Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Should Israel be invited to NATO?

NATO membership for Israel? I came across this idea today in the Wall Street Journal, and it got my attention. Indeed, this may be the only effective strategy left on the table, short of war, to deter the mad mullahs in Iran from completing their barely-concealed nuclear weapons program.

The blog The Right Scale sums up a convincing argument for immediately admitting Israel to NATO:

The West has one ace left to play before a final showdown looms. Extending NATO membership to Israel could convince Iran’s Mullahs that developing a nuclear capability is not in their interest.

Israel meets NATO qualifications: it is a democracy, has a free market economy, and is able to contribute to the common defense. In fact, unlike many new NATO members, it would be a net addition to the alliance, having lift and logistics ability, a second-to-none officer corps, and a first-rate military capable of all aspects of war-fighting.

Israel’s intelligence capabilities have been a vital asset in prosecuting the Global War on Terror, as few understand the conflict so well. Like the U.S. and Great Britain, history has forced Israel into being a genuine warrior nation. Its accession to NATO could only enhance the alliance’s capabilities.

More importantly, Israeli accession to NATO would explicitly extend the Western alliance’s nuclear deterrent to cover Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Now it will be Tehran, and not the rest of the world, that has a proliferation problem. Any nuclear or conventional attack on Israel, be it direct or through proxies such as Hezbollah or other terrorist groups, would be met by a cataclysmic response from the West that would make the Battle of Omdurman look like a stroll in the park. [3]

Israel’s accession would leave the Mullahs with no illusions about the West’s determination to respond to Iran’s strategic threat to the region. NATO membership is the strongest disincentive to Tehran against its aspirations to join the nuclear club. Iran wants the bomb primarily to intimidate Israel into a lesser role in the Middle East and, in effect, to hold the West hostage to its desire for regional dominance. Extended deterrence, with its proven track record in the Cold War, remains the last, best chance to get the Iranians to back down. Israel’s joining NATO is undoubtedly the most effective way to resolve the crisis, short of immediate military action.

I hope someone in the White House or State Department is fast tracking this idea. Hopefully the arm twisting will start soon or has already started with our half-hearted European "allies" over at NATO HQ in Brussels. Europeans don't have a lot of love for the Israelis, so if they have to be shoved into an overnight NATO-Israel shotgun marriage kicking and screaming, so be it.

NATO has obviously been wandering aimlessly since the USSR imploded, searching for purpose and mission. Well, we've got a mission for you now, NATO. We all know who the enemies of democracy and the West are--this side of the blogosphere has known about the 'clear and present danger' we've been facing for some time now. It's very much a fact that Europe, the US, and the free world as a whole all have the same enemies, even if the Europeans are in denial about it most of the time.

It's high time NATO became relevant again. Admit Israel to NATO now.


kepiblanc said...

Excellent idea.

I must, however, object to your description of Europe. You're confusing Europeans with the EU which is a different matter entirely. And - being Danish - I am a bit disappointed by your label "half-hearted". Last I looked my heart is intact as are my fellow countrymen's.

The Anti-Jihadist said...

A thousand pardons. At least some Europeans know who their real enemies are, and it aint the US. I am ever hopeful that European resistance to jihad, dawa, and dhimmitude will someday be reflected in the EU's various official positions. Or at least in their respective national governments. It sure as hell hasn't happened yet, with the EU and most governments caving to their would-be Muslim overlords virtually overnight. The cartoon jihad is showing this process all too well.

The increasing resistance to Islam in Europe I am seeing at the man-on-the-street level is inspiring.

kepiblanc said...

No pardon needed, I take it we're just too small for anyone to notice (well, apart from a few Moslems)....

Anyway, yesterday's poll here in Denmark showed an unprecedented advance for our government and an even greater loss for the "Social Democrats". This party is a wishy-washy crowd of useful idiots, often with an anti-Israeli - if not antisemitic - attitude. Luckily, this party is approaching oblivion.

The overwhelming majority of Danes would happily welcome Israel in NATO.

von Schlichtningen said...

Brilliant idea.

I am whole hearted Dane also. And all in favor. But there are a lot of half-hearted Europeans who would be dead against.

Somehow the whole Arab-Jewish conflict has become the fault of the Israelis. Must have been all these unprovoked Israeli attacks on Arab countries hellbent to exterminate Arabia. Only a dhimmi can understand how really bad the Jews are.

In fact they are behind every single conflict on this Earth. Unknown to all it has lately been discovered they were actually behind the holocaust and auto-terminated 6 million Jews just to be able to later play the victims. It is true! Ask any dhimmi.

LD said...

Fight the good fight, you are not in it alone. we are everywhere our numbers are strong.


friendlysaviour said...

The tide must RISE before it TURNS.
Long live our Viking friends.

Cubed © said...


Thank you so much for your poll reports. They are encouraging--are people beginning to see the light?

Everybody, as you may be aware, here in the U.S., we have just experienced one of the most horrifyingly dhimmi proposals made to date--the turnover of the management of six, and possibly seven, of our most important ports to MUSLIMS!

You can read the Frank Gaffney (Washington Times) article about it on several sites: Always On Watch, Northern Virginiastan, Infidel Bloggers' Alliance, and Sixthcolumn.

The Minutemen have it right; if you want something to be done right, you have to do it yourself. It would appear that our Protectors are no more inclined to uphold their sworn duties than are the Muslims, who reject all such oaths as "man-made," "not of Koranic origin."

By all means, it is more critical than ever that Israel be invited to join NATO.

Dag said...

I'll take this chance to remind everyone that we are holding another Blue Scarf meeting at McDonald's on Thursday. I posted a letter from Claude Reichman, the founder of the French Blue Revolution, at http://nodhimmitude.blogspot.com/ and a letter from Sebastien, one of the participants in it.

Personally, I'm not a pacifist. Nor am I inclined to wait for others to act on my behalf when the duty is mine.

Please take a look at Reichman's post and see if you might wish to get involved in something along this line in your community. If so, wear a blue scarf and sit at McDonald's on Thursday and hope for the best. Perhaps this time, maybe next time, someone will join you, and from there you can begin to plan some effectvive resistence to appeasement. Let's not let this slide as badly as it has done in Europe.

Our lives, our choices. If you choose to resist, please leave a notice at nodhimmitude.

Thanks, Dag.

Always On Watch said...

At last, a constructive idea! Not from our elected officials, of course.

Κοινότητα Εκάλης said...

well, listen to this. NATO did nothing when turkey invaded cyprus that led to the killing of 10000 civilians, the vandalisation of hundred of churches (many of them were turned on mosques) and the ethnic cleasing of the native christians in North Cyprus. At this case NATO helped the expansion of Islam in European country. This has occured from a NATO MEMBER, which is Turkey and it is a MUSLIM country with a PM that SUPPORTS the ISLAMIC WAY of living. So, why i ll have to depend on an organisation that killed thousands of serbs in order to protect the jedahi mujahedins Albanians in the serbian province of Kossovo that happens to be an important christian landmark?

well, it would be a good move but surely NATO is a fraud and i reckon that EU countries shall pull out of NATO. We had enough with that conservative parody. NATO is about protecting Islam and Jehad (do not forget who funded the Mujahedins 25 years ago) rather than helping the free world nor we need those stupid Patriot-conservative surveillance stuff in europe.

Also i have organized a competition with jokes about Mo and Bush = go to http://grliberaldemocrat.blogspot.com

Κοινότητα Εκάλης said...

@Anti Jihadi

I am against Islam but i dont support USA. As long as USA does not apoligize for the crimes against my country (greece) i see no reason to support USA. In case that you are not aware, those crimes are 40 years of Juda, the killing of democratic ppl from american agends, the civil war that destroyed greece. It is funny that America in the greek civil war supported the fascists who were working together with Nazis and fought against the ones that few years ago had fought on many battles in europe and north africa against the nazis. That is how american says 'thank you' to her allies; by punish them.

friendlysaviour said...

Mantas, You make good points.
It is difficult to reconcile some of Americas actions in Europe and I agree, certain Countries have suffered through these actions.
You are right about Serbia, it was such an easy target as a small independant nation.
I can't agree with some of the "reverse ethnic cleansing" that may have happened, but I do believe Nato made a big mistake in attacking Serbia.
Daily, large numbers of troops are required to prevent pockets of Christians in Bosnia from being torched. How long will Euro/Nato keep this up?
Eventually this enforced peace in the Balkans will fall. The mudjahadin are still present there, biding their time, waitng, using the area as a jumping off point for attacks into Russia's moslem flanks.
I do remember that it was under Clinton that nato attacked the Christians of Serbia.
That is the trouble, whenever you get a change of government in US you can't predict how they are going to
change tactics.
It is about time that the common enemy is recognised as such and lets face it, it is difficult for US in Europe with such a cow-towing bunch of Dopes running Euro-governments.
We must wait for the tide to turn, I think.

Κοινότητα Εκάλης said...

Though i am an atheist, i consider orthodoxy as an important political element that USA has turned its back on. Remember that the Orthodox Patriarch, the spiritual leader of all orthodoxs, has more influence than Vladimir Putin or any other leader in the area. He is an open mind person with his eye always looking on the west. His life is been threaten from extreme nationalist elements in muslim occupied constantinople like gray wolves and fanatic muslims but USA ignores his importance. A moderate leader who can influence the moderate muslims and the million of christians in middle east can bring more benefits than bombings civilians and making things worst. Instead NATO and USA are ignoring the continuous harasments against the orthodox coptes in egypt, the turkish invasion in north cyprus, NATO bombins in serbia and the harasment of the christian native population in modern turkey including the genocide of the armenians and of the pondian greeks.

NATO has to begin its campaign by supporting the orthodox population in middle, especially the ecumenical patriarch and coptes in Egypt who are in trouble. What i say is....first protect your own people.

friendlysaviour said...

Mantas,.. you have given me a lot of food for thought.
It is indeed time that "the Weat" look at what is happening in the places you mention. If not then even more Beslans may occur. I must check this out. thanks. "Occupied Constantinople"...

Κοινότητα Εκάλης said...


lemme remind you that constantinople was the capital of greece for 1200 years and it is been occupied from muslims, it is been conquered by war, there was not any turc or muslim till 1200 in asia minor.

Please go to http://www.hagiasophiablog.com

and then to
http://www.hagiasophiablog.com/gallery.html and see the black and white picture on the very top right of the image. You will notice that the muslim icons have been positioned in front of the picture of jesus christ, which a serious blasphemy. how muslims would feel if we placed christian icons in Mecca, right on their holy place. Do not forget the st. sophia is the largest and most important christian teple along with st. petre in the vatican.

I wonder what our muslims friends would have to say about that

Κοινότητα Εκάλης said...

sorry, it is on the left not the right top of the image.