Sunday, February 05, 2006

Yup, that about sums it up


Always On Watch said...

I commented over at IBA.

MissingLink said...

If in doubt bash the Jooos.

murtad girl said...

Mmmm... the muslim cartoon look very fierce. Very funny make me laugh. It shows the world how fierce Islam can be!!

I am so lucky I have got out!.

Denmark is a Free Country. They have right to speak and to express their minds and thoughts. I met danish people once at one huge club in Dar al Islam, we danced all night long and they were as sweet as candy.

Denmark! you have my vote.


IndCoup said...
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Bellicose Woman said...


Actually - that ban depends a lot on the sect of Islam - some of the moderates are a lot less concerned with the image thing (though dissing their founder still gets them upset).

Among the ones that truly follow the idolatry thing, depictions of Jesus, Moses, Abraham, etc. are also banned.

Munthir said...

Iran will post their anti-zionist cartoons on Monday, I am already letting it slide off my back and smile. Those of us who are quick in the ways of true capitalism, bless them. I might just buy one.