Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Abbas Suffers "Taqiyya Interruptus"

Abbas, a lame duck if he was ever not lame, cancels European taqiyya spin trip and returns to rant about the raid on the jail. Let me guess, "It's America's fault." Too bad he doesn't get a chance to give that speech to the Eurodhimmi Parliament, or work the jizyah network. Just too bad.

Abbas rushes home after jail raid

Mr Abbas' visit included a trip to France, Austria and Belgium
Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has cut short a trip to Europe after a raid by the Israeli army on a prison in Jericho that sparked violent protests.
The Israelis seized a number of inmates, including a man prisoner blamed for killing an Israeli minister.

Mr Abbas condemned the raid - as well as the international monitors who had been guarding the jail but had pulled out because of security concerns.

He was on the first day of a trip aimed at securing aid for the Palestinians.

"I have interrupted my visit to return to my country," Mr Abbas told journalists in Strasbourg, France.

The BBC's Alix Kroeger in Strasbourg said the trip - which was to include a speech to the European Parliament on Wednesday - was an important one. ....


Chris said...

The raid on the palestinian jails was not the best thing for Israel. Israel acted like a 5 years old child. It just listened to a rumour and storm the jail. That's what the Jehadis want to hear; Israelis acting like idiots.

Raiding other countries' prisons is not the best thing u can do, nor the humiliation of the inmate. Bravo to Israel for inspiring Jehadis.

friendlysaviour said...

You 've got to take into account the facts that the Monitors have been expressing concerns for a long time about what was happening in the Jail.
Prisoners were using mobile phones and Israel obviously monitors these.
I would say they had reasonable belief that the imprisoned leader of the Palestine P.L.F, was organising from within the prison.
This was against the agreed mandate to allow Ahmed Saddat to serve his sentence in Palestine.
He is accused of the murder of Israeli Tourism Minister.
It is certain that the Arab world will make good use of the ropaganda opprtunity, and the Election in Israel may be a factor in the decision to go into the jail, so publicly and so aggressively, but knowing this, would the Israeli government have acted if they were not sure on the balance of probabilities that the better option was to get Saddat behind bars in Israel where he could not organise more terror?
Chris, this may insire the jihadis, but it may have prevented more bombings within israel. Time will tell!

answer-man said...

ps I'm having a little trouble sending comments so if I do it twice please excuse me and I apologize.

John Sobieski said...

Chris, I see this differently. Islam looks at reactions from the view of strength of the enemy or appeasement. By Israel making this raid, and capturing this murderer, this makes Israel strong, Actions of strength are the only actions that have a positive effect on Muslims. In other words, Muslims must be beaten to a bloody pulp to comprehend there are no rewards for terror.

Cubed © said...

Yeah, I'm with bld and John. The Israelis aren't in the habit of doing things like that without thinking about it first - it's generally the Muslims who shout "Ready, fire, aim!"

dag said...

Thursday we have another Blue Revolution meeting. We'll be at the Vancouver Public Library atrium from 7-9:00 pm.

Avenging Apostate said...


"'s generally the Muslims who shout "Ready, fire, aim!""

ROFL. True.


"The raid on the palestinian jails was not the best thing for Israel. Israel acted like a 5 years old child."

I disagree. Israel showed they've got balls. This was so embarrasing for the Moslems that many newspapers here in Dubai didn't even report the incident and those that did, showered blames on the United States and Europe while cursing Israel.

I agree here with JS and Cubed, they will only learn if they're beaten using their own tactics.

They are still in the 7th century where 'the Sword' has the last say.

Way to go Israel!!

Chris said...

ok let's see the reaction....several westerners were kidnaped and etc.On overal many palestinians are ok, they dont like jehad and stuff, but jehadis seem to be popular among the young muslim palestinians. Maybe Israel and UN have to think of a plan to improve the palestinian economy. Poverty brings dissatisfaction and this turns ppl to Hamas. also do something to protect christian palestinians. there are many of them and their voice, like copts in egypt who are suffering, can not be heard.