Friday, March 31, 2006

Great News! The Palestinians Are Killing Each Other

Update 3: Militant's Followers Blame Palestinians
By SARAH EL DEEB , 03.31.2006, 10:53 AM

A top militant with ties to Hamas was killed by a car bomb Friday, and his followers blamed security forces loyal to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah movement for the assassination.

A shootout at the militant's funeral killed three more people and wounded more than 20, raising the possibility of a wider Hamas-Fatah clash just two days after Hamas assumed power, replacing Fatah at the helm of the Palestinian Authority.

The militant, Abu Yousef Abu Quka, was a senior commander of the Popular Resistance Committees, an umbrella group of about 200 gunmen. About half the gunmen are allied with Hamas, including Abu Quka, and the other half with Fatah. Abu Quka's supporters blamed the Fatah-dominated Preventive Security Services for his assassination.

Hamas has pledged to restore order in the lawless Gaza Strip and West Bank. However, Palestinian security forces, most of them affiliated with Fatah, are involved in the violence, and Hamas has little control over them.

Late Thursday, an offshoot of Fatah carried out its first suicide bombing against Israel since a February 2005 truce, killing four Israelis in the West Bank. Abbas, a moderate who wants to restart peace talks with Israel, denounced the attack. "We as the Palestinian Authority do not accept it," he said.

Abu Quka was killed Friday when his white Subaru blew up in a Gaza City street. The PRC initially blamed Israel, which denied involvement, and then pointed to the Preventive Security Service. "There is a long history of conflict between us," said PRC spokesman Abu Abir, an Abu Quka ally. "The Preventive Security always tries to demean our members."

Abu Abir said that gunmen loyal Mohammed Dahlan, the powerful former Prevent Security Service chief in Gaza and a Fatah lawmaker in the new Palestinian parliament, were caught spying on Abu Quka's home Thursday. Abu Quka said he and his allies would not wage "an open war" on Dahlan and several other top security commanders.

Palestinian intelligence officials said Abu Quka was a known Hamas supporter, and appeared to have been targeted for his loyalties. The officials, fearing for their safety, spoke on condition of anonymity.

Dahlan, who was traveling in the United Arab Emirates, dismissed the PRC's allegations as "baseless ugly accusations."

When Abu Abir called a news conference to discuss the killing, rival gunmen burst on the scene, sparking a shootout. Hospital officials said two boys, ages 15 and 13, were wounded, one seriously.

Dozens of gunmen gathered outside the hospital where Abu Quka's body was taken, crying, screaming and firing into the air. Accompanying the body, hundreds of gunmen marched through the streets of Gaza City.

With tensions heightened, gunfire broke out at the funeral. Hospital officials said three people were killed, including two bystanders and a PRC member who had joined the procession. Twenty-five others were wounded.

Hamas' new interior minister, Said Siyam, who is now in charge of several security agencies, including preventive security, pledged to bring Abu Quka's killers to justice and called for national unity. "We regret the exchange of accusations and mentioning of names," he said.

After the funeral, dozens of Fatah-linked gunmen blocked the roads leading to Samir Masharawi, another strongman close to Dahlan. A spokesman for the gunmen pledged to take "all necessary measures against Abu Abir. He must be punished."

Friday's unrest came hours after Fatah-linked militants carried out a suicide bombing in the West Bank. The attack was carried out by a militant who disguised himself as a Jewish hitchhiker and then killed himself and four people in a car that picked him up.

Israeli security officials say they expect more suicide bombings from Fatah militants now that Hamas has taken power.

With Israel's acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert planning to pull out of much of the West Bank in the coming years, Fatah-linked militants might try to step up violence to create the impression Israel is retreating under fire.

Hamas has claimed that its years of attacks pushed Israel out of the Gaza Strip last year.

Alternatively, security officials said, Fatah militants might want to turn up the heat on Hamas, which is under heavy international pressure to renounce violence.

Israeli officials said the suicide bomber had been released from a Palestinian jail recently.

Another cartoon jihad, anyone?

Shabbat Shalom and Happy Friday to all our Muslim and Infidel readers out there. Courtesy of Infidel Bloggers Alliance, here's another cartoon of Crazy Jihadin' Mo for your amusement.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

BBC Hints at Paris' Real Trouble

I'm amazed that last paragraph got through the Muslim controllers at the BBC. I think these shopkeepers vote and they are going to vote for LePen.

Paris shops bear brunt of riots
By Henri Astier
BBC News website, Paris

Rioters have attacked shops and demonstrators at the protests
Opponents of France's new youth labour plan are hailing protests that have millions in recent weeks as a huge success.

But not everyone is celebrating.

Spare a thought for the long-suffering businesses located along the march routes.

"They broke two of our windows," says Nathalie Gosselin, owner of the Paris bar Le Reveille Matin.

Her establishment is located near Place d'Italie, where most of the demonstrations originated.

During a recent protest "thugs hit the shop windows on their way up the avenue, and hit the demonstrators on their way down".

Mrs Gosselin, who heads the local shopkeepers' association, says members are fed up with the protests.

Revenue lost

The owner of a bakery across the street says: "The police told us we should expect trouble, so we shut for three hours the other day.

They devastated the suburbs last year, and now they want to do the same to posh areas

Nathalie Gosselin

"Unfortunately we re-opened 15 minutes too early. Young toughs burst in and raided the drinks cooler. We are scared."

Paris police say they get hundreds of such complaints after each march. The authorities are working on compensating shops that have been attacked - but owners contend that by far the greatest damage comes from revenue loss.

"On every demonstration day we close for three to four hours, and that means 20% less sales," says Michel Niort, who works for Les Gobelins bar, also near Place d'Italie.

The manager of a nearby opticians shop, Issam Bouzidi, puts the figure at 40%.

"Very few people venture here on a day of protests," he rues.


Jacques Dusseuil, who runs a fleet of vans serving hot food in various Paris areas, says he has had to pull out of many places since the start of the troubles a month ago, and his sales have halved.

"The troublemakers have nothing to do with the actual protests," he adds.

"They are just there to destroy and plunder."

Who are they? Ask any shopkeeper, and they will tell you that they are the same youths of immigrant origin who rioted across France's impoverished suburbs in November.

"They devastated the suburbs last year, and now they want to do the same to posh areas," Mrs Gosselin says.

Pusillanimous Dhimmi Talk at Borders and Waldenbooks

You probably heard. Borders and Waldenbooks have decided not to carry the May issue of Free Inquiry because it has 4 of the MockingMo cartoons in that issue with commentary.

In the SF Gate article, Borders, Waldenbooks Won't Carry Magazine, contrast Free Inquiry's Mr. Kurtz to the dhimmi spokeswoman Bingham:

"What is at stake is the precious right of freedom of expression," said Paul Kurtz, editor-in-chief of Free Inquiry [the banned magazine]. "Cartoons often provide an important form of political satire ... To refuse to distribute a publication because of fear of vigilante violence is to undermine freedom of press — so vital for our democracy."

Bingham [Borders spokeswoman] said the decision was made before the magazine arrived at the company's stores. Borders Group, based in Ann Arbor, Mich., operates more than 475 Borders and 650 Waldenbooks stores in the United States, though not all regularly carry the magazine.

"We absolutely respect our customers' right to choose what they wish to read and buy and we support the First Amendment," Bingham said. "And we absolutely support the rights of Free Inquiry to publish the cartoons. We've just chosen not to carry this particular issue in our stores."

Please, is that not the most pusillanimous, cringing piece of crap you have ever read?

The Western Standard needs your help!

The Western Standard of Alberta, Canada is being sued for publishing the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. Being a small publication, they are asking people for support and donations. I received this email from the publisher this morning. I am passing it on in case you feel moved to help them in their cause of fighting for free speech:

Dear Western Standard reader,

Our magazine has been sued for publishing the Danish cartoons, and I need your help to fight back!

As you know, the Western Standard was the only mainstream media organ in Canada to publish the Danish cartoons depicting the Muslim prophet Mohammed.

We did so for a simple reason: the cartoons were the central fact in one of the largest news stories of the year, and we're a news magazine. We publish the facts and we let our readers make up their minds.

Advertisers stood with us. Readers loved the fact that we treated them like grown-ups. And we earned the respect of many other journalists in Canada who envied our independence. In fact, according to a COMPAS poll last month, fully 70% of Canada's working journalists supported our decision to publish the cartoons.

But not Syed Soharwardy, a radical Calgary Muslim imam.

He asked the police to arrest me for publishing the cartoons. They calmly explained to him that's not what police in Canada do.

So then he went to a far less liberal institution than the police: the Alberta Human Rights Commission. Unlike the Calgary Police Service, they didn't have the common sense to show him the door.

Earlier this month, I received a copy of Soharwardy's rambling, hand-scrawled complaint. It is truly an embarrassing document. He briefly complains that we published the Danish cartoons. But the bulk of his complaint is that we dared to try to justify it - that we dared to disagree with him.

Think about that: In Soharwardy's view, not only should the Canadian media be banned from publishing the cartoons, but we should be banned from defending our right to publish them. Perhaps the Charter of Rights that guarantees our freedom of the press should be banned, too.

Soharwardy's complaint goes further than just the cartoons. It refers to news articles we published about Hamas, a group labelled a terrorist organization by the Canadian government. By including those other articles, he shows his real agenda: censoring any criticism of Muslim extremists.

Perhaps the most embarrassing thing about Soharwardy's complaint is that he claims our cartoons caused him to receive hate mail. Indeed, his complaint includes copies of a few e-mails from strangers to him. Some of those e-mails even go so far as to call him "humourless" and tell him to "lighten up". Perhaps that's hateful. But all of those e-mails were sent to him before our magazine even published the cartoons. Soharwardy isn't even pretending that this is a legitimate complaint. He's not even trying to hide that this is a nuisance suit.

Soharwardy's complaint should have been thrown out immediately by the Alberta Human Rights Commission, just like the police did. But it wasn't. Which is why I'm writing to you today.

According to our lawyers, we will win this case. It's an infantile complaint, without basis in facts or law. Frankly, it's an embarrassment to the government of Alberta that their tribunal is open to abuse like this.

Our lawyers tell us we're going to win. But not before we have to spend hundreds of hours and up to $75,000 fighting this thing, at our own expense. Soharwardy doesn't have to spend a dime - now that his complaint has been filed, Alberta tax dollars will pay for the prosecution of his complaint. We have to pay for this on our own.

Look, $75,000 isn't going to bankrupt us. But it will sting. We're a small, independent magazine, not a huge company with deep pockets. All of our money is needed to produce the best possible editorial product, not to fight legal battles. This is clearly an abuse of process designed to punish us and deter other media from daring to cross that angry imam in the future.

One of the leaders in Canadian human rights law, Alan Borovoy, was so disturbed by Soharwardy's abuse of the human rights commission that he wrote a public letter about it in the Calgary Herald on March 16th. "During the years when my colleagues and I were labouring to create such commissions, we never imagined that they might ultimately be used against freedom of speech," wrote Borovoy, who is general counsel for the Canadian Civil Liberties Association. Censorship was "hardly the role we had envisioned for human rights commissions. There should be no question of the right to publish the impugned cartoons," he wrote.

Borovoy went even further - he said that the human rights laws should be changed to avoid this sort of abuse in the future. "It would be best, therefore, to change the provisions of the Human Rights Act to remove any such ambiguities of interpretation," he wrote. That's an amazing statement, coming from one of the fathers of the Canadian human rights movement.

I agree with Borovoy: the law should be changed to stop future abuses. But those changes will come too late for us - we're already under attack. The human rights laws, designed as a shield, are being used against us as a sword.

We will file our legal response to Soharwardy's shakedown this week. And we will fight this battle to the end - not just for our own sake, but to defend freedom of the press for all Canadians.

Do you believe that's important? If so, I'd ask you to help us defray our costs. We're accepting donations through our website. It's fast, easy and secure. Just click on

You can donate any amount from $10 to $10,000. Please help the Western Standard today - and protect freedom for all Canadians for years to come.

Yours gratefully,

Ezra Levant

P.S. Remember, Soharwardy's complaint will be prosecuted using tax dollars and government lawyers. We have to rely on our own funds - and the generous support of readers like you.

P.P.S. Please help fight this case.

Mark Alexander

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Malaysian Commission--"Muslims must de-link Islam from terrorism"

"Muslims must de-link Islam from terrorism." Thus has concluded some hang-wringing Malaysian commission that recently published their findings. First time I read this, I howled with laughter. Are Muslims, only now, belatedly realizing that this is a problem?

(Bernama) -- The Muslim world must address the current association of Muslims with terrorism, militancy and intolerance and take steps to delink them, the commission that drew up the vision for the Islamic Development Bank said.
Wow, I simply can't imagine how that association came about. Maybe it's all those civilians that have been slaughtered in the name of Jihad in places like Madrid, London, New York, Bali, Sudan, India, Iraq, Nigeria, and a thousand other places. Maybe its because gay and apostates in Dar al Islam have to flee or hide for their lives. Maybe it's the cartoon jihad, Sudan's genocidal regime, or Iran's venomous rhetoric.

"When religious teachings are manipulated and exploited to legitimise and incite terrorist acts, the religion and virtually the entire Ummah that abhors terrorism pay a heavy price," the commission said in a report Thursday.

Would the esteemed commission care to explain, in detail, on how the Jihadists are wrongly interpreting Islamic teachings? Of course not--we just have to take their word for it. And while this commission asserts (with absolutely no proof) that 'virtually the entire Ummah abhors terrorism', we infidels can truthfully state that at least a significantly minority of Muslims support the Global Jihad. Even if it's only 10% (Prager's estimate), and it may be much higher than that, that's not a trivial amount of support for an evil cause.

The report stresses that Muslims must acknowledge that they too are responsible to some extent for such a state of affairs.

One heck of an understatement, if I ever heard one. So, should we be grateful that the Muslims are now, begrudgingly, confessing some responsibility, or should we lament the fact that they refuse to accept the lion's share of the blame?

Now, I have no certain way of knowing if this commission is yet another example of Islamic cognitive dissonance or just another tale of taqiyya. Assuming for the moment that the aforementioned commission is well meaning (quite an assumption, I know), I have a few questions (courtesy of Investor's Business Daily) for these people, if they are serious about "de-linking Islam" from the three horsemen of terrorism, militancy and intolerance.

  • Is it true that 26 chapters of the Quran deal with jihad, a fight able-bodied believers are obligated to join (Surah 2:216), and that the text orders Muslims to "instill terror into the hearts of the unbeliever" and to "smite above their necks" (8:12)?
  • Is the "test" of loyalty to Allah not good acts or faith in general, but martyrdom that results from fighting unbelievers (47:4) — the only assurance of salvation in Islam (4:74; 9:111)?
  • Are the sins of any Muslim who becomes a martyr forgiven by the very act of being slain while slaying the unbelievers (4:96)?
  • Are those unable to do jihad — such as women or the elderly — required to give "asylum and aid" to those who do fight unbelievers in the cause of Allah (8:74)?
  • Does Islam advocate expansion by force? And is the final command of jihad, as revealed to Muhammad in the Quran, to conquer the world in the name of Islam (9:29)?
  • Is Islam the only religion that does not teach the Golden Rule (48:29)? Does the Quran instead teach violence and hatred against non-Muslims, specifically Jews and Christians (5:50)?

I would certainly love to hear this commission, or any other Muslim, honestly answer these questions. I know we infidels already have. But I am not going to hold my breath.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Dennis Prager--"The Islamic threat is greater than German and Soviet threats were"

I came across this column today by Mr. Dennis Prager. I don't recall having read his work before, but based on this one piece, he's a superb columnist and writer who clearly sees the naked threat to civilization. This column should be required reading for everyone, especially everyone in the US Congress right now, considering that silly and dangerous amnesty bill that's now in play.

Mr. Prager's column for today is a sober warning, as we (at present, only haltingly) confront global evil on an unprecedented scale.

Here is the entirety of Mr. Prager's column. It's compelling enough that I included it in its entirety:

Only four types of individuals can deny the threat to civilization posed by the violence-supporting segment of Islam: the willfully naive, America-haters, Jew-haters and those afraid to confront evil.

Anyone else sees the contemporary reality -- the genocidal Islamic regime in Sudan; the widespread Muslim theological and emotional support for the killing of a Muslim who converts to another religion; the absence of freedom in Muslim-majority countries; the widespread support for Palestinians who randomly murder Israelis; the primitive state in which women are kept in many Muslim countries; the celebration of death; the "honor killings" of daughters; and so much else that is terrible in significant parts of the Muslim world -- knows that civilized humanity has a new evil to fight.

Just as previous generations had to fight Nazism, communism and fascism, our generation has to confront militant Islam.

And whereas there were unique aspects to those evils, there are two unique aspects to the evil emanating from the Islamic world that render this latest threat to humanity particularly difficult to overcome.

One is the number of people who believe in it. This is a new phenomenon among organized evils. Far fewer people believed in Nazism or in communism than believe in Islam generally or in authoritarian Islam specifically. There are one billion Muslims in the world. If just 10 percent believe in the Islam of Hamas, the Taliban, the Sudanese regime, Saudi Arabia, Wahhabism, bin Ladin, Islamic Jihad, the Finley Park Mosque in London or Hizbollah -- and it is inconceivable that only one of 10 Muslims supports any of these groups' ideologies -- that means a true believing enemy of at least 100 million people. Outside of Germany, how many people believed in Nazism? Outside of Japan, who believed in Japanese imperialism and militarism? And outside of universities, the arts world or Hollywood, how many people believed in Soviet-style totalitarianism?

A far larger number of people believe in Islamic authoritarianism than ever believed in Marxism. Virtually no one living in Marxist countries believed in Marxism or communism. Likewise, far fewer people believed in Nazism, an ideology confined largely to one country for less than one generation. This is one enormous difference between the radical Islamic threat to our civilization and the two previous ones.

But there is yet a second difference that is at least as significant and at least as frightening: Nazis and Communists wanted to live and feared death; Islamic authoritarians love death and loathe life.

That is why MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) worked with the Soviet Union. Communist leaders love life -- they loved their money, their power, their dachas, their mistresses, their fine wines -- and were hardly prepared to give all that up for Marx. But Iran's current leaders celebrate dying, and MAD may not work, because from our perspective, they are indeed mad. MAD only works with the sane.

There is much less you can do against people who value dying more than living.

The existence of an unprecedentedly large number of people wishing to destroy decent civilization as we know it -- and who celebrate their own deaths -- poses a threat the likes of which no civilization in history has had to confront.

The evils committed by Nazism and Communism were, of course, greater than those committed by radical Islam. There has been no Muslim Gulag and no Muslim Auschwitz.

But the threat is far more serious.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Fight The Senate Amnesty Bill

Today the Senate's Judiciary Committee passed to the floor the worse immigration bill. We must make sure this bill never gets passed. I urge you to call your Reps and Senators and tell them to vote NO on the Senate Spectre-Kennedy-Graham bill. Support only the House enforcement bill.

I'm involved and I urge everyone to get involved. Register at NumbersUSA, they offer a free fax service to let your Reps. and Senators know you do not want this open borders guest worker/amnesty bill. Tell them you want to have true enforcement first, a fence first, then guest worker and amnesty can be discussed after 2008. Do you have your Senators and Reps. phone numbers on your mobile? Visit the FAIR site and enter your zipcode. They will display the phone number for YOUR Rep and Senator. Put them on speed dial and call them once a week. That's right. Once a week. You won't talk to them directly, but your opinion on an issue, like immigration, will be recorded and that feedback will be provided to your Rep. or Senator. Tell them you want enforcement only.

Why is there this obsession with packing the US with people who hate the US? The reconquista and the Muslim fifth column are both growing. A lot of these illegal Mexicans actually believe they are reclaiming their land. We know what the Muslims believe. Trying to deal with 2 fifth columns at the same time is a ticket to failure.

The unbelievable Tony Blair falls for the unbelievable!

Image hosting by Photobucket
"The most remarkable thing about reading the Koran - in so far as it can be truly translated from the original Arabic - is to understand how progressive it is. I speak with great diffidence and humility as a member of another faith. I am not qualified to make any judgements.

But as an outsider, the Koran strikes me as a reforming book, trying to return Judaism and Christianity to their origins, rather as reformers attempted with the Christian Church centuries later. It is inclusive. It extols science and knowledge and abhors superstition. It is practical and way ahead of its time in attitudes to marriage, women and governance.

Under its guidance, the spread of Islam and its dominance over previously Christian or pagan lands was breathtaking. Over centuries it founded an Empire, leading the world in discovery, art and culture. The standard bearers of tolerance in the early Middle Ages were far more likely to be found in Muslim lands than in Christian ..."

No, Tone, the most remarkable thing about the Koran is precisely how regressive it is! What have you bin smokin’?

How can you possibly stand before an audience of educated, intelligent people and pronounce such balderdash?

If the Koran is so "progressive", and so "ahead of its time", then how come Muslims are so backward? How come Muslims wish to kill apostates, people who can no longer stomach the lies, the myths, the fairy stories propagated by the prophet of Islam? How come women, if they are not obedient, have to be beaten until they are prepared to be submissive to their husbands? How come women should be stoned to death for the ‘serious crime’ of adultery (while the men, the adulterers, will miraculously get away with it)? How come the Muslim world has contributed virtually nothing to human endeavour for approximately five hundred years? How come rates for adult illiteracy are so high in Muslim lands? How come? How come? How come?

Oh, and by the way: About that 'abhorring superstition' bit… Didn’t you know, Tone, that Muslims believe in Jinns? And didn’t you know, too, that they believe that two angels sit permanently on each person’s shoulders? The one on your left shoulder taking down notes on your bad deeds, and the one on your right shoulder taking down notes on your good deeds?

For God’s sake (not Allah’s), get real, will you?

You have disgraced yourself, and you have disgraced your office, too! It’s surely time for you to spend more time with your family now. It awaits you!

©Mark Alexander

Al-Azhar Sharia Manual Makes the Case - Kill the Apostates

From LGF:

"The contemporary (i.e., 1991) Al-Azhar (Cairo) Islamic Research Academy-endorsed Shafi’i manual of Islamic Law, ‘Umdat al-Salik (pp. 595-96) states:

Leaving Islam is the ugliest form of unbelief (kufr) and the worst…. When a person who has reached puberty and is sane voluntarily apostasizes from Islam, he deserves to be killed. In such a case, it is obligatory…to ask him to repent and return to Islam. If he does it is accepted from him, but if he refuses, he is immediately killed."

Sunday, March 26, 2006

France-Echos Has the Real Story on the Latest Paris Riots

France-Echos has photos and videos of the latest Paris student riots. What these photos show is how the Muslims from the banelieus are just out for vandalism, booty (cell phones, purses, wallets) and terrorizing the poor French infidels. It is just the beginning. Meanwhile, the French leaders continue their complete denial.

Top Ten U.N. Slogans

Saturday, March 25, 2006

"Paris Burning! II" Coming Soon To a TV Near You

A little more is leaking out about what is going on in Paris despite the herculean effort by the dhimmi press.

Strike sends France closer to abyss - The Scotsman

FRANCE faces a week of chaos with a strike set to paralyse a nation already shaken by furious protests against new employment laws.

And criminal gangs [Muslims] from Paris have begun a spate of crimes in the centre of the city while police are occupied with the protest marches.

Horrified Parisians have found themselves the victims of robberies and violence even in some of the smartest areas of the city and some of the best-known tourist spots. [Definitely a booster for Le Pen although he has been acting weird lately working deals with the Muslims.]

Britons have been warned by the Foreign Office to avoid Paris because of the risk of violence.

Student leaders yesterday snubbed an invitation to talks with Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin, dramatically increasing the likelihood of further strife this week.

Villepin made the new plea for talks yesterday, saying he was ready to discuss the most contentious points of a youth jobs plan that has sparked repeated violent protests and the strike action. He also proposed more scholarships for students to help them between graduation and their first jobs. {Where do I sign up for that?! Sounds great. A scholarship but you don't go to school or work.]
"I hope that, through dialogue, we can rapidly find a solution," Villepin said.

The leading high school and university student unions had refused to meet Villepin and delivered him a letter instead. The students said they were angry that Villepin said he was ready only to discuss changes to, not withdrawal of, the law - which makes it easier for companies to hire, and fire, young workers

"This is serious: it's a joke to propose dialogue in this manner," said Julie Coudry, president of the Student Confederation. The largest student association, UNEF, also refused talks, while two smaller, less representative student unions agreed to meet Villepin. [These students want the social utopia of the 50s, early 60's. ]

The lack of any breakthrough left France facing the prospect of increased chaos amid widespread transport disruptions in Tuesday's strike.


Villepin said he is ready to discuss modifying its most criticised aspects: the length of the trial period and the conditions of how employers would break off a job contract.

Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy yesterday urged unions and the government to reach a compromise through Villepin's offer for talks.

"I urge all the parties involved to take this outstretched hand because nobody, and I mean nobody, will come out a winner if there are no discussions and no compromise," he told party members.

Sarkozy's appeal for calm on both sides will be seen as a thinly veiled snub to Villepin. The two are bitter political rivals.

In total, there have been 1,420 arrests and 453 police officers injured since clashes first broke out on March 11, Sarkozy added.

In addition to the prospect of continued student protests and this week's strikes, the authorities are having to contend with the spectre of disaffected youths [Muslims] from the outskirts of Paris coming into the centre of the city to wreak havoc. Last summer and autumn France's suburban youths rioted on a nightly basis, burning cars and buildings and hurling missiles at police. The belief is now that these same groups of youths are heading for the centre to commit crimes, hoping that police will be tied up overseeing the students. [Just scaring the scrap out of the infidels and getting a little booty..that kind too.]

While the authorities regard both the students [social utopians] and the suburban youths [Muslims] as a challenge to be kept under control, the youths [Muslims] have had no qualms about attacking the students [social utopians], whom they regard as being another kind of target.

Youths [Muslim] with baseball bats have attacked students and others hurled concrete chunks at riot police, who responded with baton charges and tear gas.

Violence has flared in the shadow of such famous tourist spots as the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral, and districts such as the upmarket 7th arrondissement.

British travellers have been warned to avoid some of France's most popular tourist spots as a result of the disturbances.

The Foreign Office was urging Britons to check where demonstrations were expected to take place, and stay clear of planned protests.

It also warned that travel plans may be disrupted by next week's mass strikes.

The Foreign Office updated its advice to travellers to France in the light of the continuing protests. The advice reads: "Demonstrations against the French government's new employment law, some of which have become violent with missiles being thrown and cars and property being set alight and destroyed, continue to take place in some parts of central Paris, some of the city's suburbs and in other cities throughout France.

"Employee and student unions have called for a further day of mass demonstrations and strikes throughout France on Tuesday 28 March 2006 which may disrupt some essential services, including transport links.

"You are advised to check the latest position with your operator and to avoid any areas where demonstrations are planned or taking place," the Foreign Office added.

A Foreign Office spokeswoman said the advice was meant to be descriptive rather than proscriptive and people were encouraged to decide for themselves whether to travel or not.

[Let me be clear. France's tourist industry is about to collapse when Paris goes up in flames. It's coming now. The Musulmans believe they are ready to unleash their terror. Weather's getting better. The first razza was a great success.]

NYT and John Esposito - Two Birds of a Feather

What amazes me about these NYT articles is how John Esposito gives the NYT reporter a bunch of lies and they produce them as FACTS.

In Kabul, a Test for Shariah By ANDREA ELLIOTT, NYT
Published: March 26, 2006
THE news that a man in Afghanistan might face a death sentence for converting to Christianity brought cries of outrage around the world last week.


Progressive Muslim scholars argue that the meaning of those laws has been lost over time: When the laws were created, they say, apostasy was seen as the equivalent of treason. "To be a Muslim was to live in an Islamic state or empire, so the presumption was you were not only becoming the enemy of God but the enemy of the empire," said John L. Esposito, a professor of religion and international affairs at Georgetown University [Madrassah and Whorehouse].

Muslim jurists who support the execution of apostates often point to a hadith — a tradition attributed to the Prophet Muhammad in the seventh century — in which he is recorded as saying that a person who changes religions should be killed.

But while the Koran mentions ridda, it never calls for the execution of apostates. There is no record of the prophet killing an apostate himself. And executions of apostates have been rare in Islamic history.


Still, only a handful of apostasy executions are known to have occurred in Muslim-majority countries in recent decades. [And why do you think so few apostates have publicly declared their apostasy? Duh.]

IT'S like the issue of slavery," said Bernard Haykel, an Islamic studies professor at New York University. "Slavery exists in Islamic law and most Muslims have decided to ignore it. It's what I call collective amnesia."

Yet apostasy has a deep cultural resonance among Muslims, making a case like Mr. Rahman's an opportunity for religious conservatives with political agendas, Mr. Haykel said.

"Islamists will always use cases like this one to gain political mileage and credibility," he said. "They become the champions of Islamic law, of Islam. They can present themselves as authentic Muslims." [That's because they are and you are either a deceitful Muslim or an ignorant Muslim.]

The case of Mr. Rahman, whose conversion was reported to the authorities by family members after he sought custody of his children from his parents, has been widely characterized as a test for Afghanistan's American-backed government.

Afghanistan's new Constitution, like Iraq's, makes room for both Shariah and secular law, but it is still unclear how successfully they will coexist. The Afghan Constitution states that "no law shall contravene the tenets and provisions of the holy religion of Islam," but it also declares that the state will observe the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

"Iraq has more vigorous protections in its Constitution for human rights than Afghanistan, yet still it has a provision that no law should be contrary to Islam," said Tad Stahnke, policy director of the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom. "It hasn't been tested. But it will."


Liberal Islam speaks out on the Apostasy issue

I have been saying this over and over that no matter what you call it, liberal Islam, moderate Islam or fundamentalist Islam, it is all the same. And I will continue to say this until people start paying attention, as it is essential for the West to understand Islam in its true form.

UAE, a country that is quiet on most of the issues around the world, yesterday spoke out officially about the Afghan apostate, Abdul Rahman. A reputed Dubai scholar, Dr. Ahmad Abdul Aziz Al Haddad issued a statement on behalf of the Dubai Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Works, a UAE Government department.

The good doctor said:

"This is none of their [the West's] business ... Bush and the West should stay out of personal beliefs. They should not intervene in a purely religious matter of Islamic law [Sharia]… If this penalty is carried out, it will protect many weak-willed people from deserting their religion. If the independence of the judiciary is among the bases of democracy, then it is unjust to interfere in this case. Democracy as practised by the West is fake because it contradicts itself in one of the most important bases.”
Okay, so by killing people, you can frighten the ‘weak-willed’ ones enough to stay in their spiritual and mental prison which is Islam. Fear is to be used so that those who dare to think on their own on even only a semi-regular basis stop doing so. I say that’s one of the beauties of this religion of peace—weak-willed people, you can have Allah do the thinking for you. All you need to do is blow a couple of infidels up from time to time.

Another renowned Islamic scholar here in Dubai, Ahmad Al Qubaisi, had some tactful words on the issue:

"This President bombards thousands of civilians in Iraq. It is not strange that he defies the feelings of a whole nation, which considers a person who deserts Islam an infidel. Bush will immediately declare a man an outlaw if he deserts the US system and spies on America. This is a double standard by the US and the West. This stand is a crusade against the Muslim world."
This is an interesting one. Last time I checked it was roadside bombs placed by jihadists that kill Iraqis, or sectarian clashes between Sunnis and Shiites that slaughter Iraqis, or Moslems who blows themselves up at police recruiting centers that murder Iraqis. Even if President Bush wanted to kill all Iraqis, he wouldn’t need to do much, as the jihadists are doing a mighty fine job there already.

A man ‘who deserts the US system and spies on America’ as the mullah put it is declared an outlaw but a man who goes to, say, Australia and becomes a citizen there is not imprisoned for that. Wrong analogy, Mr. Qubaisi. Even the US Government does not execute Americans that are convicted for spying on the US for other powers, as any number of spy cases in the US can readily prove, like the Pollard case (spied for Israel) or the Walker case (spied for the Soviet Union).

Read the whole story here.

These two sound just like any other mullah, but what’s unique about these mullahs--I mean scholars--in Dubai is that whatever they say must be approved in advance by the UAE government. Only if the government approves are they allowed to say it officially. So these words are essentially speaking on behalf of Sheik Mohammed, the ruler of Dubai and the Prime Minister of the UAE, as well as Sheik Khalifa, the ruler of Abu Dhabi and the President of the UAE. ‘Our allies, peaceful liberal Moslems’… yeah right!!

What does that say about liberal Moslems? How are they different from fundamentalist Moslems? Both want people who don’t agree with them dead. How then can we hope to work with liberal Moslems when we say we can’t do the same with fundamentalist Moslems? This is a matter to ponder over, and one that is crucial for the survival of Western Civilization.

Thank you, ‘liberal Moslems’ for speaking up on this and many other issues. You give me plenty of ammo to prove my point.

Cross-posted at Infidel Bloggers' Alliance.

Petition for Abdul Rahman

This petition was brought to my attention this morning by one of my kind visitors. I have already signed it. Perhaps YOU, too, would be so kind as to sign it to help this man. He's in terrible distress. This is the least we can do to help him get released.

Of course, our thoughts and prayers are with him at this time.

The Petition


Friday, March 24, 2006

Abbey Writings 1,000 Years Old Burned in Sorbonne Vandalism

I hope this isn't true. This is from France Echo. France is like a deathstar, shrinking rapidly, getting dark, nearing critical mass. It will either explode or sputter out and become an Islamic country with massive 'reversions' or massive infidel flight. It really does look bad. Look there's Nero, and there's another. Fiddling away. Play on Jacque! Play on Phillipe!

Muslims and leftists totalitarians destroy France’s millennium Christian legacy

After destroying the Buddhas of Afghanistan, burning the Churches of Kosovo, Muslims are now destroying the Christian legacy of France.

Here is a summarized translation of an article of .

Since the riots of November 2005, we know that the French government is not able to protect the French citizens. Instead of taking legal action against criminals, the government rewarded rioters.

Today (march 22, 2006) we learn that this government has let 1,000 years of cultural and religious legacy to become smoke and ashes.

Barbarians and savages entered in the library of “l’Ecole des Chartes” (100,000 books) in the Sorbonne, and destroyed writings of abbeys of Île-de-France containing all the official documents since the middle age.

Muslim Youths Vandalize Center of Paris

I knew this would happen. You have to read the article closely. The Muslim youths came in, ready for some hell raising and scaring the shit out of the sissy French infidels and those prissy students. You would never know it reading the article, but that is what happened. And France is in total denial. And France is lost. When one of their glorious cultural icons like the Louvre or the Eiffel Tower are set on fire, then Paris will truly burn. The World will be absolutely shocked but not me. But will it be enough to awaken the West? Probably not. I think we need a million infidel carcasses to stop the denial.

Guardin, Riot police seal off Paris streets as protests escalate

· Rampaging youths set fire to cars and shops
· Unions agree to meet PM but refuse to call off strike

Angelique Chrisafis in Paris
Friday March 24, 2006
The Guardian

Cars were torched and shops burnt in central Paris last night after the seventh big protest in eight days against the government's controversial employment law ended in clashes between hooded youths and riot police.
The youths, some of whom had come in from the suburbs, grouped on the pavements on the Esplanade des Invalides, one of Paris's main boulevards, and armed themselves with baseball bats, wooden sticks and metal bars.

As students and sixth formers moved towards the city centre chanting protests against the prime minister, Dominique de Villepin, and the interior minister, Nicolas Sarkozy, the armed youths began to snake up the side of the crowd. Covering their faces with tracksuit hoods and scarves, they moved fast in groups of 20 to 30. Several car windows had been smashed and a bus shelter destroyed.

Two hours later, when the protesters reached Les Invalides, hundreds of riot police had sealed off the entrances to streets leading to government ministries. Several groups of teenagers began smashing cars and shop windows. One shop was set alight and five cars were upturned and torched as riot police began pushing the protesters back.

Mr de Villepin is now embattled on all fronts over his controversial "first employment contract", known as the CPE. Mr Sarkozy has distanced himself this week, suggesting there should be a six-month trial period for the law, which would make it easier for employers to sack workers under 26. The government says such flexibility will encourage companies to hire young people and slash unemployment. The daily Le Parisien yesterday quoted an unnamed political source close to the president, Jacques Chirac, saying that if the controversy did not subside Mr de Villepin could be sacked.

Trade unions yesterday agreed they would meet Mr de Villepin for talks but it was unlikely they would call off a strike planned for next Tuesday. With transport and air workers already pledging support, the strike was being dubbed Black Tuesday by one French paper.

As the protests continued, pavements were littered with glass, parked cars had had all their windows put out, and benches had been ripped up to throw at police. One tourist took mobile phone photos, saying it was a portrait of modern France.

A university student who had been at the protest and watched the violence erupt said: "It was both students and young people. But the police have arrested a hell of a lot of people who had nothing to do with it. They are fascists."

A town planning student, Viviane Macé, said: "Bands of young guys have been running past the protesters with baseball bats all afternoon. It is a small minority of people but I can totally understand what is going through their minds. They feel as desperate as we do and they have got no other way to express themselves. They feel violence is the only action to take. I think some people might not even know what the CPE is. It says a lot about our society that people feel the need to express themselves with bats and metal bars."

One woman who had come to protest from the Seine-Saint-Denis region, which experienced the worst of last autumn's youth riots, said: "There are now kids in the worst areas of the suburbs who are being born into families where the parents have never worked. It is desperate."

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Afghan Apostate Update

Well, the hapless Afghan apostate, who dared to convert out of the Death Cult, is facing a possible death sentence at the hands of our nominal Allies in Kabul.

The good news is, this Christian man Abdul Rahman may yet be turned loose by the Islamic Kangaroo Court on a technicality. The Kabul Caliph Karzai is under enormous pressure from his Infidel friends of convenience, to cut him loose. Here's how the state's prosecutor describes the accused:

...the prosecutor had called Rahman “a microbe (who) should be cut off and removed from the rest of Muslim society and should be killed.”
Uh huh. Someone should inform Mr. Prosecutor how much he misunderstands the Religion of Peace. Mr. Hooper at CAIR is no doubt on the phone to straighten out these wayward Muslims even now.

The bad news is, Abdul Rahman will have plenty of chances to become a true Christian martyr to his faith even if he manages to escape the clutches of the Sharia system of ‘justice’ (which as we all know, dispenses anything but justice). Islam preaches not only that apostates like Rahman should be killed out of hand, but that any Muslim that does the deed will be handsomely rewarded with a guaranteed ticket to paradise, not only for him, but for him and his whole family. Woohoo! Virgins for everyone!

So the calls for murdering this man are mounting by the hour, a man whose only crime was to leave Islam:

"This is humiliating for Islam. ... Cut off his head," said Abdul Raoulf, cleric at Herati Mosque. Raoulf is considered a moderate cleric in Afghanistan. He was jailed three times for criticizing the Taliban's policies before the hardline regime was ousted by U.S.-led forces in 2001.

Another ‘moderate’ showing his true self, of course. Like the cartoon jihad, it doesn’t take much to show how violent, aggressive and intolerant Islam is, and how often these alleged ‘moderates’ prove to be nothing but a mirage.

If Rahman is let go, we had better hope he has an immediate one-way plane ticket and visa to someplace safe in the civilized, Dar al Harb world. If he stays in the backwards and barbarous realm of Dar al Islam, he will certainly suffer a quick and grisly death.

Christians, I implore you, pray for the safety and well-being of a fellow believer, whose only crime was to accept Jesus as his Savior.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Malaysian Gov threatens jail for 'insulting' Islam

"Malaysia, Truly Muslim" should be this country's motto. You'll agree after you read this recent news release from the Malaysian Government:

Jail threatened over Islam insults

MALAYSIA'S de facto law minister has threatened to jail or fine non-Muslims who insult Islam, amid concern over recent articles perceived as attacking the religion.

Mohamad Nazri Abdul Aziz said the country's sedition act could be used on non-Muslims who make comments construed as belittling Islam."We will not think twice about using this law against anybody who incites," Mohamad Nazri, a minister in the prime minister's department, was quoted as saying in the Star newspaper today.

The minister said he was concerned over recent articles written about Islam by non-Muslims, and warned there was a limit to what could be said in the Muslim-majority country."I want to remind non-Muslims to refrain from making statements on something they do not understand," he said.

"We do not want to take away your rights but religion is an important matter, especially to the Muslims."


The Sedition Act, introduced by former British rulers, is used to curb speech detrimental to the Government, inciting racial hatred, or questioning the rights of Malaysia's ethnic Muslim Malay majority. Penalties include up to three years in jail or a fine of 5000 ringgit ($1880) or both. Rights activists say the Government uses the act to curb political opponents and the media.

This Malaysian 'law minister' and his rantings would be laughably idiotic if he wasn't so sanctimoniously serious. Of course, we Infidels are incapable of understanding Islam. Don't you infidels force us Muslims to take away your 'rights'! And speaking the truth about Islam in Malaysia essentially qualifies as sedition. The Malaysian cops would be happy to toss you into the slammer without charge for a few months or even years, if you dare defy your dhimmi status.

I invite our reading audience to send letters to your country's Malaysian embassy and inform them on what you think about this country's stand on Freedom of Speech.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Mufti Charles and his Concubine Camilla

Mufti Charles meets the Grand Mufti What else can I say? Click on photo to enlarge.

Update 3/23 - That is a photoshop of a Reuters photo. Pretty good. Fooled me. See Patrick at Clarity and Resolve.

From IslamOnline, more details:

"The recent ghastly strife and anger over the Danish cartoons shows the danger that comes of our failure to listen and to respect what is precious and sacred to others," Prince Charles told an audience of some 3,000 people at Al-Azhar University, Islam's most ancient seat of learning.

"I think of the experience of Muslims living in Europe who are subject to varied and continuous expressions of Islamophobia."

He asserted: "The true mark of a civilized society is the respect it pays to minorities and to strangers."

Twelve cartoons, including one showing the Prophet with a bomb-shaped turban, were first published by Danish daily Jyllands-Posten in September and reprinted by European newspapers on claims of freedom of expression.

The drawings, considered blasphemous under Islam, have triggered massive and sometimes violent demonstrations across the Muslim world.

Prince Charles paid tribute to late prominent British Muslim scholar Zaki Badawi, an Egyptian-born graduate of Al-Azhar who died last January, calling him "a man of wisdom and learning."

To the applaud of the audience, the prince expressed his pride and pleasure at the presence of Badawi's widow in the first row, listening to his speech.

Unity Through Diversity

Sheikh Tantawi accompanied Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, who donned a headscarf, in a tour of Al-Azhar Mosque. (Reuters)

The Prince of Wales also reserved harsh criticism for some Muslim countries over the treatment of non-Muslims.

"I think of Christians living within some Muslim nations, who find themselves fettered by harsh and degrading restrictions, or subject to abuse by some of their fellow citizens," he said. [At least he said something.]
Prince Charles underlined the need for the followers of all three Abrahamic religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam – to speak with courage of the enduring values of faith and to "affirm them again and again to a world troubled by change and dissension."

He expressed his conviction that "our beliefs and values call out for peace, not conflict."

Prince Charles called on wise men and women to respect the religion of others.

"I believe with all my heart that responsible men and women must work to restore mutual respect between faiths, and that we should do all we can to overcome the distrust that poisons so many people's lives," he said.

"We may have a human weakness to criticize and to compete with each other. But what we have in common, as people of faith, calls upon us beyond this towards mutual respect and understanding."

The Prince of Wales emphasized the message he had championed 12 years ago in his landmark speech on "Islam and the West" in the University of Oxford.

"History shows that giant leaps of creativity in knowledge – in science, literature and the arts – have occurred when the members of the Abrahamic family have worked together."

Quoting the Qur'anic verse "O Mankind! We created you from a single pair of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other" (Al-Hujurat 49: 13), Charles highlighted the fact that differences do not erase chances for unity.

Concluding, he said he believed "we have a duty to speak for the principles of our religious faiths", highlighting the need to "protect our traditions – Muslim, Christian and Jewish – acknowledging and celebrating our rich diversity…"

Prestigious Honor

After his speech, entitled "Unity of Faith", Prince Charles was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from Al-Azhar.

In a brief speech, Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Sheikh Mohamed Sayed Tantawi hailed the significant role played by Charles in the field of inter-faith dialogue.

Ahmed Al-Tayeb, president of Al-Azhar University, then announced the decision to grant the Prince of Wales the Honorary Doctorate from the prestigious university.

Some Al-Azhar scholars had criticized the decision to bestow the degree on the prince, citing he was non-Muslim and not a even a scholar.

In an indirect response to the argument, Sheikh Tantawi repeatedly cited from Prince Charles Oxford speech and described the prince's ideas as the fruit of "serious study."
When the doctorate — in a maroon leather folder — was handed over, there was a surge of applause from the audience.

A visibly moved Charles bowed slightly to the crowd and waved in thanks.

Among the dignitaries attending were Usama El-Baz, political advisor for Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak; Esmat Abdul-Magid, former Arab League Secretary General; Egypt's Minister of Waqfs Hamdy Zaqzouq; Egypt's Mufti Ali Goamaa; representatives of the Egyptian Church, in addition to a host of other politicians and Al-Azhar heavyweights.

Before the speech, Sheikh Tantawi accompanied Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, who donned a headscarf, in a tour of the oldest functioning mosque in Egypt, Al-Azhar Mosque.

The royal couple, currently on a 5-day visit to Egypt, were briefed on the great role of Al-Azhar and its engagement in Islamic studies.

On Wednesday, March 21, the royal guests are to open the British University of Cairo, where Egypt's First Lady is to deliver a speech marking the occasion.

United Muslims (formerly United Nations) Attacks Denmark

Muslims control almost all committees and commissions at the United Muslims (formerly United Nations). Take a look at this poster for the United Nations Human Rights Commission for The International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. There is a jigsaw puzzle with all the pieces but standing separately is a Lego red piece. Who makes Legos? A Denmark company. It's a subtle message but it says more than Denmark is a racist country that should be condemned. It says the United Muslims is the judge and juror who has decided the West is guilty of racism. There is no need for a trial or discussion of the West's sufferings because of Islam. I am sure a Muslim or a dhimmi came up with this clever poster idea and the Commission including its Chairwoman Louise Arbour approved it. No one can plead ignorance or 'misunderstaning.' It's not that subtle. Why are we giving any money to the UM? Louise Arbour, uberDhimmi, scolds the world and I say 'Go to hell. You are my enemy.'

“We must combat all forms of intolerance by celebrating the diversity and the differences that enrich the human family. But we must work to reduce the differences that are imposed, rather than chosen, that speak of deprivation rather than fulfilment and that fuel the xenophobic discourse about the relative merit and desert of individuals based on stereotypical attributes attached to their race, religion or ethnicity.”
Louise Arbour
United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

UPDATE: UN has removed the graphic and downloadable poster. Of course, it's all a 'misunderstanding.' Doesnt' sound as clever coming from a Dhimmi rather than a Muslim, does it? (see Michelle Malkin)

FBI Incompetence Revisited in Moussaoui's Sentencing Trial

I read this summary of FBI Agent Harry Samit, and I shake my head. We can only hope that the FBI has weeded out this incompetence. As far as I know, no heads rolled at FBI headquarters.

Agent blames FBI for blocking investigation before Sept. 11

TERRORISM:The Minnesota-based agent said his superiors turned down many requests to search Zacarias Moussaoui's belongings and laptop computer.BY STEWART M. POWELLHEARST NEWSPAPERS

ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- With precious days slipping away and the 19 al-Qaeda hijackers relentlessly moving into position to strike, FBI headquarters repeatedly thwarted an FBI field agent's effort to investigate arrested hijack suspect Zacarias Moussaoui and alert the nation to the possibility of a catastrophic attack, according to the field agent's testimony Monday.
FBI Special Agent Harry Samit arrested Moussaoui 26 days before the attacks. He accused his FBI superiors of "criminal negligence" as he outlined a heartbreaking chronology of foiled opportunities to unravel the al-Qaeda plot between the time Moussaoui was arrested on an immigration violation outside the Residence Inn in Eagan, Minn., and the Sept. 11 attacks.

FBI headquarters in general -- and FBI Supervisory Agent Mike Maltbie in particular -- stymied efforts by the FBI's Minnesota office to search Moussaoui's belongings and laptop computer. The FBI headquarters also blocked a plan to surreptitiously assign an Arabic-speaking law enforcement officer to the cell adjacent to Moussaoui in hopes of picking up information from the French citizen of Moroccan descent, Samit testified.

Frustrated FBI agents in Minneapolis finally settled on a plan to escort Moussaoui to France as part of deportation proceedings to enable French authorities to examine the contents of Moussaoui's belongings upon arrival in France in hopes of determining why Moussaoui paid $8,300 cash for flight simulator training on a Boeing 747 simulator when he didn't even have a pilot's license, Samit said.
Samit said that his superiors at FBI headquarters, led by Maltbie, even quibbled over which federal agency would pay for Moussaoui's flight to France. The final authorization for the flight didn't come until Sept. 10.

"You tried to move heaven and earth to get someone to look into this man's belongings," court-appointed defense lawyer Edward MacMahon said. "You were obstructed in every way."

"Yes sir, I was obstructed," Samit replied.

Samit answered questions during more than five hours of cross examination. Samit acknowledged that he had accused superiors at FBI headquarters of "obstructionism, criminal negligence and careerism" for blocking so many promising avenues to investigate Moussaoui after his arrest.

Samit said FBI headquarters thwarted "a serious opportunity to stop the 9/11 attacks."

MacMahon elicited testimony from Samit showing that Maltbie voiced such doubts about Moussaoui's identity that he even had FBI agents at the U.S. Embassy in Paris scour Paris telephone books to determine whether there was more than one Zacarias Moussaoui in France.
Special Agent Richard Kolko, an FBI spokesman, declined substantive comment on Samit's allegations. "It is obviously an ongoing trial being run by the Department of Justice," Kolko said. "We respect what occurs in the courtroom and withhold any comment until after all the proceedings are completed."
Samit said Maltbie had been such a chronic "obstructionist" to field agents seeking warrants that the FBI supervisor delayed for nine months Samit's 2000 bid to check on a Taliban terrorist trainer heading to Afghanistan who had a relative trying to enlist in the Minnesota National Guard. Samit said Maltbie initially blocked his efforts to alert the Army about the recruit's ties to a Taliban terrorist trainer.
Samit said he tried to alert Washington in a 25-page high-priority "electronic communication" on Aug. 18, 2001, that Moussaoui had told investigators shortly after his Aug. 16 arrest that he had plans to visit the Statute of Liberty, the Empire State Building and the White House. Samit told superiors that he suspected Moussaoui was training on a simulator to hijack a plane, that the knives he was carrying signaled an intention to disable an airline crew and that he had a desire to use the hijacked aircraft "to his own ends."
But Samit said his investigative conclusions regarding the White House were drained from the cable that FBI headquarters relayed to U.S. Secret Service headquarters.
Samit added: "Any part of the United States that Mr. Moussaoui was interested in was of grave concern to me."

Samit recalled that FBI Supervisory Agent Greg Jones in Minneapolis fruitlessly tried to energize Maltbie to help obtain search warrants in a heated telephone call by insisting that FBI field agents were merely "trying to prevent Zacarias Moussaoui from flying a plane into the World Trade Center."

Samit said Jones' citation of the World Trade Center was drawn out of thin air, because there was no evidence at that point that Moussaoui or anyone else had a plan in place to strike the towers. Samit said he asked Jones later why he had chosen to mention the World Trade Center.

"It was just a lucky guess," Jones replied, according to Samit's testimony.
Samit also said FBI headquarters thwarted his efforts to alert Federal Aviation Administration headquarters about Moussaoui, forcing him to meet face-to-face with FAA counterparts in Minneapolis to brief them on his suspicions.

"You fought the good fight," an intelligence agency employee identified only as "Cathy" e-mailed Samit on Sept. 10, 2001 -- the day before al-Qaeda hijackers drove four commandeered commercial airliners into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and a field in western Pennsylvania. "God help us if the next terrorist incident involves the same type of plane (as the Boeing 747 that Moussaoui was training to fly)."

The proceedings stem from Moussaoui's guilty plea last April 22 to six charges arising from the Sept. 11 attacks, leaving jurors to decide whether he should face execution or life imprisonment. Moussaoui claims he was not part of the Sept. 11 plot, having been sent by terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden for a second wave of attacks that never took place.

The FBI's actions between Moussaoui's arrest and the Sept. 11 attacks are crucial because prosecutors say that Moussaoui prevented authorities from uncovering the Sept. 11 plot.

MacMahon argued that Moussaoui never fooled Samit.
To obtain a death penalty, prosecutors must prove that Moussaoui's

A Worthy Cause

For more information, visit the website, or email the organizers at

Monday, March 20, 2006

Why do people convert to Islam?

I have been wondering about this for sometime.

Recently I was watching a TV show that featured a 40-something woman, born into and raised by a Christian family. But she looked the way one would expect a Muslima to look like: hair covered, and no make-up. She had converted (or as the Muslims would say, ‘reverted’) to Islam about 5 years ago. She had met a Muslim man and had ‘reverted’ to Islam upon or shortly after marrying him.

When asked by the TV interviewer on why she had converted, her answer was: “Through my husband and his family and friends I found out that Islam is the religion of peace and this is why I got attracted to it. The Quran teaches us all we have to know about life.”

I could hardly believe my ears… but then I realized that I had heard these words before, many times, from other Muslims. And, I also realized that the important part of her reply was the second part—“the Quran teaches us all we have to know…”

To me this means, if you’re Muslim, you don’t even need a brain. All you need is to learn how to read the Quran, or find someone who is willing to teach it to you.

So, my guess is that some people who have been raised over here, in the West, are not happy with our freedom. With freedom of mind, speech, expression, and thought, they must feel overwhelmed. They are weak minded and they crave structure in their lives—something or someone that tells them how to breathe, how to pray, when to pray, what to eat, what to wear, what to think, and on and on….

I think that the phrase “Islam is a peaceful religion” does not refer to Islam being peaceful towards “Kafirs” or even its own members. Rather, the ‘peace’ they must be always referring to is, ”peace of mind”, or what I would better describe as ‘laziness of mind’. All you have to do is read the Total Guide to the Universe (the Quran) and it will show you everything you need to know in life. You don’t need to think for yourself, find out anything for yourself, or even plan your own future. It’s all written in Quran! You don’t have to worry about people who get beheaded, enslaved, or killed. And you certainly don’t have to feel sorry for any of them… because the Quran is taking care of it, and the Quran is always right.

Celebrities who converted (or are on the verge to) to Islam: Michael Jackson (ahmmm…no comment), Cassius Clay (aka Muhammad Ali…too many hits on your head might cause brain damages), Cat Stevens (ok, his music used to be nice.. before…)..

Ahemmm… this reminds me of another question that I have been wondering about: how many followers of Islam did win important prizes (like Nobel, Pulitzer etc.) in the past? Muslims are outnumbering Jews by a huge number... how come so many Jewish people won these kind of prizes.. but only few Muslims??? Hmmmm...?

Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Dhimmis Don't Like Wafa Sultan

Ilana Mercer has an excellent writeup about Wafa Sultan and how the media has reacted to her. World Net Daily - "Wafa wows the West (but not Muslims and media") or at Ilana's site.

As expected, the MediaDhimmis we love to hate and to mock came out with six guns blazing this upstart. Duck Wafa! It's not only the Islamists you have to worry about, the dhimmis are after you as well. At least their bullets come only out of their mouths unlike their Muslim 'allies.'

If this was insufficiently forthright, an earlier Al-Jazeera interview certainly was not:

In our countries, religion is the sole source of education, and is the only spring from which that terrorist drank until his thirst was quenched. He was not born a terrorist, and did not become a terrorist overnight. Islamic teachings played a role in weaving his ideological fabric, thread by thread, and did not allow other sources – I am referring to scientific sources – to play a role. It was these teachings that distorted this terrorist and killed his humanity. It was not [the terrorist] who distorted the religious teachings and misunderstood them, as some ignorant people claim. [Emphasis added].

Still, "ignorant people" will be ignorant. The New York Times modified what Sultan had said. Duly, Mahdi John M. Broder "reported" that "Dr. Sultan bitterly criticized the Muslim clerics, holy warriors and political leaders who she believes have distorted the teachings of Muhammad and the Quran for 14 centuries" [Emphasis added].

Sultan said nothing of the sort. Not a murmur did she utter about a noble religion that had been kidnapped by crazies.


The Los Angeles Times' Islamic advocate, Teresa Watanabe, got Sultan's message loud and clear: "Islam is fatally flawed." To which the correspondent responded by deriding the psychiatrist: Sultan was no longer a Muslim, had "never been connected with progressive Islamic groups and does not know the writings of Islam's most respected voices of reform," she carped.

The little woman was out of line – Sultan had failed to defer to authority, and had offered up her own independent analysis instead. And she was unaffiliated with any Muslim organization. In short, an individualist who swims against the current. Where is a burka when you need one!

It's a great article looking at how the dhimmis and TaqiyyaMasters are handling Ms. Sultan.

A Special Guest at Apostate’s House--The Fortune Teller

Yesterday we had a fortune teller over at our house. The dude, who was all of 25 years old, claimed that he had fought the infidels in Afghanistan as a Jihadist. After his trial by fire, he had then become a disciple of a devout Moslem fortuneteller, who had taught him the art of fortunetelling. Well, that was his story, at any rate.

Anyway, once he was in our living room, he went into one of those special moments called the fortuneteller trance. He started murmuring that there will come a time, very soon, when all Americans and Europeans will convert to Islam and will then annihilate Israel and kill all the Jews in the world. And when they’re done with that, all the Moslems of Arabia and elsewhere will kill the Americans and Europeans, and then there will be peace. Nice vision, eh? He also said that the time for this was coming soon—he ‘knew’ this because Mohammed said, he told us, that when people with the facial features of Mongolians will overrun Arabia--that’ll be the sign of the end-times.

Furthermore, he told my parents that I will be a king. That felt good at first, really—but then when I thought about it later, it was all bullshit, because the ‘fortuneteller’ obviously had no idea about my big secret … or he would have told my parents right away that I wasn’t a Moslem. ‘Knower of the unknown’, yeah right!

Fortunetellers have a special place in Islamic culture, and they have a very special place in Pakistani culture. These people are usually held in the highest regard, even more than the cleric of the local mosque. They often know the Koran by heart. Sick people trust them more than they do the doctors, and if they are healed, they give these fortunetellers a lot of money and countless gifts.

Islamic fortunetellers are Sufis, but as they follow the Koran to the letter, they are actually following a mix of Sufism and Wahabism. There are, however, some fortunetellers who are just Sufis, but you don’t see this sort very often.

When someone casts magic (which is something I personally don’t believe in) on somebody, it is the fortunetellers that supposedly remedy it. But then, if someone wants somebody punished, they come to the fortunetellers. Fortunetellers claim they don’t use magic, but they use the Koran. So it is the holy book of the religion of peace that is used to hurt others. Wow!

As I have seen countless times in my own life, there is no spirituality in the day-to-day practices of Islam. But when it comes to the (not so well) hidden agenda of Islam, a spirituality of sorts creeps in. In the creepiest forms and shapes, it takes over this religion of death. All of a sudden, such spirituality carries a new meaning. This spirituality is no longer about the peace of mind or giving others comfort, but it is about winning the war against the infidels no matter what.

In the fortuneteller’s own words, in my family’s house, he told us this: “My father married an African woman. She has placed black magic on him so she can get his money. We (Moslems) don’t have magic; we use the Koran and we are using that to punish our enemies. The punishment of the Koran and Allah is most severe.” To this, my parents nodded knowingly and in approval.

Now, there has been voodoo and stuff like that in Africa for ages. So, what is so important about the Islamic version of voodoo? It is because the African religions have never wanted their followers to take over the world. Islam, on the other hand, flatly says that as long as there is ‘fitnah’ (literally, polytheism—commentators of the Koran say that this means any religion other than Islam), the killings must continue until Islam is victorious. And if a bit of Islamic black magic helps this along, so much the better.

What will happen the day American Moslems start believing in this crap? Maybe they do already. I don’t believe in the power of magic, and I sure as hell don’t believe in the sick power of the Koran. But it is the belief of the Moslems that matters. Just as I explained the effect of mosques on Moslems in a recent post, this manic sort of spirituality is similar in its effects. The power of the Koran’s words, the affect of these words on those who believe, exists and must be reckoned with.

To many in the West, it is strange how Moslems feel so comfortable on their path to death. Well, I know how and why they feel that. They believe that if they have even one word from the Koran, written in a special way by a special person of Allah, in their pockets, hanging around their necks—they can achieve anything they want. With such things, they are the kings of this world and they can trample anyone under their feet. Their true victory, as they see it, might not be in defeating their enemy. But when someone kills them or if they die while doing something for Allah, they attain martyrdom, and eternal bliss.

And who is Allah’s special person who writes that one word from the Koran in a special way? Although some do it on their own, I must admit, it is the Islamic fortune tellers for most Moslems.

Now, someday, when I get my freedom and my own home, the first thing I will do is invite an Islamic fortune teller over. I will believe in the guy only if he knows beforehand that I am going to be kicking his butt real bad. We’ll see then!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

"Fixing Islam”—an achievable objective, or a fool’s errand?

In this recent post over at Infidel Bloggers Alliance, a debate came up in the comments between a former Muslim (an apostate) and a self-proclaimed “Liberal Muslim” who is choosing to stay in Islam so he can “fix it.”

“Fixing Islam”—now that remark got me thinking. This, of course, refers to reforming the religion of Islam. Given this religion’s traditional nature, is fixing Islam even a feasible endeavor? Let’s examine that question in some detail.

Islam was founded by the alleged self-proclaimed prophet Mohammed in the seventh century, Muslim claims of “everyone since Adam has been a Muslim” notwithstanding. Without Mohammad, Allah, the Koran, and Islam would be unknown. Islam has never existed, and cannot exist, without invoking the example of Mohammed’s life, his actions, and his words. He is the religion's sole prophet, Islam’s solitary example, Allah’s lone conduit. Mohammed has been hailed by 14 centuries of Islam as the perfect soul, the model of behavior that every Muslim must strive to emulate.

So what did Mohammed spend his one life on earth doing? According to authentically Islamic sources, here is what Mohammed did in his lifetime:

-He had political opponents murdered
-He murdered prisoners of war, sometimes after the most brutal of torture
-He seized the women and children of his victims, using them for sexual favors, taking them as wives and concubines, selling them into slavery for profit, or sometimes all of the above
-He agreed to peace treaties with his enemies (“hudnas”), and then broke the agreements as soon as such action was to his advantage
-He and his followers stole anything and everything they could get their hands on, in order to finance their movement and obscenely enrich themselves
-He and his followers had repeated sexual intercourse with children

This foregoing list is but scratching the surface. “By their fruits ye shall know them,” goes the Biblical parable. Judging Mohammed by his actions, he was plainly no prophet—rather, he was a pirate, terrorist, pedophile, thief, liar, and murderer.

How can any honorable, decent movement or religion ever be based on or draw its inspiration from such a man? Any house built on such rotten foundations will itself be rotten, and be beyond fixing. Trying to fix such a structure would be a colossal waste of time and effort. Ask anyone in construction, or any engineer, and they can tell you—if the foundations of a building are unsound, the only solution is to start over from scratch.

Throughout fourteen centuries, despite endless attempts to do so, no one has ever come close to succeeding to ‘repairing’ the Mohammedan faith. Why should we expect any future attempts to succeed? In fact, all such ‘Islamic reform movements’, like the Wahabis of Saudi Barbaria, have only managed to extend Islam’s inherent depravity.

So here’s how I see it. Trying to ‘fix Islam’, considering the indisputable actions of its founder, is like trying to build a respectable political party based on Hitler’s crackpot racial theories. It simply can’t be done!

Friday, March 17, 2006

World War Four--The Beginning

The 20th Century begat to humanity three world wars, not two. The Cold War was actually a third world war, a long war, fought not openly between the main combatants, but between well-armed proxies of both sides. It was also fought in the shadows, with terror, psych ops, deception, diplomatic arm-twisting, economic trade and leverage, and information warfare.

Does any of this sound familiar? If it does, it is because the 21st century has bequeathed us another world war. Often referred to by the misleading misnomer, “The War on Terror(ism)”, World War Four is now upon us. Even now, our enemies are massing, gathering strength. The roots of this conflict go back not to the 19th century (when the ideological underpinnings of the Cold War were born) but much further back into antiquity—the seventh century, when Islam was unleashed on the planet. Hence, our totalitarian opponents in WW4 are much more entrenched, and formidable adversary.

And now, after a lengthy period of comparatively quiet Jihad, another Quranic dawn is unveiling in the Middle East. In the center, Palestine, is Hamas, newly elected, and empowered by hundreds of thousands of voters who have fervently endorsed the Hamas vision of “From the river to the Sea, a Palestine united and free”--that is to say, no Israel. Hamas is virtually indistinguishable from the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, a ‘banned’ Islamic group which picked up a significant number of parliamentary seats in the recent Egyptian elections. The Brotherhood is allied with Hezbollah, another Islamic group which is a political party, army, terrorist group, Iranian proxy, and state within a state, all rolled into one. Hezbollah, the ‘Party of God’, is the uncontested owner and master of southern Lebanon, providing a convenient jumping-off point to attack the hated Israelis. Hezbollah, in turn, is closely connected with Syria, who is then closely allied with Iran and Sudan. Iran is a supporter of Al Qaeda. But this massive jihadist axis does not end there.

All of it, the entire enterprise of Jihad, enjoys a network of supporters all over the Islamic World, and beyond. Such support includes Islamic ‘charities’, who provide crucial funding and money laundering, clerics and imams who provide ideological cover as well as a constant stream of new recruits, and sympathetic media coverage such as al Jazeera’s. Internet Jihadists operate in cyberspace for communications, recruiting, psych ops and propaganda. But, it still does not end there.

The Global Jihad also, in a classic and time tested strategy, works to divide the infidels from each other, thereby weakening them and preparing them for the rule of Allah’s perfect religion. By building strong trading and commercial ties with non-democratic states, or those with a historical antipathy to America—the strongest infidel power on the planet—the Global Jihad co-opts potential enemies, making them weaker while making itself stronger. It has largely done this already with Russia and China. International organizations—any UN agency, the Non Aligned Movement, the Organization for Islamic Conference, the Arab League—are all either rendered impotent, or more sinisterly, transformed into outright advocates of Islam’s cause. The EU, in its charge down the road of good intentions, is also falling into these categories.

However, the ultimate Islamic divide-and-conquer tactic is happening right within Dar al Harb itself. Leftists, socialists, ‘anti-war’ activists, and the like, have largely the same agenda as Islam—to humble and de-legitimize the west by any means fair or foul. It is an unholy alliance, as these westerners now work (wittingly or unwittingly) to carry out Islam’s agenda. These enemies within, along with Islam’s constantly waged campaign of information warfare and deception, has successfully duped most Western governments and politicians into inaction, or worse, cowed them into silence. Most Western leaders, to their everlasting shame, are either unaware or unwilling to state the threat, the naked aggression directly posed to Western society.

So, why now? Why has the Jihad resurged now?

Two trends have converged to empower Jihad and Islam in our time. Ironically, both trends were made (at least in part) possible by the Infidels themselves.

The first is demographics. Muslims, by their religion’s own dictums (such as polygamy), as well as cultural considerations, give birth to many babies. With adoption of western notions such as basic sanitation and medical care, many more of these babies are surviving until adulthood. This in turn is providing a huge influx of manpower, underemployed and idle, all indoctrinated into the eternal hatred of Jihad—ready to be used as cannon fodder for a new war. This Islamic demographic spike is compounded by the West’s declining birthrates.

The second is oil. The oil is an accident of geology, one that the Muslims themselves were wholly ignorant of until its revelation by Infidels and their technology. The Infidels provide the oil markets, and the technical expertise to pump and ship Islam’s chief and virtually only export. The wealth and demands of the west allows them to buy staggering amounts of oil, and this is now becoming a reality for the east as well (India and China’s growing economies). It is in effect a huge transfer of wealth from the infidels to Dar al Islam, amounting to trillions of dollars in the past fifty years.

What has Islam purchased with this almost incomprehensible wealth? Among other things—palaces and parties for ruling Muslim families and tyrants, favors for friends, and whatever else has struck the fancy of the jumped-up Islamic elites—oil money has bought a worldwide network of Mosques, Suraus, and Madrassahs. It is this immense and ever-growing system that educates and immerses the vast, swelling numbers of Muslim children in the ways of Jihad. In other words, they have purchased a war, primed and ready to explode. It only requires a sufficient pretext, or perhaps even none at all.

Like the Cold War, this World War has not yet seen major combat between the two sides. This may, in fact, never occur, although this optimist assumption is increasingly unlikely. As Iran’s nuclear weapons program shows, as soon as the Jihad can acquire powerful weapons for its cause, such weapons can be expected to be used, regardless of the price to Muslims themselves.

Unlike previous global conflicts, World War 4’s frontlines are everywhere. Muslims are a growing presence in all western countries, and their activities—political activism, intimidation, street demonstrations, lawsuits, terrorism, etc—are certainly a part of Jihad’s struggle. Instant communications (cell phones and internet) allow small groups of dedicated fanatics to coordinate at trans-continental distances. The internet is not only a tool in the war, it is another war zone in itself, a place for information warfare and maneuvering in the shadows.

These are but the opening years to World War IV. This is just beginning of a long struggle, a marathon, not a sprint. We may not have declared war on anyone yet—indeed, the US has not formally declared war on any nation-state since December 8, 1941. But most assuredly, Islam has declared war on us.

When will the battle be joined?

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Prostitution, the Islamic Way

It turns out that good ole Mo in his own wonderful style made prostitution legal and fine in that "religion" of his. It pretty much exclusively favors men, of course, and treats women as disposable objects. Who'd have thunk it?

The 1400 year-old practice of muta'a - "ecstasy" in Arabic - is as old as Islam itself. It was permitted by the [alleged] prophet Mohammed as a way to ensure a respectable means of income for widowed women (and of course pleasure for men). Pleasure marriages were outlawed under Saddam Hussein but have begun to flourish again.

The contracts lasting anywhere from one hour to 10 years, generally stipulate that the man will pay the women in exchange for sexual intimacy. Now some Iraqi clerics and women's rights activists are complaining that the contracts have been less a mechanism for taking care of widows than an outlet for male sexual desires.

Shites and Sunnis both permit men to take more than one permanent wife, but the rival branches of Islam are deeply split over the pleasure marriages. Most Shiite scholars today consider it religiously legal. Shiite lawmakers want Iraq's new constitution to give muta'a formal legal protection as under Sharia, or Islamic law. Sunni Arabs and Kurds, who are mainly Sunni, oppose the idea. But the practice is growing among Sunnis and Shiites alike.

Sunni scholars fear that giving official sanction to pleasure marriages - many of which are only verbal agreements between the couple - are little more than legalized prostitution that could lead to a collapse of moral values, especially among young people. "We have reports about one-hour pleasure marriages that are flourishing among students," says a Sunni imam.

A woman agreeing to a pleasure marriage that involves a one-time encounter might be able to count on about $100. For a muta'a that runs longer, she might be paid $200 a month, though amounts vary widely. (A women) says, "All my friends who have done this have told me they got married in this way just to meet their sexual desires, but later on they started to love that man, and he does not accept to get married permanently....Most of the men, at the end of the contract, feel contempt towards the women."

Contracts for pleasure marriage strongly favor men. Married women can't enter into a muta'a, although a married man can. Men can void the contract at any time; women don't have that option unless it's negotiated at the outset. The couple agrees not to have children. The women who unintentionally gets pregnant can have an abortion but must then pay a fine to a cleric.

To many pleasure marriages are legitimate in God's eyes. They bring responsibility and formality to what would otherwise be squalid and sinful, As one said, "There is a noble goal in this kind of marriage, it's to eradicate moral corruption."

Eradicate moral corruption? Hilarious!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Abbas Suffers "Taqiyya Interruptus"

Abbas, a lame duck if he was ever not lame, cancels European taqiyya spin trip and returns to rant about the raid on the jail. Let me guess, "It's America's fault." Too bad he doesn't get a chance to give that speech to the Eurodhimmi Parliament, or work the jizyah network. Just too bad.

Abbas rushes home after jail raid

Mr Abbas' visit included a trip to France, Austria and Belgium
Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has cut short a trip to Europe after a raid by the Israeli army on a prison in Jericho that sparked violent protests.
The Israelis seized a number of inmates, including a man prisoner blamed for killing an Israeli minister.

Mr Abbas condemned the raid - as well as the international monitors who had been guarding the jail but had pulled out because of security concerns.

He was on the first day of a trip aimed at securing aid for the Palestinians.

"I have interrupted my visit to return to my country," Mr Abbas told journalists in Strasbourg, France.

The BBC's Alix Kroeger in Strasbourg said the trip - which was to include a speech to the European Parliament on Wednesday - was an important one. ....

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Is this the Religion of Peace and Love?

A retraction...

I admit, I have some egg on my face. Yesterday I ran a series of pictures (now deleted) from Iran with the following information that was provided to me:

In Iran, an eight-year old child was caught stealing bread from a market. In the name of Islam, the child's punishment for this minor crime was to have his left arm crushed by a car...
Well, as this turns out, this is not the true story behind the photos. I will be the first to admit that I screwed up, and I apologize. My thanks to those of you out there who brought this error to my attention.

"Shari'a Punishment" Photos Misattributed

LGF reader Baikal emailed about these upsetting pictures posted by with the title: 8 Year Old Iranian Boy Caught Stealing Bread. Those readers who were skeptical of the title, it turns out, were correct; Baikal contacted the publisher, Peykeiran, and after a confusing exchange received the following reply:

Hi! It seems you have not read the text that came with the pictures. In irna there some who earn their bread by Maareke giry. In our case one of these maarke gir _ha had hired a kid to do those unhuman show. You read the text that came with photos. bye