Saturday, February 11, 2006

More crazy cartoon jihadin'

If it's Friday in Malaysia, then you know it's time for more crazy Cartoon jihadin'--if a little cartoon jihad is good, then more must be better, of course. The Muzzies go to Friday 'prayer', and get predictably riled up. Then they come storming out of their mosques, full of piss and anger against the infidels. And the righteous anger isn't just confined to the mobs in the street, either.

There's so much going on, I'll just post the headlines and key grafs.

Malaysia bans possession of Prophet cartoons

KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - Malaysia has slapped a blanket ban on circulating or even possessing cartoons of the [alleged] Prophet Mohammad.

Thousands in Asia protest cartoons

In Malaysia's biggest protest against the caricatures, some 3,000 demonstrators called for the destruction of Denmark, Israel and the United States as they marched in a steady rain from a mosque to the Danish Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, AP reported.

"Long live Islam. Destroy Denmark. Destroy Israel. Destroy George Bush. Destroy America," some of the protesters shouted.

The march was about 10 times larger than a similar protest after Friday prayers last week, AP said.

Sarawak Tribune Suspension To Safeguard National Security

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 10 (Bernama) -- Suspension of the publication permit of the Sarawak Tribune for re-publishing the controversial caricatures depicting [the alleged] Prophet Muhammad is the most appropriate action taken by the government to safeguard the country's national security.

Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (Suhakam) Commissioner Prof Datuk Hamdan Adnan said maintaining racial harmony in the country was of a higher priority than the freedom of expression.

As is plain to see, freedom is dying, and I've got a front row seat. Or maybe it's been dead for quite awhile already.


Conan The Librarian said...

It's dead over there. Let them live in the 7th century...they hate us well they can get their own cars, medicines etc from the highly industrialized Middle East then. Fuck em!

eyesallaround said...

Amen libraryguy!

Always On Watch said...

Every time I see the news about what these Muslims around the world are doing, I feel like a spectator at a horrific disaster.

I'll bet that those who were awake in the 1930's felt the same way as they saw the rise of the Third Reich.