Friday, March 24, 2006

Abbey Writings 1,000 Years Old Burned in Sorbonne Vandalism

I hope this isn't true. This is from France Echo. France is like a deathstar, shrinking rapidly, getting dark, nearing critical mass. It will either explode or sputter out and become an Islamic country with massive 'reversions' or massive infidel flight. It really does look bad. Look there's Nero, and there's another. Fiddling away. Play on Jacque! Play on Phillipe!

Muslims and leftists totalitarians destroy France’s millennium Christian legacy

After destroying the Buddhas of Afghanistan, burning the Churches of Kosovo, Muslims are now destroying the Christian legacy of France.

Here is a summarized translation of an article of .

Since the riots of November 2005, we know that the French government is not able to protect the French citizens. Instead of taking legal action against criminals, the government rewarded rioters.

Today (march 22, 2006) we learn that this government has let 1,000 years of cultural and religious legacy to become smoke and ashes.

Barbarians and savages entered in the library of “l’Ecole des Chartes” (100,000 books) in the Sorbonne, and destroyed writings of abbeys of Île-de-France containing all the official documents since the middle age.


Chris said...

No,yer wrong. Those are the raged youths of europe. Some capitalists want them to work without pension and get fired without any payments. Dunno for what happened in Sorbonne, but the whole of europe is raged with that shite that our politicians are doing. We do not want to work for no insurance nor to lose our 40hours week. for fuck's shake, open yer eye unless you want to be slaves of some corporate pig. Freedom and quality of life are not a subject of any negotiation.

Nilk said...

Brussels Journal
have also covered this.

It is a damned shame, which is a lot more polite and diplomatic than how I'm feeling right about now.

The Doc said...

Chris, you say "Some capitalists want them to work without pension and get fired without any payments.."
The same or even worse happens in the UK...but nobody "rages". Why?

friendlysaviour said...

John, I saw this one at "echoes" and near cried.

Chris, I am afraid I disagree on this one.
There is no excuse for destroying our irreplaceable heritage.
There are many things wrong with Europe, this is just some bungled attempt by that French politico, so he can pretend he's tough.
On to every bandwagon of a riot (and I've seen a few,) every other little shit jumps on so they can cause destruction. Times have changed. Cosy economic niceties like a guaranteed pension, and a job for life are going to disappear.
Europe is a monster that is grinding to a halt, economically. That is why the Euro politicians want to pull Turkey into the EU.
THen these self-righteous political has-beens will have another source of CHEAP-LABOUR (300,000,000) so they can give us cheap products in the shops.
This will tie in with the slow down of China as our main manufacturer, as it becomes more difficult to trade over ther and as Chinas prices start to rise dramatically.
Does an average European student or young worker have the right to expect an easy life in an office, when that job is supported by slave-labour in another Country?
Because that is what happens!
The real enemy is stagnation combined with the massive energy and
and environmental issues which will smack us in the face.
That and combined with it, the rise and rise of islam as a political force, usurping traditional European ideals and standards to the point of destruction.
All these issues are of equal importance.
The youth today are face with living their lives with all this shit going on.
Steady jobs is only one issue.
If you become enslaved, you will never be able to riot again.
The world is on the brink of massive change. We are virtually leaderless and those leaders we have act like so many greedy pigs with their noses in the trough.
I do not know the answers, but I do know that destroying the heritage of a Nation will not change things for the people that did it. It just shows that they are moronic, unthinking vandals.
One day our libraries will be burnt by the old enemy of the east.
We should be fighting to preserve our historical roots, not ripping them up and burning them.
Know thy enemy.

Chris said...

The doc, social unrest is usueful. Without those we would be still under the american junta. Britain has a good welfare system. Nevertheless, europe can not become like usa nor like China. There are some rights that we have to protect, that is why europe returns on social democrat governments like italy will do in few days.