Thursday, February 09, 2006

When you bite the hand that feeds you

The crazy jihadin' Arabs of "Palestine" continue their violent frenzy. Now they have managed to drive out all the foreign infidels from Hebron, which had included a contingent of leftist Euro-dhimwits (the Danes left this very same hell hole last week, smart of them). May I remind the cartoon rioters that these kuffirs that they just brutally attacked and forced to flee for their lives are in essence the source of most of the infidel jizya, I mean "foreign aid" that 'Palestine' gobbles up every year.

From The Guardian UK (with my helpful clarifications inserted inside the brackets):

International Observers Abandon Hebron

In Hebron, hundreds of rioters, most of them youths [I wonder if any French 'youths' made an appearance], overpowered a Palestinian police detail [terrorists and 'gunmen' moonlighting as 'cops'] at the compound of the Temporary International Presence [The Infidel Presence] in Hebron, or TIPH. The police were stationed at the building after the Danish cartoons began sparking protests across the Muslim world more than a week ago. [Yup, all that 'spontaneous' outrage. Remember that!]

Some protesters threw bottles and stones at TIPH’s office building and tried to set it on fire. A few forced themselves inside, where unarmed observers waved clubs in an attempt to drive them off [wouldn't having said clubs make the observers armed, not unarmed? And they weren't just 'observing' at that point, they were at least sort of fighting back]. After reinforcements [more moonlighting would-be Fatah martyrs] were called in, Palestinian police pushed back the crowd - but not before protesters had smashed nearly all of the windows in the mission’s three-story office building, and damaged three TIPH cars [Maybe the French 'youths' couldn't make this 'protest' after all--we all know what French 'youths' do to infidel cars.]

Eleven Danish members of TIPH left Hebron more than a week ago, but after the attack Wednesday, all 60 members of the mission’s foreign staff who were inside the building decided to leave for their own safety, mission spokeswoman Gunhild Forselv said [If they're really smart, they won't ever go back...unless they wanna fight off more 'youths' with clubs.]

I don't envy the Israelis in the slightest for having such bloodthirsty maniacs as next door neighbors. These crazy jihadis make the Mexicans look mighty good by comparison.

Such charming folks, those 'Palestinians'. Let's give them a state!


Manuel I Comnenus said...

Time to cut off aid to Palestine. It's hard to protest and burn buildings when people are starving. How much more evidence does the civilized world need to see before it comes to the conclusion that a Palestinian state is just not worth it. When you have a rabid dog sitting outside your porch, do you throw it some meat or do you shoot it? Why should the rules of nature be any different when dealing with these terror-loving barbarians?

John Sobieski said...

End the jizya. End the 'cultural exchanges.' Disengage as much as possible. They are on their own. We should not be supporting anyone who believes they hate us because their 'god' Mohammed hated us.

Conan said...

Good grief why is there any suprise when their so called holy books is full of Jew hating? They will never, ever be a good neighbor..better to push them ALL into the ocean at bayonet point.

dag said...

We held our third Blue Scarf meeting last night at McD. We discussed a wide range of topics, focused as much as possible on what we as private individuals can do to roll back dhimmitude and appeasement in our nations.

We are still few in numbers compared to the thousands the Muslims can bring out into the streets to wreck and burn, but we are growing stronger. There is a developing sense in the world that Islam is a menace to us all. We want to organise against it. We do so one to one at this point.

Our goal is to find a common platform from which we can speak as a united movement of human decency, a movement that will sweep across the world, a movement that cannot be stopped by savages with kitchen knives used to cut off men's heads.

Our third meeting came off nicely. We discussed the cartoon issue raging these recent days, and asked how we might turn it to our advantage. We looked at the n umbers of visitors to ours sites, people who are interested in this issue, and of other sites who've picked up this issue themselves and run with it. My contribution was showing a day in which my blog alone got 3,000 visits; Derek, the man who produced the first garaphic we use, is receiving an average of 3,500 visits per day for the past two weeks; and his work is spreading. People are paying attention, and they are expressing deep concern over the behaviour of Muslims and the nature of Islam.

Our question now is how to gather in more concerned citizens and how to organise an effective resistence to Islam in the West and how to roll it back and roll it out of the West. We focus on practicalites. We ask what people sitting at McD. can do the coming week to make it worse for Islam and better for us.As individuals in isolation we can do little but write letters, and to tdo that we might serve ourselves, our comminities, and the world better by allowing fom public "town hall" meetings.

It takes some personal initiative to move oneself to McD. and meet strangers for the sake of having a meeting. Often one sits alone. I've been fortunate in that Canadians are seem to be more motivated than Americans in this regard. However, even while Australians and the French outdo Americans in this gathering of the people to discuss jihad and dhimmitude, Americans can try to catch up. It will possibly take time to get the word out that this is not only important but workable. One might have to write notices and send out letters for weeks without a real response, sitting at McD. alone waiting for no one. But it will happen if those who are determined do the work of sitting.

We might well sit anyway, and the world of Islam will wash over us. It is our choice to act.

I'll post a report on our meeting later in this day.

I thank you for you time and interest.


Iran Watch said... that they have managed to drive off the last of the Europeans who were still willing to aid a terrorist state, where will they now get their funding? Last year United States donated 1.5 billion to the Palestinian government. 1.5 billion. Every time I say it, it makes me angry. Hamas is on the terrorist organization list that prohibits American citizens to contribute the US government needs to stick to their own law.