Friday, February 24, 2006

The mask has slid off

The lingering afterglow of the cartoonifada has brought out the Malay "jihadiputra" moonbats in force. One never has to scratch very far under the surface of Malaysia's carefully crafted (and disingenuous) "moderate" Muslim image to find avid supporters of Jihad. This secret, or not-so-secret love of Jihad goes hand-in-hand with the Malay mindset that blames all unrest and discord in the world squarely on the infidels. And especially the top kuffir country of all, the USA.

Local blog Malaysia Today quotes a recent International Herald Tribune (IHT) article that captures this Islamic delirium perfectly. Key grafs:

Something is seriously wrong when a Malaysian politician asks if a conflict between Malay Muslims living in southern Thailand and the Thai government is a product of American policy. "Surely," said Mohamad Nasir, from Alor Setar in the state of Kedah, "the American war against Islam has encouraged the Thai government to put down the Malays in southern Thailand."

The 'American war against Islam'? You mean this Mister Nasir hasn't been listening to Bush's endless 'Islam is the religion of peace' crap? I say it is high time that we infidels give the Muslims exactly what they think the Americans have been up to all along.

Remember, to Muslims, it's only war when the infidels fight back.
The perception has taken root in Asia that communal problems, even on a local scale, are part of a global Western conspiracy against Islam led by the United States. As a small group of protesters stoned the U.S. embassy in Jakarta in mid-February, organizers gave speeches blaming the West for wanting to destroy Islam by manipulating the issue of terrorism "and all those things are engineered by the United States."

They must have forgotten to mention Israel there. Surely, Israelis, Zionists and the evil Jooos have their fingers in everyone's pies ... don't they, Muslims of the world?
Everywhere it seems, Muslim sentiment and activism is a threat, in a part of the world once seen as a beacon of tolerance and moderation.
I hope this writer is correct about this. Because if he is, it means that, at last, the kuffirs of Southeast Asia may be finally waking up from their dhimmified stupor and waking up to the threat. The undeniable reality of Islamic intimidation, oppression, violence, and murder of any and all non-Muslims within reach is a real waking nightmare for so many, and not just in this part of the world. Muslim 'sentiment and activism', which the writer tries to make sound as innocuous as possible, is indeed a predatory threat. Islam is no sheep--it's a wolf!

And this mention of Islamic ‘tolerance and moderation’, stated like it's an indisputable fact, is in fact a mirage. It always has been! That part is nothing but western-conjured dhimmi fantasy.
But increasingly, Muslims are finding it hard to persuade their non-Muslim neighbors that peace lies at the core of Islamic dogma.
The IHT staff writer who penned this surely meant the readers to take it as yet more bad news. But for me, I take it as good news. It means (if it's true) that the infidels are becoming less and less likely to believe all the Muslim lies, deception and taqiyya about wanting 'peace'. Pedestrian Infidel knows all about the Islamic notion of peace.


Κοινότητα Εκάλης said...

Malays (or whatevah they are called those short brown skin creatures with their funny accent and hairdo) must be greatful to the chinese and Indian minorities that have worked hard to bring prosperity in this country. But instead they are abusing them, while the prosperity goes to the children of the Malays that are coming in europe to study with their government money while chinese and indians have to pay their own fees.

Malays are laizy animals, i lived with 2 of them when i was studying in wales. I was lucky that they decided to live the flat since they could not afford my beer addiction nor my punk rock staff. All they were doing, was to pray, cook and sleep. I had a good chinese mate from malaysia and he told me for what is going on there.

Malaysia............truly asia (or Muslim?)

Frankly one muslim nation that has brough welfare, equality and prosperity for its citizens..just one...Dubai and some other countries have brough prosperity but only for the few while human rights are not on their dictionary.

Κοινότητα Εκάλης said...

a favor lads. i want to add the support denmark banner on my blog.. Do you know the script and where in the template i am going to paste it? send me info to cheers

Conan The Librarian said...

Good writing here!! have y'all bought your rifles yet for the coming international clash of civilizations? I wish I was kidding, really. Sigh.