Monday, February 06, 2006

Support dissent in Iran

This is a link to a rather intriguing page that's been posted on the net by a dissident group of Iranians. They not only disagree with the ruling theocracy of that country, but with Iran's ever-increasing Islamification of its society. Fortunately for us, most of the links and articles at this site are in English. Have a look--it's fascinating stuff and a reveals very different Iranian mindset from the one Ahmadjihadi and his cronies and fanatics display to the world on a regular basis.

These dissidents are precisely the freedom-loving Iranians that President Bush is supporting so strongly in his rhetoric (and probably in other more covert ways also, and rightfully so). All hopes for regime change in Iran are riding on these very brave Iranian dissidents. On the other hand, Americans who claim to be dissidents (like Michael Moron) have no idea what it's like to risk one's life for a political or religious position. American 'dissidents' can call Bush 'Hitler' all day long and accuse him of all sorts of vicious crimes, and speak all sorts of lies. Then they get to go home and sleep soundly in their beds, knowing in their hearts that they are safe--the US government, they know, does not arrest dissidents just for being dissidents.

On the other hand, these anti-Islamic, anti-Jihadist, anti-theocracy Iranians are in double jeopardy. Not only are they in grave danger from the tyrannical dictator that rules their land with an iron fist (and has a track record of conducting assassinations of political opponents outside of Iran), but from the Arab Death Cult that openly condones the murder of apostates, doubters, and dissidents.

These Iranians are very brave to be taking the religious and political positions that they are taking. An Iranian that embraces democracy for Iran and disdains Islam is not safe anywhere. These folks deserve our prayers and support.

Visit their site now.


American Crusader said...

I have been paying attention to several Iranian groups wanting to bring about change in Iran. Unfortunately though, none of them seem powerful enough to effect change before Iran acquires nuclear weapons. If we have to attack Irans nuclear facilities, I guarantee we will also lose the support of these groups.

The Anti-Jihadist said...

Good point, Crusader. I agree with you on this. The disidents are too weak, and the government is too strong, not to mention utterly ruthless. So, while being brave and having their hearts in the right place, makes these disidents almost certainly irrelevant in the war to come.