing, practicing Muslim, you cannot, without practicing deception, adhere to the terms of any oath of naturalization, military service, political office, loyalty to the U.S., etc., because these are all "man-made," and not from the Qur'an, and are thus not legitimate.

Personally, I have no problem with recognizing this problem, and solving it by stripping the citizenship etc. of any believing, practicing Muslim who has purjured him/herself by taking the oaths, and then deporting them. At the very least, they couldn't hold many positions which would affect U.S. policy--hold political office, be members of the military, etc.

Along with banning further immigration, this could significantly diminish the intended takeover.

And another thing, re: the Cartoon War. The Islamic demand that we and other non-Muslim nations cease the publication of cartoons/portrayals of Muhammed is just another manifestation of their strategy to slowly but surely change us in a way that makes it easier for them to take over.

We have our First Amendment; that is the Law of the Land. We also have our social conventions which not only allow, but encourage the depiction, via cartoons, of views we disagree with.

It is they who must adapt to the laws and customs of the host nations they have infested, and not the host nations who must adapt to their laws and customs.

Mark said...


It is they who must adapt to the laws and customs of the host nations they have infested, and not the host nations who must adapt to their laws and customs.

Yes, this boils down to When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

What the Muslims are trying to do is change this pearl of wisdom on its head. They want the Romans to behave like the barbarians!

I see no other way of solving this problem than by stopping further immigration into the West, deporting all the illegal ones, and deporting forthwith any that are here who start causing trouble.

friendlysaviour said...

how very well put. The fall from the pillar of self-pride is along ways down.
The fall will be much harder even, for a complete belief-system. It will need a hard push.