Thursday, February 02, 2006

Nick Griffin and Mark Collett Found Not Guilty In Free Speech Trial

Good news today from Londonistan. BNP leader Nick Griffin and Mark Collett were found not guilty today for 'hate' speech. I do not understand Tony Blair. If he had spoken out against this, I would have respect for him. But he did not.

You can read more at Free Speech On Trial.


Michael said...

Blair didn't speak out because he wanted them found guilty. It never ceases to amaze me that Blair can be such a touch talker on the war on Dhimmitude overseas, but doesnt seem to mind it at home.

American Crusader said...

Good for them. Do you have a site which shows exactly what was said?
Muslims hate it when free speech goes against them. In Islamic lands, we infidels couldn't even testify against a Muslim.

Lucy said...

Thanks to freedom of speech I am able to say that I find Mark Collett and Nick Griffin to be abhorrent human beings.

friendlysaviour said...

Try these Dutch cartoons out. Really super imaginative graphics.
Laughter is one of the best cures for isslamophobia.
I think that we have hit on the best form of non-violent defence against those that would undo all that we have achieved.
THE PEN (and photoshop) are Mightier than the SWORD.
It's a bit slow loading.

friendlysaviour said...

Hi, "luee", considering that you have never met Nick Griffin and that you have never listened to what he says, you are obviously clairvoyant, or have been reading the left/liberal Brit newspapers, who, as a matter of fact, have done everything possible to avoid reporting the trial or the details of what the charges relate to.
I wish you well in Londinistan.
I am glad that you recognise the importance of free speech.
I hope that you enjoy the yoke of isslamm when you finally wake up to the facts, that you and your like have been sold down the river by Blair, Galloway, BBC, et al.
You are like the sacrificial lamb being led to slaughter. People like you have your opinioms from others and you are to lazy to study the kooran and find out for yourself why islaaam is a wicked and evil faith.
And they want to let turkey into the E.U., then your children will be forced to study islaam and your daughters will have to wear burkhas so as not to upset the Mslimm majority.
love and peace man,
with your head in the sand.
I am just listening to the jeering hatefilled mslimms, on the news, as they burn flags around the world, because of a few drawings!
Funny ain't it, THEY cut yor fellows throats, YOU don't like someone who merely spoke his beliefs outloud.
Look into your heart, sunshine, what do you see?

Iran Watch said...'s a double edge sword. If you want to call them abhorrent human beings, you have that right. They have the right to say what they did. I don't agree with their racist positions either.

Lucy said...

bld - No, I haven't met Nick Griffin. I have met Mark Collett on numerous occasions, and have received BNP 'literature' (I use this term loosely) through my door, which I have read, digested, tried to understand and have empathy with, and then promptly thrown away. The BNP prey on people's unfounded fears. Have you read the Qu'ran bld? Or the Kooran? I am not particularly a supporter of Blair, and certainly not of Galloway, and I am scared by what is happening throughout the world as a retaliation to the Muhammed cartoons. But I do not feel like a sacrificial lamb to the slaughter in any way. Thank you for your concern though, it is appreciated although unnecessary.

Lucy said...

PS - I find it a testimony to your hypocrisy that you have started to censor comments on a pro free speech website.

Anonymous said...

luee, this is not hypocrisy, it is our right. Just as we can censor some comments, so can the moslems in their countries. We run this blog, we have the right to censor anything we want, its not like we tell other blogs to censor stuff too, we dont tell them to not publish, lets say, cartoons of 'avenging apostate' if we feel thats offensive. We have the right to say whatever we want in our territory and we let others say whatever they want in their territory. This is called being pro free speech. I dont know what your idea of free speech is. And if it is about being pro islamic, well forget about it then, that isnt happening until islam changes.

Anonymous said...

There could be no other verdict in light of the comments of recent members of the governments concerns about Islam (Jack Straw?)
We should all be grateful to Nick and Marc because they have set a precedent now enshrined in law......its legal to describe a wicked vicious faith as a wicked vicious faith.