Friday, February 17, 2006

You can’t look at them…but raping them is OK

Since adult movies are not available here in Dubai and porn websites are blocked, one of my friends in college ordered some pornographic DVDs from the United States. He paid for it all up front, and he was told he’d get the package in about 14 days. He waited impatiently for the package…14 days passed by, and he didn’t get anything. But a week after that though, he got a tersely-worded letter from the UAE postal service saying something like, ‘Your package contained uncivilized material, which is illegal in the UAE’. So, just like that, all his precious porno DVDs had been confiscated by the UAE. Not only did he lose all that money, he was totally pissed off—so pissed off that he was jumping on and off the chair when he related the story to me.

Right when I heard the story, it hit me…what ‘civilization’ was the UAE postal service referring to? Are they talking about the Moslem ‘civilization’ that at best ignores (or often outright sanctions) the raping of non Moslem women by Moslem men? Of course, that’s the civilization that the UAE protects. But that’s not the worst of it, as oftentimes these same Moslem men then kill their rape victims after satiating themselves. This is a ‘civilization’ that considers all women (not just the kuffir ones) nothing more than toys. The UAE government that is trying to be so civilized here by censoring harmless pornographic materials has never come out and condemned these barbaric acts of violence and murder.

So, does this mean that, to a Moslem, the people who are protected by their so-called civilized laws are just Moslems, and not the non Moslems? Are non Moslems even considered humans? The UAE, the country that calls itself the most liberal Middle Eastern country, that welcomes the west, is always very quick to condemn the west for whatever it does. While the UAE never condemns the Moslems that go around killing and raping, they can quite easily point the finger at Western pornography, shouting ‘uncivilized!!’ These guys are so fast to condemn such an irrelevant thing, but they never condemn rape and murder committed by Moslems. Instead, if they ever do acknowledge Moslem crimes, such barbarity and violence is always rationalized by blaming it all on the West. Or especially the Jews,

So, in summary, Moslems never commit any crime, and why? Because they are Moslems—they’re never wrong!!

I knew this already, that in Islam the only humans are Moslems, that raping and murdering non Moslems is allowed and not condemned but this makes my beliefs against Islam even stronger…it is the everyday life that matters; political correctness just goes right out the window when you live and eat among them.


Chris said...

Ok, now I'm back on my chair. I'm really confused as to how you justify this rant.

You've got a 'Support Denmark' flag on your site. Great. This is presumably because you don't think that people should be able to force their morals, in this case the stroppiness about images of the Prophet, on another country whos culture and traditions can impinge on that, in this case satirical cartoons.

I'm right behind you.

However, in this post you're defending your friend's right to import pornography into an Arab country, which traditionally abhors porn, because he happens to like it.

Now, is that hypocritical?

Anonymous said...

Chris, thanks for commenting. Here's the problem with your question. You can't compare Denmark and UAE and use the same standards for both.

In Denmark, while non Moslems have the right to publish the cartoons of Mohammed, Moslems have the right to publish whatever they want too...the free speech applies to all people no matter what their religion. The Danes practice what they preach.

On the other hand, the UAE says that the UAE is not Arab anymore but a multicultural state where people are free to practice what they believe (now, notice--I said that the UAE 'says', so don't jump to conclusions). But in reality they aren’t, websites are blocked in the UAE, and lots of them. I am not a porno freak--religious websites and any sites that make the UAE look bad, and the sites that are against the UAE Royal family are blocked too. So where’s the freedom of speech, expression, thought, or conscious? An Arab would win a case against a non Arab no matter what the evidence says, just because he’s Arab and on nothing else.

Anyway, my post is not a pro porno campaign in any way. My point--which you didn’t get--is right in the title '...but raping them is OK'. What I am saying is not that they should allow porno in the country, but that to Moslems, civilization starts and ends with Moslems. What's going on with non Moslems, how they suffer or are tormented, it’s not only unimportant, it’s invisible. It’s certainly never condemned--no one here says anything like 'hey, killing them, or raping them is uncivilized'

So, I’m sorry you misunderstood my post. I was writing about one of many examples of the sheer hypocrisy that is inherent in any Islamic culture.

Always On Watch said...

in Islam the only humans are Moslems

Thanks to academia, with all their Saudi-funded facilities, many here in the United States don't understand that.

I understood your post: I was writing about one of many examples of the sheer hypocrisy that is inherent in any Islamic culture.

American Crusader said...

I think your friend is probably lucky that all they did was confiscate his DVDs.(I bet they still were passed around by those who intercepted them) you find it hypocritical that a country that "abhors" pornography but yet practices sexual child abuse as a matter of course? Where else can you marry off your prepubescent daughter to your 40-year-old "Uncle"?

Iran Watch said... can the UAE block porn sites but in United States there is access to all kinds of child pornography?
I've heard that Google is working with China in censuring what the population has access to...and I'm not advocating censorship but child pornography would not be nearly so financially rewarding without the US's perverts.
Sorry..I know this is a little off topic, but it came to me when I was reading through the comments.