Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Kill all the infidels…even if they are against the cartoons

We had Kofi Annan in Dubai yesterday. He was here to receive a $1 million award from Sheik Mohammed, the ruler of Dubai and vice president of the UAE. Annan was being awarded, officially, for his lifelong humanitarian work. Receiving an award for such achievement is a very good thing, but receiving it from a sheik who rules over a Moslem nation is something creepy—especially at a time when the whole Moslem world is lining up against western values.

What does the proclaimed ‘leader of the world’ have to say after receiving his one million dollar bribe, I mean award?

“[…the media should] respect other religions. I have spoken out about this, basically indicating that the cartoons and the republishing of the cartoons have given offence to many Moslems. I appeal to Moslems to accept the apology that has been offered and to act as I am sure Almighty God, who is compassionate and merciful, would wish them to do. That is, to act with calm and dignity, to forgive the wrong they have suffered, and to seek peace rather than conflict.”
Well, to start off, the ‘leader of the world’ doesn’t even know anything about Islam; I don’t know who gave him the authority to talk about God for everyone. I am sure he has never read the Koran. I am also sure he doesn’t know that the god in the Koran is a different kind of god. By applying Christian concepts of compassion and mercy to the Moslem god, he has committed blasphemy and that of the worst kind. It is true that these words are applied to Allah in the Koran but that compassion is only toward one who believes that ‘there is no god but Allah and Mohammed is his apostle.’ As for non-Moslems, Islam never gives mercy or compassion to them. Sorry Mr. Annan, it just doesn’t make sense here.

While Mr. Annan was playing in the lap of Sheik Mohammed, Sheik Mohammed had something to say too, and that wasn’t very smart either—well what else do you expect from a Moslem leader? Here are the enlightening words of Sheik Mohammed in regards to the OFFENSIVE cartoons from Denmark:

“[there should be a] constructive and sensitive dialog among world peoples and states to preserve global and regional peace and stability.”
What's strange is that peace and stability are only affected when something goes against the principles of Islam. What I find moronic in this statement of the ‘GREAT STATESMAN’ is that, according to him, the whole world should be dragged into something that should only concern just a couple of nations of the world.

Even if, somehow, it is an offensive thing that happened (personally I think the cartoons are somewhat funny, especially the virgin one and the turban bomb, but anyhow) what did the rest of the world do to be dragged into this teeny little problem? Well, when dealing with Moslems you have to be ready for that. This incident reminds me of a verse in the Koran, which is very famous of course. It says, ‘kill all the infidels wherever you find them…’ what can be added in front of that verse is ‘…even if they are against the cartoons, you have the chance now-- take it and rid the world of non Moslems. Keep giving away money to Dhimmis, take their land over by crying over nothing and you will get the money back along with their women and children.’ If you search the Koran that’s what it says, in different verses—but we don’t want to delve into that in detail right now.

The Moslem notion of peace and stability is in that verse and that’s what they look for—they wait for something to happen, that’s not even remotely offensive, they make it offensive and then act on the verse written above.


Dag said...

Derek at http://thestudyofrevenge.blogspot.com/
has a warning slapped on his site for running a graphic of Mohammed.

Please lend Derek your support. Derek is our Denmark.

Cubed © said...

Derek has OUR support--among other things, BUY DANISH! Ol' Ahmadinejad has called for a boycott of Danish stuff all over the Muslim world.

And then there's the "Great Cartoon War" he has declared against the West! Can you believe it? With all this idiocy--oops, did I offend some Muslim somewhere?--about the cartoons, who is going to win it? I mean, it was the Grand Poobah Khomeini who said, "Allah did not create man so that he could have fun. . .There are no jokes in Islam. There is no humor in Islam. There is no fun in Islam."

Islam is going to be SO HUMILIATED by this challenge!

Man, have they ever shot themselves in the foot! They've been whining about being insulted forever, and now they throw out the challenge to HUMILIATE them!


John Sobieski said...

Kofi Annan is a corrupt and contemptible person. I remember hihm admitting the iraq food program was corrupt but he said he would stay on to fix that. Isn't that classic.

sambitch said...

what kind of warning?