Monday, February 06, 2006

The Leftists Hate The Olympics As Well

I haven't been paying attention to news about the upcoming Olympics in Turin, Italy, but there has been a lot of attacks on the carriers of the Olympic Torch. The anarchists say they are doing it for this or for that, but it's really that they hate the Olympics because they hate the West. The Olympics have become extremely commercial and have become a mythical opportunity for 'renaissance' but usually leave the host city deep in debt. Nonetheless, I like watching them and have no problem with them. That's the Western way, don't watch if you don't like. But for the left, that won't do. No, you have to intrude, make sure no one has fun and that you forever smudge memories of the event for those who are enthusiastic with the games, or like me, don't have a problem with the extravaganza.

Take the case of Eleanora Berlanda, the Italian 1,500 metres champion runner, who was just relishing her segment of the final homerun of the torch to Turin. Why smash her memories? Oh, I get it. She's irrelevant. Anything goes to get your demands in front of my face. Understood and will act accordingly.

Olympic Flame Hijacked by Anti-Capitalist Protesters
by John Phillips

Italian demonstrators have hijacked the Olympic torch on its way to the Winter Games in Turin in unprecedented protests targeting the event's sponsors, Coca-Cola.

Eleanora Berlanda, the Italian 1,500 metres champion runner, was pounding the streets of the northern city of Trent bearing the torch when eight protesters, their faces hidden by scarves, burst through barriers along her route and grabbed at it.

Ms Berlanda tried to fend them off, but was soon overwhelmed and gave up. Four of her attackers seized the torch and held it aloft. Police intervened and the flame was handed back to the runner, who continued on her way to Turin's ski slopes. The flame is due in Turin on 9 February for the Games, which run from 10-26 February.

Four of the protesters escaped, but the other four were arrested and taken to a local police station, where an angry group of anarchists gathered outside in solidarity. The anarchists were booed and jeered by the crowd who had gathered to watch the progress of the flame. Some bystanders shouted "buffoni, buffoni," (buffoons) as the anarchists were led away.

"How sad, how it makes me angry too," said Ms Berlanda. "The torch is a symbol of universal peace. It never entered my head that anyone would think of offending it." Valentino Castellani, president of the Turin Olympic Committee (Toroc), called Monday night's incident an "indescribable attack".

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