Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Multiculturalism: The Dead Hand

Multiculturalism is much more than a joke on the West. It's a disease of the mind. Islam has proven that. As we watch our political elite wimper and cower at Islam and pressure the ignorant masses to defend Islam, many now sarcastically sneer at the political correctness and the groveling of our leaders. I'm talking about you, Al Gore, Condi Rice, Tony Blair, all the EU elites and that most craven of beasts, the MSM.

Over at the Brussels Journal, Joshua Trevino, has an excellent article about the death of multiculturalism. "The Dead Hand"

Multiculturalism is dead. It was always dead, in the sense that an untruth has no life, but the energies of a vigorous fraud are enough to deceive many for much time. The idea that differing value-systems could coexist within a superstructure, itself imposing equality upon them, was a tempting one: it affirmed a reassuring view of humanity, and more important, it relieved a West that did not believe in itself of the burden of self-assertion. Its lie was always obvious to those willing to think critically about it — what if the notionally subsidiary value-system struck against the value-system undergirding the arbitrating superstructure? — but now it is obvious to nearly all who have lived through the last five years of war and massacre, and seen its latest phase ignited by mere cartoons.

The other lesson of the “cartoon war” derives directly from the actions of the Danish imams — but we already saw it in the hate of the Finsbury Park Mosque, the violence of the Arab European League, and the flames of the French banlieues. Paul Belien said it best: “[W]hen a country has let in a Muslim minority it has let in the Muslim majority from the rest of the globe.” One only hopes that this lesson, driven home in Denmark, takes root elsewhere in Europe. Though made fresh by events, it is a lesson that long predates this affair:

[T]hat most precious possession of Western Man, freedom of thought and expression, is threatened by the spread of creeds which, claiming the privilege of tolerance when in the position of a minority, seek only to establish a position of power in which they can suppress and obliterate all views but their own.

The founders of the Mont Pelerin Society had Communism in mind when they drafted this a generation ago. It rings as true now that Islamism subverts the very societies in which it has found refuge. Will the threatened hosts learn? Will they act? There is no confidence in their self-defense; there is no sureness in their rectitude. Only one thing is sure: this is not over yet.


Conan The Librarian said...

Exactly. Multiculturalism, along with political correctness of all kinds is dead. Thte Liberals just don't kmow it yet, till the Muslim knife is at their throat and they hear the words "Submit, kaffir".

Mark said...


I declared multiculturalism dead when the cartoon story broke. But I was told that it wouldn't be that simple. I think it is: It's dead, as you rightly point out in your great blog. Multiculturalism is DEAD. Political correctness is also DEAD.

Let's move on!

Dag said...

For those who've experienced different cultures and people we see clearly that the concept of multi-culturalism is gramatically stupid: non-Western cultures are not different from each other, they are a monoculture of primitivism.

In the modern West there is multiplicities of culture: there is skateboard culture, there is transgendered pot-smoker culture, there is et c. In primitive cultures there is only primitivism. One style of thought and one way of expresssing it: conformity and obedience to power.

We in the West are victimised by our ignorance of our own cultureal development: we who do not know the nature of Herder's multiculturalism miss the impact he had on our day. To understand why we think as we think we do we must unravel the tarps of our history of ideas to see what lies beneath our most common assumptions. Great and original thinkers like von Herder have led us astray, and it is for our public intellectuals to show us what our time is and why. Those have abandoned thier rightful duties in favor of ideology and favor seeking to our detriment. But we are not fooled. We know intuitively that multi-culturalsim is a form and varient of fascism but we must know exactly how so, why so, and wherefore so.

I urge that we meet openly to discuss this problem of the decay of the meme of multiculturalism. What comes next? Where do we go from here? There are good and rightfully acceptable answers to these questions we face in our nearest future, and we must be prepared to answer them articulately and with true and expert knowledge if we are to ammend our previous wrong path.

The Blue Revolution isn't mostly about our fight against Islam. Our revolution is mostly about ourselves and our definiton of our course for the future. We are indeed against, but what are we for?

friendlysaviour said...

Multiculturalism, such an overused word,... but only by our politicians and media types.
I have yet to hear a member of public, friend, foe or fellow traveller, use this strange term.
The word itself stinks of concoction.
The ramming together of an alternative of "many" with a word that describes the seperated and individual nature of human existence and belief systems, "cult(ural) Oh, and add that most over used of word-endings... "ism".
The word trips off the lips of '60's educated politicians like tiny Blair
at every moment that he finds himself unable to rectify the anomalies that throw themselves up in the news-events daily.
We are constantly bombarded with the idea that any who dare question this notion is somehow "racist"
In uk we have been of "multi" cultured nature for several thousand years since the Bronze Age.
The UK was always a fluxing amalgum of Celt, Roman,Belgic, Saxon, Viking, Norman, not to mention just plain English, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh!
What then is new? Living alongside eachother requires no special edict from these sychophantic imposters.
I need nobody to tell me that every living man and woman has the right to live in peace.
However, now, my open-handed and heartfelt genorosity to all humankind, ie. "my neighbour" is challenged not by a race of enemies but by a CULT of such differing established ideas, that I must question this notion of being anything like "multi" with them.
On a daily basis in uk, one must ecounter muslim individuals as one goes about ones life. I have nothing but politeness and am usually shown little animosity, BUT I sense the simmering difference of culture in the eyes of the veiled woman at the shop counter,in the voice of the taxi-driver. The world media vies over daily events in Palestine, Iraq, etc., over demonstrations of anti-Western anger and lets face it, sreaming racist vehemence against us, against me.
So where is the support for multicultualism amongst the moslems of the middle-east? Where is it to be found amongst the ravings of the muslims of the far-east? Where is it to be found amongst the muslims of Great Britain, when you scratch the surface?
You will not find any muslims in Britain speaking out against the Hamas bombers ("they are liberation fighters")
You will find few muslims giving anything but lipservice to Americas plight following 9/11.
There was no mass-mobilisation of uk muslims following the July London bombings, true a few thousand turned
out to the sympathy demonstrations afterwards, but what a tiny proportion of the 4 or 5 million muslims that are here.
MUlticulturalism is indeed dead.
It was still-born,
"this parrot is a deceased parrot, look it is nailed to it's perch" to quote "Python"
Yes, for the word "multiculturalism to even survive in the language requires daily re-affirmation by the politically correct SS of our present leaders.
I do not think that the majority of the public see it for anything other than what it is.....
A dead bird... "..beautiful plumage"