Wednesday, February 08, 2006

PI now covers Europe

Let's extend a huge infidel welcome to the newest member of the PI team, European Kafir (see her first post here). "European Kafir" comes to us from the high Alps of Switzerland, and is distressed at the steady encroachment of Islam into her homeland (and Europe in general). This middle age, middle class woman is determined to save her way of life, and of Europe's way of life, before it's too late. It's a very encouraging sign, that embattled old Europe is at last waking up to the wolf at the door that is Islam.

PI is very happy to have Kafir with us. With her addition, we now have worldwide coverage with our four team members ( John--US ... Anti-Jihadist--Malaysia ... Apostate--UAE ... and now European Kafir in Switzerland).


Cubed © said...

Welcome, indeed--those of us everywhere in the world who "see the light" and understand what's going on here will be the torch-bearers for our survival as a civilization.

We had a "Dark Age" once before, and once is enough.

By the way, it is my understanding that while the Sunni forbid the portrayal of Mohammad, the Shia do not, and in Iran (!), there are may painting depicting him.

But in any case, we have a First Amendment to the Constitution in this country, protecting free speech, especially as it pertains to political matters; if we see the policies and behaviors of Muslims to be antithetical to our well being, we can (and will) express our concerns in every way, including in the form of cartoons.

We follow the laws of OUR country, not of the theocratic state of Islam. If they don't like seeing the cartoons, let them turn the page!

American Crusader said...

I read the post by European Kafir. It's good to hear that other Europeans are waking up and seeing Islam for what it really is. For Western society to succeed in this clash of cultures, we need to stand in unison and put an end to the aspirations of bin Laden and his ilk.